US Attorney General Claims a Role in Press of Crime, Criminologists Refute it

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions claimed a role in beginning to end what President Donald Trump called "the massacre in America," a spike in violent crimes that occurred during 2015 and 2016, the last two years of Obama's reign. 19659002] In his Tuesday issue of USA Today, the Sessions refer to the FBI's preliminary data showing that violent crime in the United States fell by 0.9 percent in the first half of last year and that the rise in murder rates has slowed.

"As President Trump was sworn in, he issued a promise to the American people: 'The American massacre must stop here right now,' "Sessions wrote. "It is a promise he holds."

But criminologists declare it too early to draw the conclusion of a six-month crime-reduction report and that little evidence to support Sessions' claim that the Trump administration's policies play a role in the decline.

Agung attributed the decline to, among other things, the increased federal prosecution of all types of violent crime: being a member of criminal gangs, traffickers and violators of firearms laws. [uh]

CIA denies role in anti-government protests in Iran

 US CIA intelligence chief Mike Pompeo has denied the CIA had a role in fueling recent anti-government protests in Iran.

In an interview with Fox News, Pompeo said Iran's economic condition is not good at the moment.

"That's what causes people to take to the streets," Pompeo said as reported by the AFP news agency Monday (8/1/2018). He also denounced the Iranian regime which he claimed to cover the ears of the popular vote.

When questioned about Iran's Attorney-General Mohammad Javad Montazeri's claim that a CIA official had coordinated with Israel and Saudi Arabia – rivals Iran – to cooperate with a group of exiled Iranians to trigger a protest in Iran, Pompeo replied simply: "That is not true."

"These people of Iran – started by them, created by them, continued by them, which demands better living conditions and is free of the theocratic regime.

Anti-government rallies in several cities in Iran have turned violent to the death of at least 21 people. Violence begins with protests against rising prices of staples, called the biggest demonstrations since pro-reform rallies in 2009.

Protesters have ignored warnings issued by Iran's Interior Ministry to prevent them from holding " people".

(ita / ita)

US History Museum Show the Role of Religion in the Establishment and Development of America

The role of religion in the formation and development of America became the theme of the National Museum of American History or the National Museum of American History in Washington DC. The exhibition, which lasted until June 2018, demonstrated the diversity of religion, freedom and development from the colonial era to the 1840s.

The history of religion in America begins with the arrival of Pilgrim settlers into the area now known as Massachusetts by Mayflower ship in 1620. The suppression of religion moved the people to leave Europe to the New World, but there were other groups who came in the seventeenth century and tried to practice their religion peacefully.

"The religious tradition brought to America in the seventeenth century was far more diverse than imagined by people. There is a large Protestant community, originating in Britain and the Netherlands, but at the same time, Catholics also landed in Maryland, "said the curator of the American Museum of American History Peter Manseau.

There are also various Native American beliefs and practices in the era colonial. When African slaves were forcibly taken in the seventeenth century, they took religion from their homeland, including Islam.

"The dominance of each tradition depends on the region. The community is settled and other members will follow them, "he added.

Manseau added that the effort to create a uniform society would cause them to split and seek new territory.

" From the beginning there was a sense that different communities would find a foothold are different for living in America, but over time, the need for this community to live together and the diversity of those who live in the same place creates a need for religious freedom, a way in which everyone is entitled to practice religion freely, "Manseau continued. .

When frictions and conflicts arise among the different religious groups, according to Manseau, this leads to the preparation of constitutional protection against religious freedom.

"At the state level, there is constant conflict and agitation to achieve freedom which is larger, so even though the federal government of America decides p there is a federal level, for the whole nation, not enacted in an official church, the state retains its own official church, "he added.

But the notion of religious freedom, as enshrined in the First Amendment of the American Constitution, is not immediately accepted. years before freedom of religion across America was accepted as law in this country, "Manseau said.

Afterwards minority religious groups enjoy the same rights as the majority churches. "Every generation of Americans should ask this question: what is the meaning of religious freedom for each of us, and when there is a new religious community developing in America, it is inevitable to question this over and over again," he explained. [em/jm]