One million seeds saved in a plant Noah ark at Svalbard

In near-polar temperatures, more than 70,000 new samples of rice, wheat, maize, cowpea and sorghum seeds joined on Monday, February 26, 2018, the fortified lair located on this archipelago in the Arctic half path between mainland Norway and the North Pole. With this new arrival, the "Last Judgment Vault" (as it is also nicknamed), buried more than 120 meters inside a mountain, has received in 1,059,646 varieties of cultures preserved in boxes lined up on shelves.

A Reservoir Threatened by Warming

" I am very pleased to announce that more than a million seeds have gone through this door to be permanently safe ", Norway's Minister of Agriculture, Jon Georg Dale, welcomed the solemn deposit. This most diverse collection of seeds in the world is a safety net for the 1,700 or so gene banks around the world that face the risks of natural disasters, wars, climate change, men's diseases and disabilities. [19659004] The warehouse is the property of Norway but the seeds belong to the States and the depositary institutions, which can recover them at their convenience. The World Seed Reserve has so far been solicited by only one institution: the gene bank in the city of Aleppo was damaged by the Syrian conflict, the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA) requested recover seeds. As a result, the ark currently contains 967,216 seed varieties. It can accommodate about 4.5 million.

Designed to resist disasters, the attic of the planet was itself a victim of global warming: the increase in temperatures in the Arctic led a melting permafrost (soil supposed to be frozen permanently) and caused a water leak at the tunnel entrance in 2016, without any seed being damaged. Oslo announced Friday the release of 100 million crowns (about 10 million euros) in 2018 to carry out work, including the construction of a new access tunnel and the erection of a service building to away from heat sources.

Powerful! This Man Grows Baby Elephant to Be Saved

New Delhi
Palanichamy Sarathkumar, 28, is struggling to pick up the elephant's so heavy baby in the South Indian forest. Portraits of her who raise the elephant are viral in social media.

Reported by the BBC on Friday (29/12/2017), Sarathkumar who is a forest rangers was originally received reports about the baby elephant. The baby elephant fell into a ditch and separated from its mother. Sarathkumar immediately rushed to the location.

Arriving at the scene, Sarathkumar found the baby elephant was too weak to walk on its own. He then lifted and picked up the baby elephant on his shoulder. Sarathkumar also realized that the baby elephant was very heavy.

  Powerful! This Man's Gotong Elephant Baby to Be Rescued Powerful! This man was carrying an elephant baby to be rescued Photo: Forest Department India

"It was very heavy, I picked it up suddenly There was a person who called me that baby elephant blocking the road near the Vanabhadra temple," Sarathkumar said.

Sarathkumar's videos and photos that lift the baby elephant are viral in social media. Many asked how he could pick up such a tough baby elephant.

"Everyone in my village asks the same question, how can you lift an elephant?" said the forest guard.

"I am afraid of losing balance We are tired and confused so we move the big rocks that block the road and bring the elephant out," he continued.

The weight of elephant babies raised by Sarathkumar is reported to reach 100 kilograms. Sarathkumar itself has a height of 180 cm and weighs 80 kilograms.

He then puts the elephant near the water hole so that the mother can find it.

"We've been waiting (elephant mum) for hours but he did not come in. Finally you put the baby elephant The next day when I went there, the baby elephant was gone and we also found traces of a big elephant and it looks like they have re-entered the forest, "explained Sarathkumar.

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