US Consider New Sanctions Against Russia

Senior White House officials say the Trump government is considering additional sanctions against Russia and is wary of possible interference in November congressional elections.

Republicans and Democrats criticize President Donald Trump for not imposing sanctions approved by Congress over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The official said on Wednesday (21/2) that the sanctions process was slow for legal reasons and not only reacted to bad news and criticism.

"The sanctions process is long, heavy, not easy But when there is evidence and we are ready, we proceed with sanctions, "the official said.

Director of National Intelligence And Coats told Congressmen last week that Russia plans to target the November election, confident that its activities in 2016 presidential election success. [as/al]

Russia Admits A Athlete Using Drugs

The Russian Olympic Committee has admitted that a Russian athlete at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics has tested positive for using a melatonium drug.

After the second test, the Russian delegation said "we express regret for the fact of the incident." said the results of the tests indicate that Russian curler athlete Alexander Krushelnitsky used only a melatonium once.

The Russian delegate argued that the drug was useless if the purpose was to use it to improve performance.

Krushelnitsky won a bronze medal in PyeongChang with his wife in a double mix

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Meldonium is a drug intended for people who have heart problems and some people believe the drug can help athletes increase breath resistance or stamina. The drug was banned in sports in 2016.

Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova was suspended for 15 months after testing positive for meldonium at the 2016 Australian Open tournament. [gp]

Church in Dagestan Russia Attacked, 5 people killed and 4 injured

 A man is shooting at a crowd that is leaving a church in the Russian province of Dagestan. The incident also killed five people and wounded four others.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (19/2/2018) the shootings took place in the village of Kizlyar inhabited by a Muslim majority.

The attack was called when church visitors celebrated Maslenitsa, a Christian holy day that marks the last day before Lent according to the eastern orthodox calendar.

TASS news agency as reported by Reuters called the attacker a 22-year-old local resident. The perpetrator has been shot dead by a security officer on duty nearby.

The officer also secures the shotgun, bullet, and hunting knife that the perpetrator brought. Initial reports say five deaths were female, while the wounded were 2 security officers and two civilians.
(haf / dkp)

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White House Accuses Russia of Cyber ​​Attack 'Not Petya'

The White House on Thursday accused Russia of a cyber-attack "NotPetya" which caused massive losses last year, joined the British government in denouncing Moscow over the spreading virus that paralyzed some of the Ukrainian infrastructure and paralyzed the computers in various countries around the world.

The attack that occurred in June 2017 "spread worldwide, causing billions of dollars worth of losses across Europe, Asia and the Americas," White House spokesman Sarah Sanders said in a statement.

"It is part of the Kremlin's efforts to constantly destabilize Ukraine and show more clearly Russia's involvement in the ongoing conflict," added Sanders. "This is also a reckless and indiscriminate cyber attack that will result in consequences that will be applied internationally."

The US government is "reviewing a range of options," said a senior White House official when asked about the consequences of Russian action.

Earlier on Thursday, Russia rejected the British government's allegations that it was behind the attack, saying the allegations were part of a "Rusophobia" campaign that he said was launched by several Western countries.

The so-called NotPetya attack in June started in Ukraine where the attack paralyzed government and business computers before spreading across Europe and the world, halting operations at ports, factories and offices.

The British foreign ministry said in a statement released earlier that day that the attack came from the Rusi military

"The decision to publicly link this incident underscores the fact that Britain and its allies will not tolerate a destructive cyber attack," the ministry said in a statement.

"The attack was disguised as a criminal but aims the main is to paralyze, "he said.

" The main targets are the financial sector, energy, and the Ukrainian government. Indiscriminate design has led to wider spread, affecting businesses in Europe and Russia. "[ww]

Russia Rejects Accusations About US Presidential Arrest

Russia says allegations that 13 of its citizens and three Russian companies intervene in the presidential election in the United States in 2016 are "nonsense."

In the presence of dozens of world leaders attending the Munich Security Conference, Germany, this weekend, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov questioned the evidence presented by the US Department of Justice and special investigator Robert Mueller.

"I have no comment whatsoever because anyone can publish what he wants. We can see how the accusations, statements and claims have increased. Until we can see the facts, they are just nonsense. Sorry, I do not use a more diplomatic language, "said Lavrov.

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The investigation by Robert Mueller shows how Russia is trying to influence politics in America through cyberspace. The accusations against the Russian citizen suggest that the Russian government's propaganda part of the conspiracy of spying and crime to influence the 2016 presidential election, by supporting Donald Trump and lowering rival Hillary Clinton.

The accusations have added to the tension in the three-day meeting held in Munich.

Lavrov's presence on the podium, Saturday (17/2), was soon followed by the US National Security Advisory, HR McMaster, who responded with a strong response.

"America will reveal and crack down on people who use cyberspace, social media and other ways to launch a campaign of disinformation, subversion and espionage," McMaster said.

McMaster added , America will support Russia's proposal to hold a dialogue on cybersecurity, but only if Russia will actually act honestly and stop its interference in democratic processes in the western world.

Former US vice-president Joe Biden, also present at Munich said the western world must fight the Russian interference. "Russian President Vladimir Putin is aware of the long-term impact of such behavior, which will only harm his current profits," said Joe Biden. [ii/vm]