Trump appoints "hawk" national security advisor

US President Donald Trump on Thursday named neoconservative John Bolton, a Fox News analyst, to the influential post of National Security Advisor White House .

] Appointed as he approaches historic negotiations with North Korea and is approaching a crucial deadline for the future of Iran's nuclear deal, including former US ambassador to the UN is a great slayer.

"I am pleased to announce that effective April 9, 2018, John Bolton will be my new national security advisor," tweeted Trump announcing, with the departure of HR McMaster, a new change in size in his team after a cascade of sackings and resignations in recent months.

Known for his mustache, his taste for provocation and his sometimes abrasive style, John Bolton, 69, was one of the most leaders of "hawks" at s George W. Bush and his Ambassador to the United Nations

A strong advocate of the use of force on the international scene, he does not agree with the 70-year-old president on all issues: he is especially a tireless defender of the war in Iraq that Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized in the field.

"I was not expecting this announcement this afternoon but it is obviously a great honor" , he reacted, on Fox News, shortly after his appointment.

One who has sometimes been criticized, especially at the United Nations, for his lack of diplomacy, does he intend to change his style when he arrives at the White House?

"I have my opinions and I will have the opportunity to present them to the President," he replied, defending the need for the White House tenant to have "a free exchange of ideas "with his various advisers.

Unlike the Secretary of State or the Secretary at Defense, the leader of the famous NSC (National Security Council) does not need to be confirmed by a Senate vote to take office.

"Courage, Jim Mattis"

Welcoming "extraordinary work" HR McMaster, Mr. Trump assured that he would always remain his "friend."

For several weeks, HR McMaster, three-star general, had seen his position weakened by the lack of obvious support of the American president and rumors on its possible dismissal.

This announcement comes ten days after the brutal dismissal of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who will be replaced by current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, also a hard-line Republican on North Korea or Iran

The appointment of Mr. Bolton, the third to occupy this position since the arrival of Mr. Trump in power, has elicited mixed reactions.

Republican elected Lee Zeldin, Donald Trump's faithful, described a man "extraordinarily qualified" for the position. "There will be no more leaks at the NSC, those who remained from the Obama era will leave and the team will redouble their efforts," he said.

"With the appointment of John Bolton , Trump's foreign policy team will be the most conservative and ideological and the least pragmatic of recent memory, "said Aaron David Miller, a veteran diplomat who worked in Republican-style Democratic administrations.

" Courage, Jim Mattis ", he added in reference to the Pentagon leader seen by many analysts as the last voice of moderation within the Trump team, particularly on North Korea and Iran.

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) research center, expressed his doubts about the ability of the former ambassador to slip into the dress of influential advisor to the leader of the world's leading power.

"A national security advisor must be an i honest intermediary who ensures that the president can examine all points of view. Then he is an advisor with his points of view (…) The question is whether John Bolton has the character and judgment for this position. "

HR McMaster, who left the Pentagon in February 2017 to replace at short notice Michael Flynn, forced to resign because of his contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign, will leave public life.

"After 34 years in the service of our country, I will retiring from the army as of this summer, "he said, in a brief statement.

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Water, "a national security issue" for Jordan

In Jordan, one of the world's five driest countries, water is "a matter of national security", especially as the influx of Syrian refugees has exacerbated the scarcity, says Iyad Dahiyat, secretary-general from the Jordan Water Authority

Question: How would you describe the state of water resources in Jordan?

Answer: In international standards it is considered that a country with less than 1,000 cubic meters of water per person per year is a country in short supply. Jordanians receive 123 m3 per person. This makes our country one of the poorest in the world.

Our water resources are very limited and located far from inhabited areas, which are on high plateaus. Our rivers must be shared with Syria and Israel and it is always difficult to get our fair share of water.

We concluded in 1994 a peace treaty with Israel, which sells us water from the Sea of ​​Galilee. With Syria, we have an agreement since 1987 on the sharing of waters of the Yarmouk River. Unfortunately, it has never been respected by the Syrian side.

We also have an agreement with Saudi Arabia on the sharing of fossil springs and groundwater and it is well implemented by both parties.

But of course it all depends a lot on the political situation.

Q: In terms of supply, what has been the impact of the arrival of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in northern Jordan?

A: Since 2011, Jordan has received several waves of Syrian refugees. This weighed heavily on the water sector. Water demand increased by 21 percent nationwide and by 40 percent in the northern governorates of Irbid and Mafraq. We were already in crisis because of the scarcity of resources, the influx of refugees added a crisis to the crisis.

 A driver fills his tanker with water in Abu Nuseir near the Jordanian capital Amman , September 30, 2012 (AFP / Archives - KHALIL MAZRAAWI)

A driver fills his tanker with water in Abu Nuseir near the Jordanian capital Amman, September 30, 2012 (AFP / Archives – KHALIL MAZRAAWI)

The water was already rationed with deliveries once a week to the Jordanians, who had to stock it and use it effectively. With the refugee crisis, water is no longer delivered once a week but every fortnight.

This of course generated tension. People complain that they are not getting water in time, they ask us why they should suffer from the arrival of Syrians in Jordan.

That's why we need to develop other sources of water supply. For example, we treat sewage for reuse in irrigation in the Jordan Valley.

Q: Can lack of water threaten the security of the country?

A: Water is precious on it rests a part of the very stability of the Kingdom. It is a matter of national security and is treated as such at the highest level by the king himself.

 Jordanians fill bottles and jerricans with water in Ain al-Basha near the Jordanian capital Amman, September 30, 2012 (AFP / Archives - KHALIL MAZRAAWI)

Jordanians fill bottles with water and jerry cans in Ain al-Basha near the Jordanian capital Amman, September 30, 2012 (AFP / Archives – KHALIL MAZRAAWI)

In a country in scarcity like ours, where we have to deal with the scarcity of resources and a rising demand, it is difficult to function normally. We need to put the water supply first. This is a priority that should spur action by the entire government and security agencies.

For six years, we have been campaigning against illegal wells. To date, we have been able to close some 1,000 illegal wells and interrupt 36,000 wild connections.

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New Security Permit Policy Does Not Affect Kushner's Work

The White House says new rules on high-level security clearance that will come into force on Friday will not affect the work of senior White House adviser Jared Kushner.

Donald Trump's son-in-law has been in office for more than a year with the White House using a temporary security clearance, and his position gave him access to some of the most sensitive information, including daily security annotations for the president.

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White House Chief of Staff John Kelly announced last week that the new policy would revoke the temporary security clearance from those who currently have access to high-level security systems.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters on Tuesday (20/2), the change will not affect Kushner.

 White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered a reporter's question in the White House, Washington DC, Tuesday (20/2).

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered a reporter's question in the White House, Washington DC , Tuesday (20/2).

"The new policy enacted will not affect the precious work that Jared Kushner currently does, will continue to do his job, and will continue to be treated as a valuable member of the team," Sanders said. [19659002] Kushner's work covers many things, from the Israeli-Palestinian peace process to ensuring the federal government operates more efficiently, and working on the North American Free Trade Agreement [ab/lt]

Trump Determined to Improve School Security

US President Donald Trump on Thursday (15/2) determined "to overcome the difficult mental health problems," and make school security a "top priority." But he made the arms control supporters frustrated at not mentioning the issue in his speech to the latest mass murder in a high school in America.

A day after a 19-year-old semi-automatic semi-automatic man killed at least 17 people in high school Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Broward County, Florida, Trump admits he spoke "to a grieving nation." He also announced that he would soon visit the Parkland community, on the banks of the Florida Everglades, to meet the families of the victims and local officials.

Directed some of his short speeches broadcast on television "directly to American children," Trump said: "If you need help , talk to teachers, family members, local police officers or religious leaders. "

Action Shootings Near US National Security Service Building, 3 Injured

Three people were shot and wounded on Wednesday near the US National Security Service (NSA) building outside Washington DC

US media reports said a suspect was arrested and seen handcuffed and surrounded by police near the door the entrance gate of the building at Fort Meade, in the suburbs of Maryland.

Nearby, a black SUV was seen near a barrier obstacle. A number of bullet holes were visible in the car that seemed to hit the barrier. Traffic on the road leading to the NSA was blocked.

 Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

Atmosphere at shooting location outside NSA building, outside Washington DC (14/2).

No further details continued on the incident. The intelligence service is responsible for US global electronic wiretapping actions in an effort to combat terrorist threats.

US President Donald Trump has been notified of the incident. [ab/uh]