Pit Bull Dog Save the US Boy from Robbery

 Thanks to his dog, a boy in Nebraska, United States (US) survived the robbery trial. A pit bull pet dog protects this 9-year-old boy from the perpetrator.

As reported ABC News and reported by British media, The Independent Wednesday (21/2/2018) , the incident occurred when the boy named Shane Shafer was left alone at his home in Nebraska. The mother went to pick up the other children.

When Shafer was alone at home, a mysterious man wearing a ski mask slipped into the house. Shafer is frightened, then calls his pet dog called Baby Girl to help him.

"I thought it was my mother because I heard someone trying to open the door, and I think it was she was trying to open the door with the key," Shafer told ABC News .

But it turns out that enter into the house is a foreign man who is not known to Shafer. "The man started chasing me up the stairs and I called my dog ​​downstairs and they started wrestling," he said.

Shafer's pet pit bull attacked the stranger and managed to get him out of the house.

Shafer admits he was very frightened at the time, but thanked his pet dog for helping him.

"It seems that he is eyeing me because when he sees me, he just walks slowly towards me and he does not look the other way he keeps looking at me," he said.

A foreign man suspected of committing the robbery, flees in a silver car. The local police are still investigating the case further.

(nvc / bpn)

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Mayon Volcano in Philippines Still Save Magma

Mount Mayon in the eastern province of Albay, which erupted for nearly two weeks seems to still have magma in it, scientists said on Thursday (25/1).

Over 74,000 people live in dozens of emergency shelters while the volcano continues to eject lava, ash and rock and gas that is very hot. Officials fear the eruption will last for months, affecting the education, health and livelihoods of nearby residents.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology says it detects vibrations, pyroclastic flows and sulfur dioxide emissions on Wednesday and early Thursday.

Lava that bursts to a height of 500 meters flowing on the slopes, and there are flowing up to 3 kilometers from the crater. The ash cloud that rose to a height of 5 kilometers spread the ash to the surrounding fields and towns, making the sky dark and forcing the villagers to wear masks.

The warning level on Mayon is still at number 4 of the 5th scale, which indicating a major eruption may occur in the near future.

There have been no reports of injuries. But law enforcement officers are still trying hard to prevent villagers and tourists sneaking into dangerous areas, set within a 8 kilometer radius of the crater. Although Mayon has erupted 50 times in the last 500 years, this mountain is still popular among mountain climbers and tourists. [uh]

3 Killed in Terrorist Attack on Save the Children Office in Afghanistan

Armed men Wednesday raided the offices of the international charity organization "Save the Children" in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan, killing at least three people and injuring more than 20 others.

Attullah Khogyani, a spokesman for the Nangarhar province government, said gunmen raided the compound after suicide attackers detonated a car bomb at the entrance. The security forces were involved in a long firefight with the assailant before the shoot-out stopped. Khogyani said security forces surrounded the office complex immediately after the attack.

ISIS claims responsibility for the attack.

Eyewitness Sayed Ahmad claims to see the new Toyota Corolla car approaching the gate of the Save the Children office complex. Soon after, he saw an explosion and three or four security uniformed attackers entered the building.

Another eyewitness revealed seeing at least two bodies inside the compound. The fire that started from the Save the Children complex spread to the adjacent building, the office of another charity, the Swedish Commission for Afghanistan. Eyewitnesses said they saw the building in flames.

Save the Children on Wednesday released a statement on Twitter, saying the organization was "devastated" on the news of the attack. "Our main concern is the safety and security of our staff," the charity said.

US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert on Twitter wrote, "We condemn the attack and offer condolences to the victims and their families. [ka/ii]

Ferry Sinking in the Philippines, SAR Team Seeks to Save 200 Passengers and Crew

A number of Philippine officials say coast guards and fishermen are trying to rescue more than 200 ferry victims who sank in the northeast of the country.

Philippine Coast Guard spokesman Armand Balilo said rescue efforts were carried out on Thursday 21/12) after Mercraft 3, an inter-island passenger ferry, sank between the city of Infanta in Quezon Province and Polillo Island. Officials say the ship may have sunk after being hit repeatedly by strong waves.

Balillo said Coast Guard troops are coordinating with the military for the possibility of deploying air force and naval helicopters to help the rescue effort. [ab/lt]