NASA needs you (and your smartphones) to shoot clouds!

Nasa calls on the help of citizens to advance his research. From March 15 to April 15, 2018, individuals are encouraged to take part in the work of the US Space Agency on the climate. Cloud lovers have the opportunity to participate in the project GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment), an initiative that aims to encourage students and science enthusiasts to get involved in the collection of data. Concretely through the Spring Cloud Observations Data Challenge NASA invites you to photograph the sky and transmit the data, via the application Android or iOS GLOBE observe, to allow scientists to identify the types of clouds present on the photographs, according to the regions where they were photographed. Interest? Help NASA to identify some images that are particularly difficult to interpret when taken from high altitude Earth observation satellites. " There are places on the planet where we do not have field data, so scientific citizens can do much to advance our knowledge ," say NASA scientists. Thus, it is not always easy to tell the difference between a particular cloud or between the snow that could be on the tops of a mountain and the cirrus. The photographs taken from the ground could therefore solve this problem since scientists will now be able to compare their images with those provided by citizens. This citizen's initiative project would also provide a better understanding of the role of different types of clouds in climate change.

A video as a reward

To be part of the adventure, nothing more simple: just download the application GLOBE observe and follow the different steps. During the first use, citizen scientists can view a brief tutorial to explain the operation of the application. From the menu, users must determine whether the sky is clear and clear or obscured by rain, snow, dust or fog. If the sky is cloudy, the participants are asked to classify the clouds according to their size and type. The application takes care of all other information, such as the location or the date and time of the shooting. Scientific citizens can, if they wish, send up to 10 photographs per day. Participants in Spring Cloud Observations Data Challenge will be rewarded with a video posted on the NASA project website .-

Four Afghan Intelligence Officers Shoot Dead 16 Their Friends

Officials in Afghanistan say four officers of the national intelligence agency shot dead 16 of their colleagues, then fled to join the Taliban insurgency in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan.

The rare "insiders" attack last night a facility of the National Security Directorate or NDS in the Gerishk region, security sources told VOA on Sunday.

Omar Zawak, the provincial government spokesman, confirmed the incident by saying the Taliban also attacked the NDS when the insurgent attack was (19659002) Zawak said the two sides suffered heavy casualties but gave no further details.

The Afghan officer killed was a member of the 'Songaryan' unit working for NDS in Helmand . The unit was named after the popular Turkish television soap opera and had played a key role in gathering intelligence information for NDS in Afghanistan.

The rebels controlled or seized most of the 14 regions in Helmand, Afghanistan's largest province and one of the main producing regions opium in the world.

Illegal drug trafficking funds 65 percent of rebel activity, and the US military has recently deployed new air strikes to destroy drug laboratories in an effort to stop Taliban financial resources in Helmand, which borders Pakistan. [gp]

Shoot down Israeli F-16 Jet Fighter, It's Syria

The Syrian Air Defense has succeeded in stopping the Israeli offensive into a military base in the country today. According to Syrian state media, anti-aircraft missiles are fired on more than one Israeli warplane.

This was reported by Syrian media after the Israeli military declared that a fighter jet had crashed after being fired upon launching attacks against "Iranian targets "in Syria. The Israeli army said the attack was carried out after it intercepted an unmanned drone believed to be Iranian.

"In the early hours of the morning, the Zionist enemies committed a new aggression against one of our military bases in the center of the country," Syria, SANA as reported AFP, Saturday (10/2/2018).

"Our air defenses drive him out and hit more than one plane," SANA added.

Earlier, Israeli army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said the two F-16 fighter jet pilots had crashed, surviving the incident.

"The Israeli military is targeting the Iranian control system in Syria that sends UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) into Israeli airspace," Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conricus said, adding that the Syrian Air Force then fired anti-aircraft missiles into a jet fighter F-16 in Israel.

"Iran is responsible for this severe violation of Israeli sovereignty," Conricus said as reported by news agency AFP, Saturday (10/2/2018).

In a separate statement Israeli military said, Israeli forces identified an "Iranian UAV" launched from Syria and intercepted it in Israeli airspace with a fighter. The F-16 fighter plane crashed in the valley of Jezreel, in northern Israel.

"During the attack, some anti-aircraft missiles were fired into IAF (Israeli Air Force) aircraft," the Israeli military statement said.

Israel has waged dozens of attacks air to Syrian armed forces and allies since the civil war broke out in the country in 2011. Iran and Russia are major military supporters for the Syrian government.

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India, Pakistan Shoot Shoot in Kashmir

India and Pakistan fired on Monday in the disputed Kashmir area, killing several soldiers on both sides. The two sides accused each other of starting the dispute, and gave their own figures for the dead.

India claims its troops killed seven Pakistani soldiers, while one Indian soldier was killed. Pakistan said four of its soldiers were killed by Indian shootings, while his troops killed three people in a retaliatory shoot.

India accused Pakistan of sending militants across the border to carry out terrorist activities in Indian territory. Pakistan, on the other hand, accuses India of serious human rights abuses in parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir, which have long faced separatist movements.

Shootings in the 745-kilometer-long power line that halves Kashmir has become a common occurrence in the last two years. [gp]

Some Police Cut Shoot in Colorado

Several police officers were reportedly "wounded" exposed to gunfire while conducting an investigation into an active gunman in the state of Colorado on Sunday (31/12).

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office said it was responding to reports of commotion in Sunday morning (31/12) in the town of Littleton, when there were a number of gunfire explosions

"In the investigation, there were a number of gunfire and several police officers were injured. Not yet known the condition of injuries suffered by police and civilians. Avoid this area, "the Sheriff's department's cuit said via Twitter.

The Sheriff's office issued a" red-code "or" very vigilant "warning to the surrounding area, and advised locals to stay indoors and stay away from windows. [em/al]