There are Fighting Passengers, Ferry Ships Forced Back to Sydney

 A ferry was forced to sail back to Sydney, Australia, because of the commotion that was triggered by the long toilet queue. A Russian woman on trial related the incidents of the clashes that led to the fight.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), a fight broke out between men on board the ferry P & O on Sunday / 2) early morning local time. Reported fights occurred as they lined up to use public toilets on the ship.

"During the fight, a 37-year-old woman, who is the lover of one of the men, attacked a 21-year-old man in the head with an empty wine bottle, triggering a scratch," the New South Wales Police Department said in a statement.

"The security guards separated the men and they were detained," the statement added.

The woman who carried out the attack also joined the officer. The woman's identity was not released to the public. Just mentioned that the woman is a Russian citizen.

The P & O ferry boat is on its way ' Comedy Cruise Gala ' for three days in Australian waters. As a result of this commotion, the ferry was forced to sail back to Sydney. Six men and one woman involved in a fight were taken down from the ship and picked up by the local police.

After the examination, the six men were released while the investigation continued.

While the Russian woman is charged with hurting others recklessly and engaging in fights. The woman is free after paying the guarantee and is required to attend the trial in Sydney on March 9.

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Japan Protests Presence of Chinese Ships Near Disputed Islands

Japan has filed an official protest against China after a Chinese naval ship was spotted in the East China Sea near a group of islands claimed by both countries.

A Chinese frigate was seen Thursday beyond the 22 kilometer formed a territorial waters of Japan that surrounds the islands.

A spokesman for the Japanese Ministry of Defense said a foreign submarine, also believed to belong to China, was detected in the same region on Wednesday and Thursday.

In Tokyo, Japanese Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama summoned Chinese ambassador Cheng Younghua to the Foreign Ministry to express "serious concerns" about the incident.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang told reporters in Beijing that the two ships are in the region it is to monitor the activities of Japanese ships. [lt]

Hong Kong-flagged Ships Arrested Brought BBM to North Korea

The South Korean Foreign Ministry said the country had seized a Hong Kong-flagged ship that transfers oil to a North Korean ship in international waters despite sanctions by the United Nations Security Council.

Yonhap, South Korea's news agency, reported South Korean customs officials that the Winmore Lighthouse ships moved 600 tons of refined oil to a North Korean ship on October 19. South Korea seized Lighthouse Winmore on November 24 when the ship sailed to Yeosu Port in South Korea, the news agency said.

Yonhap reported Lighthouse Winmore was hired by the Taiwanese company Billions Bunker Group. The news agency said the "destination as claimed" by the ship was Taiwan, but the ship "transfers oil to a North Korean ship, Sam Jong 2, and three other non-North Korean ships in international waters in the East China Sea." [19659002] The Winmore Lighthouse ship reportedly been proposed by the Americans to be blacklisted for their illicit trade with North Korea.

Yonhap reports that South Korea informed Americans of "illegal transactions they detected".

President United States Donald Trump on Thursday accused China of facilitating oil shipments to North Korea, but China insisted it never violated UN sanctions restricting oil shipments to North Korea

"Caught red-handed, deeply disappointed that China allowed oil to enter North Korea. There will be no friendly solution to North Korea's problems if this continues to happen! "Wrote President Trump on Twitter.

A spokesman for China's foreign ministry (Hua Chunying) on ​​Friday rejected China's involvement in smuggling goods to or from North Korea. [gp]

2 Flagship Passenger Ships in Tanzania, 13 Dead

Accident 2 passenger ships occurred in Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania. As a result of this incident 13 people were reported dead.

Reported by AFP on Sunday (24/12/2017), the incident occurred on Friday (22/12). Local Maritime official Amaniel Sekulu said the crash occurred when a passenger boat of 135 people crashed into a ship carrying 63 people.

"The accident happened on Friday morning," he said.

A number of people were rescued, but 9 others were declared still missing. It said 13 bodies of passengers came from ships with more passengers.

Lake Tanganyika is the second largest freshwater lake in the world in terms of volume. This lake encompasses four countries namely Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Zambia.

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