Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea




on 23.02.2018 at 15h52

Donald Trump said Friday that the United States will take new sanctions of an unprecedented scale against North Korea.

 Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

Trump announces unprecedented sanctions against North Korea

AFP – Mandel NGAN

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Trump announcement unprecedented sanctions against North Korea


China investigates possible UN offenses related to North Korea sanctions

China is deeply concerned about reports that a country ship is transferring goods to a North Korean ship on the high seas, a move that violates UN sanctions on North Korea. China's Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the country's authorities are conducting an investigation.

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang said his country would seriously handle individuals or Chinese companies that are known to be involved in the incident reported Japan earlier this week.

He further said the punishment of those involved would be imposed on the basis of strong evidence and in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations.

The Japanese Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday (20/2) a maritime watchdog and a escort ship found a North Korean flagship tanker, identified as Yu Jong 2, was next to a small ship last Friday some 250 kilometers from Shanghai in the East China Sea.

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The country of origin of the ship was unknown, but the cementer ian says, the words "Min Ning De You 078" in Chinese are written on the ship's bow, which means oil ship from Ningde city, Fujian province, China.

The ministry has reported the suspicious transfers to the UN Security Council. This is the third such incident reported by Tokyo this year. [ab/lt]

US Consider New Sanctions Against Russia

Senior White House officials say the Trump government is considering additional sanctions against Russia and is wary of possible interference in November congressional elections.

Republicans and Democrats criticize President Donald Trump for not imposing sanctions approved by Congress over Russian interference in the 2016 election.

The official said on Wednesday (21/2) that the sanctions process was slow for legal reasons and not only reacted to bad news and criticism.

"The sanctions process is long, heavy, not easy But when there is evidence and we are ready, we proceed with sanctions, "the official said.

Director of National Intelligence And Coats told Congressmen last week that Russia plans to target the November election, confident that its activities in 2016 presidential election success. [as/al]

North Korean Ship Back Catch Langgar UN Sanctions

North Korean tankers (Korut) reportedly re-violate the United Nations sanctions (PBB). This violation is referred to as a third violation in the last few months.

Reports of violations of UN sanctions were submitted by the Japanese authorities, as reported by CNN Thursday (2/15/2010). Japanese authorities released a number of photographs taken from their spy planes as evidence of a violation of the sanctions.

It was mentioned by the Japanese authorities that the photo showed a North Korean-flagged ship named Rye Song Gang 1 anchored near another ship on Tuesday (13 / 2) morning local time. Both ships were detected in waters 250 kilometers east of Shanghai, China

The ship Rye Song Gang 1 is one of eight vessels under UN sanctions, banned at any port in the world.

Japan's Ministry of Defense and Foreign Affairs in its statement said they were "strongly suspect 'that the two ships were involved in the movement of goods over the ocean. The resolution passed by the UN Security Council in September 2017 prohibits any UN member states to facilitate or engage in ship-to-ship displacement activities with any North Korean-flagged vessel.

 North Korean ship Rye Song Gang 1 (top) and ship Wan Heng 11 (below) sail apart after illegal activities North Korean ship Rye Song Gang 1 (top) and ship Wan Heng 11 (below) sail apart after Illegal activity Photo: CNN

Japan does not mention any other vessels involved in this illegal activity with North Korea.

But the shipbuilding information database developed by the EU and the French authorities calls the ship a Belize-flagged and named Wan Heng 11. Although flagged Belize, the ship is owned and run by a Hong Kong-based company. The owners and managers of the vessels do sometimes register their ships in other areas to avoid domestic rules.

"I can confirm that the panel has received some information from Japan on this subject, but unfortunately I can not comment further because this is the subject of the investigation which is underway, "said the panel coordinator of experts for North Korea at the UN, Hugh Griffiths.

The comments were made by Griffith to CNN when questioned about photos released by Japan. He is in charge of monitoring and reporting the imposition of UN sanctions for the North.

This is the third moment in recent months when the North Korean-flagged ship, Rye Song Gang 1, has been caught engaged in ship-to-ship transfers in the middle of the ocean. Last month, Japan also released a photo of the same vessel performing a ship-to-ship transfer. The photo was released shortly after Japan's Finance Ministry released a similar photo on October 19, 2017 as well as about the illegal activities of Rye Song Gang 1 in international waters.

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America will issue the most aggressive and aggressive sanctions against North Korea

United States Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday the United States will announce the most violent and aggressive economic sanctions against North Korea.

Speaking after a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Pence said US pressure against North Korea will continue until Pyongyang halts its nuclear program and ballistic missiles completely and forever.

Pence is on a tour of Northeast Asia which includes leading a US delegation to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

He said he will be in the Asian region to encourage US athletes and show Washington's support for its allies in the face of North Korea's most pernicious, oppressive regime.

A number of North Korean athletes participate in the winter sports championship, and will march under a flag with a South Korean delegation.

Pence further promises American support United for Japan. He said the US military is dedicated to protecting the country and the two governments have fully adjusted their North Korea-related policies. [ab/uh]