US Senator Will Allow Arms Sales to Persian Gulf

The United States prepares to allow the Persian Gulf countries to re-purchase US-made weapons, after an important senator has said that he will lift the ban on the sale. The plan came to prominence despite Qatar's diplomatic crisis that sparked the ban.

Last year, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker said he had imposed a general suspension for sales to Gulf Cooperation Council member states, pressed Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and other countries to resolve their disputes.

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But Corker, in a letter to Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson on Thursday (16/2), acknowledged that "there is still no clear path to resolve the GCC rift."

He said he would start allowing the sale to continue , if the Trump Admin can assure that the sale of such weapons helps combat terrorism.

Tillerson, who has turned away from the Gulf crisis after his first attempt to brokers failed, welcomed the decision. Responding to Corker, Tillerson said that the U.S. will continue to work with Gulf countries to resolve the dispute. But in the meantime, the US is still working with those countries to fight terrorism. [as/al]

US Senator Frustrated With Trump Strategy in Afghanistan

US Congressman dismissed Trump government officials on Tuesday (6/2), with questions about the war in Afghanistan. Members of Congress say that the new White House strategy is inconsistent and has no results.

The comments made at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee meeting showed Congress increasingly frustrated by the US-led war entering its 17th year.

November then, General John Nicholson, the top US commander in Afghanistan, admits that the conflict is still in deadlock.

Since then, a wave of major rebel attacks has rocked the capital, Kabul. (19659002) Despite the setback, US Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan, who helped oversee the new White House strategy, gave a positive assessment of the conflict.

"The President's strategy in South Asia shows some signs of progress," Sullivan said. "On the battlefield, we see the momentum of the Taliban beginning to slow down," he added.

But Congressmen from both sides expressed doubts. [al/as]

Former Republican Senator Accepts US Congressional Gold Medal

Former US Senator and Republican Bob Dole says that he is "very honored" awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

The 94-year-old from Kansas, received the highest honor of Congress for civilians in a ceremony in the building Congress, Capitol, was attended by many friends and former colleagues, including American President Donald Trump.

The medal is the highest expression of national appreciation for outstanding achievements and contributions to the nation and state.

The award was given to Bob Dole for his services to the United States as soldiers, legislators and statesmen. [lt]

Democratic Senator accuses Trump of ignoring the Russian threat

A number of Democrats in the Senate on Wednesday warned that Russian operations to undermine democracy not only against the US presidential election, and accused President Donald Trump of failing to address the threat.

Senators Ben Cardin issued a report prepared by staff members of the Democratic Party committee who accused Russia of continuing attacks on democracy inside and outside the United States and insisted on various strategies to overcome it, starting with improving the leadership of the American president himself.

"After several attacks, such as in Pearl Harbor and 9/11, American presidents stirred up the nation's resistance as well as the world to face the challenges it faces. But the current American president is barely aware of the threat of repeated attacks by President Putin on democratic institutions and government, let alone showing the necessary leadership, to effectively cope with such aggression, "said Cardin.

" There has never been an American president clearly ignoring the serious threats and increasing threats to American national security, "he added.

Based on several months of research and consultations with other countries that were once targeted by Russia, the 206-page report carefully documented various tools and techniques which is widely used by Russia outside its borders. [em/ii]

US Senator Warns Trump to Not Firing Mueller

US Senator Mark Warner said the call, which called for an end to a special investigation by Robert Mueller, of the relationship between Russia and the Trump election campaign team, was a reckless and irresponsible call.

He said the move had the potential to trigger a crisis In his speech on Wednesday in front of members of the US Senate, the deputy chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee revealed, firing special investigators or other officials involved in the investigation would not only question the government's commitment to truth, but also to the most basic concept of the rule of law.

Warner expressed concern that criticism of the investigation appears to have continued to grow stronger and more coordinated in recent weeks.

He warned that any attempt by the president to get rid of Mueler's special investigators from his position, or pardon the witness – an important witness in an attempt to protect protect them from accountability or stop the investigation, is a severe misuse of power.

Earlier this year, the American intelligence community issued a report stating that Russia had intervened in the election, indicating a preference for Trump over Democratic Hillary candidates Clinton. Russia denied interfering in American elections in 2016 and Trump denies any conspiracy allegations.

Warner's remarks were delivered after weeks of rumors that the Trump Administration might try to stop Mueller from investigating. [ab/lt]