Syrian Rocket Attack to Turkey, 2 Killed and 11 Injuries

 Rockets were fired from Syria to southern Turkey. As a result, two died and 11 others were injured.

Reported by AFP on Thursday (25/1/2018), the rocket firing occurred on Wednesday (24/1) by Kurdish militia group Syria. The incident took place on the fifth day of the assault of Ankara to the Kurdish militia of Syria that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wished to eliminate.

A rocket was launched in the afternoon before it hit and destroyed a mosque on the border of Turkey's Kilis province.

"The next rocket struck a house," said Killi Governor Mehmet Tekinarslan.

The two dead were Turkish and Syrian respectively. Governor Mehmet said the attack was the responsibility of the Kurdish militia from the People's Protection Units (YPG) group.

On Saturday, Turkey launched an 'Olive Branch' operation that targeted Syrian and YPG rebels. The operation was encouraged to drive the YPG group from the district of Afrin in northern Syria.

A few hours before the rocket attack, President Erdogan said that Syrian opposition fighters and Turkish troops were getting closer in control of the Afrin district.

"Until the last terrorist neutralized, this operation will continue, "he vowed.

Ankara sees YPG as a terror group linked to the forbidden Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) for uprising in Turkey for three decades. PKK itself incorporated Ankara and its Western allies in the blacklist as terror organizations.

However, YPG is still working with the US Washington party against Islamic extremist groups in Syria.
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Israel closes border crossing with Gaza after rocket attack

Tel Aviv
 Israel closed its border crossings with Gaza, after a barrage of rocket attacks that took place almost daily, from the Hamas-controlled territory. The Israeli warplanes struck three facilities belonging to Hamas in Gaza on Thursday (14/12) early morning local time, after rockets rocketed from Gaza after the United States (US) recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

fired into its territory. Israel always considers Hamas responsible for all attacks originating from the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli strikes targeted Hamas training camps and arsenal of weapons. The assault was a reply to three rockets fired from Gaza. Two rockets were intercepted by the Israeli anti-missile system, Iron Dome. There were no injuries from this attack.

As reported by Reuters on Thursday (14/12/2107), the Israeli military declared the Kerem Shalom border crossing to be closed since Thursday (14/12) local time. The crossing consists of the main line for goods going into the territory of the Gaza Strip and the Erez pedestrian path.

No further mention until when the closure will take place. "Referring to the security situation and in line with the security assessment," the Israeli military said on the grounds underlying the border crossing.

At least 15 rockets have been fired from Gaza into southern Israel since US President Donald Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on December 6. The rockets from Gaza did not trigger damage or casualties.

But the Israeli counter-offensive against Gaza has so far reportedly killed two Hamas members. Two other Palestinians were killed in clashes with Israeli troops on the Gaza-Israeli border last week.

In a separate statement, one cabinet minister, Tzachi Hanegbi, said that although it was not Hamas that launched the rocket attack, they were asked to control militants -miling from 'separate groups' or Hamas that will confront the Israeli military.

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Rocket Replies from Gaza, Israeli Air Attack Injures 25 People

Gaza City
A rocket was again fired from the Gaza Strip and crashed in the southern city of Sderot. Israel returned the rocket with air strikes to Hamas targets near the Israeli border with Gaza. The Israeli air strike injured at least 25 people in Gaza.

Delivered by the Israeli military, as reported by AFP Saturday (9/12/2017), that the rocket fell inside the city of Sderot on Friday (8/12) evening local time. The local public radio reported the rocket failed to explode and did not trigger casualties.

In a statement, the Israeli National Ambulance Authority said paramedics treated a 50-year-old middle-aged woman who was shocked by the rocket attack.

This rocket attack was an attack third all-time Friday (8/12) local time and the second attack since US President Donald Trump admitted Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday (6/12). The controversial decision sparked violent protests in Palestine, including Gaza.

Against rocket attacks from Gaza, the Israeli military responded with a so-called airstrike aimed at two targets. "In response to a number of projectiles fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip today, the Israeli Air Force is targeting Hamas training camps and ammunition warehouses in the Gaza Strip," the military statement said.

Gaza security officials have named the two Israeli air strikes targeting the Beit Lahiya region of northern Gaza, close to the Israeli border.

Palestinian Health Ministry reports at least 25 people were wounded by Israeli air strikes. There were six children among the wounded. Witnesses said most of the wounded were civilians living in a building near the Hamas training camp.

The group that calls itself the Salahedin Brigade previously claimed responsibility for the first rocket attack. But the Israeli military says Hamas is responsible for all attacks originating from Gaza under its control.

Before a rocket hit Israel on Friday night (8/12), another rocket attack also hit Israel on Thursday (7/12) local time. A projectile fired from Gaza crashed in southern Israel. Israel responded with air strikes from fighter jets and from their military tanks. Palestinian security officials in Gaza called the Israeli counter-offensive on Thursday (7/12) on two Hamas posts.

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