Lawyer Trump Acknowledge Pay Mouth Cover Rp 1.7 M to Porn Star

 Personal lawyer United States President Donald Trump admitted that he paid US $ 130 thousand to a porn star who had an affair with Trump. According to him, the money is his personal money.

To New The York Times, Michael Cohen said that he did not get any reimbursement for Stephanie Clifford's stage name, Stormy Daniels.

According to Cohen, the payment is legal but he refused to explain in more detail about why he paid the porn star. Cohen also refused to answer whether Trump knew about the payments.

"Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign are part of a deal with Ms. Clifford, nor do they reimburse, directly or indirectly, "Cohen said according to the Times as reported by AFP Wednesday (14/2/2018).

" Payment for Ms. Clifford is legal, and not a campaign contribution or campaign expenditure by anyone, " imbuh Trump's private lawyer.

Previously, US media have reported that the silent money was given a month before the US presidential election in November 2016, with the aim that Clifford not disclose his sex scandal with Trump.

Trump is just an ordinary citizen when sex with Clifford allegedly occurred in 2006 ago. At that time Trump had married Melania and his wife was only about three months giving birth to their son.

The payment for the porn star was first reported by the Wall Street Journal last month. But Cohen's statement to the New York Times was the first time he acknowledged a role in what he called a "private transaction."

Previously, Trump, through his lawyers and Clifford himself has denied ever having a relationship. But last month, In Touch celebrity magazine published an interview with Clifford in 2011. In the interview, the 38-year-old actress revealed details of her relationship with Trump. At that time, Clifford said that he met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament in 2006 and then had sex with him. According to him, the relationship with Trump takes about a year.
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For the sake of a sick child, this mother sells her milk at Rp 21 thousand per minute

A mother in China sells her Milk Milk (ASI) on the sidewalk with her newborn twin baby. That he did to pay for the treatment of his other twin daughters in the hospital.

Reported by the BBC on Monday (5/2/2018), the mother's action is located in China. The action video was filmed at a Shenzhen children's park in Guangdong Province, China.

The mother said to sell milk to get money quickly. The boy is still being treated intensively in Bao'an District Hospital, Shenzhen.

Carrying the baby boy, the mother and her husband displayed banners to raise money through breastfeeding sales. To squeeze breast milk per minute, the mother set the price of 10 Yuan or about Rp 21 thousand.

The husband says they owe at the hospital 100,000 yuan or about Rp 214.6 million for the treatment of their daughter.

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Violation of Sanctions, North Korea Raup Rp 2.6 T from Export of Prohibited Commodities

New York
The United Nations report calls North Korea violating economic sanctions imposed on it by continuing to export coal, iron, steel and other banned commodities. Reportedly North Korea managed to reap US $ 200 million (Rp 2.6 trillion) throughout the year 2017.

As reported AFP Saturday (3/2/2018), a report drafted by the UN panel of experts which investigates North Korea reveals that North Korea ignores sanctions and continues to export by falsifying documents to disguise the origin of commodities.

"(North Korea) Continuing exports of almost all commodities banned in the UN resolution, generating revenues of nearly US $ 200 million between January and September 2017, "reads the UN report seen AFP .

The export of coal was channeled by North Korea to countries such as China, Malaysia, South Korea (Korea), Russia and Vietnam by ship. "Using a combination of many techniques of deception, deceptive routes and tactics," the UN report added.

In relation to North Korea's exports to South Korea, a report Reuters at the end of January called the communist regime sending coal first to Russian ports in Nakhodka and Kholmsk. From there, the coal was dismantled and loaded into another ship that brought it to South Korea. The report cited three Western European intelligence sources. Russian authorities have denied the report.

Since last year, the UN Security Council adopted more series of resolutions governing the tightening and expansion of the export ban for North Korea. The resolution aims to reduce the cash inflow of the country that is usually used for military programs of the communist regime.

While the United States (US) led the imposition of tough economic sanctions after North Korea held a sixth nuclear test in September 2017 and conducted a series of missile tests. One of the tested North Korea is an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that is claimed to be able to reach the US.

A UN report has been reported that so far seven ships have been banned from ports around the world for violating UN sanctions by channeling coal and petroleum. UN experts have insisted more needs to be done to ward off this "rampant illegal activity."

"(North Korea) has ridiculed the latest resolution by exploiting global oil supply networks, involving foreign nationals, offshore companies ( ) and the international banking system, "the UN report said.

UN and US sanctions for the North were handed down in connection with the communist regime's nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

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Porn Stars Paid Rp 1.7 M To Close Mouth Problem Affair with Trump

 Personal lawyer US President Donald Trump has reportedly arranged a payment of US $ 130,000 for a porn star to keep his mouth shut about his relationship with Trump. The payments were made before the presidential election in 2016.

Media The Wall Street Journal reported as reported AFP, Saturday (13/1/2018), the porn star, Stephanie Clifford , having an affair with Trump a year after his marriage to his current wife, Melania. The relationship is intertwined after the actress known by the famous name "Stormy Daniels" was met by Trump in a celebrity golf event in 2016.

According to sources as reported The Wall Street Journal, Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen gave the payoff in October 2016 – a month before the US presidential election.

Cohen denounces the preaching. "This rumor has been in circulation many times since 2011," Cohen said in a statement to Fox News media.

The White House also issued a rebuttal to the report. "This is an old, recycled, published report and has been strongly denied before the election," the White House said.

Earlier during the presidential campaign, there was a videotape where Trump boasted that he could grope women without fear of prosecuted. A number of women have claimed sexual abuse by Trump. Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations.

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