A shooting at the headquarters of the YouTube group in California makes three wounded, the shooter committed suicide

Many witnesses described scenes of chaos among those present in the building, located in San Bruno, about 20 kilometers south of San Francisco, in the heart of Silicon Valley where many technology groups have their neighborhoods. general. Sign of the panic that grabbed the employees at the time of the shots, a fourth person injured his ankle by fleeing the scene, said the police. According to the website of YouTube 1,100 people work on the site.

Police discovered on the spot the corpse of a woman "carrying gunshot wounds that she seems to have inflicted on herself "and who seems to be the author of the shots. According to the police, the alleged gunman "knew someone", which makes him favor the track of the dispute of private or family order. This seems to confirm several testimonies, including a YouTube employee, wishing to remain anonymous and indirect witness of the scene, who told AFP that "a woman burst at lunch time and seemed to shoot at a particular person "

The gunman used a handgun," San Bruno police chief Ed Barberini said at a news conference. "There are three victims" injured by bullets, he detailed, adding that they had been hospitalized. According to the Zuckerberg General Hospital in San Francisco, who treated the three wounded, one of the victims is in a "critical" situation.

"An Unimaginable Tragedy"

A YouTube employee who wished to keep anonymity, said on CNN that it was "video conference" at the time of the shots, which occurred around 12:46 local (19:46 GMT). She described people who "suddenly started running and shouting". Aerial footage of the US channels showed chairs and inverted tables in an inner courtyard of the building, where, according to several accounts, employees are used to taking their lunch break, while witnesses said on Twitter that they saw

In mid-afternoon local time, small groups of employees left the site in special buses, without speaking to the press while emergency vehicles and police were still on site , noted an AFP journalist. The boss of Google Sundar Pichai, parent company of YouTube, evoked in a written message to employees "an unimaginable tragedy". "Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved," tweeted US President Donald Trump . "Thanks to our phenomenal law enforcement officers and rescue workers who are currently on site."

Women shootings are extremely rare: according to an FBI study, covering 160 events between 2000 and 2013, involving one or more shooters on public roads, in shops, workplaces or schools. In only 6 cases was the person who fired a woman, 3.8%.

This new shootout comes as the endless US firearms debate continues to sharply divide public opinion, particularly after the killings at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on February 14 that killed 17.

More than 1.5 million people participated on March 24 in the United States in the United States. "Walk for our lives" calling for greater gun control. These gatherings are the largest in the country in at least two decades. The organizers of this "March for our lives" tweeted after Tuesday's shooting: "Our hearts are with you, @YouTube"

(source: AFP)

Florida Shooter Ever Complained to the FBI

In a written statement issued, the FBI said people close to Nikolas could contact the hotline FBI on January 5 to convey his worries about Nikolas. The caller provided information about Nikolas's possession of weapons, his desire to kill people, his unusual behavior, and terrible social media activities.

As per the existing protocol, the information provided by the caller should be judged to be a life-threatening potential. The FBI declared "the information should be submitted to the FBI's office in Miami so that a deeper investigation could be made."

However, the protocol was not executed and "the information submitted was not forwarded to the FBI office in Miami, and no further investigation done. "

FBI Director Christopher Wray says it is reviewing these facts. "I am determined to find out the root of the problem, what is happening in this issue, and at the same time examine the process of responding to the information we receive from the public … When the public contacts due to certain concerns we must act promptly and appropriately."

Nikolas Cruz, 19, fired on five classrooms at two high school floors in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, killing 17 people and wounding 15 others, some of whom were critically injured.

The FBI has spoken to the victim and his family, and convey "deep regret" to this terrible tragedy. [rt/nm/em]

The Florida Shooter Suspects Ordered Without Warranty

In a brief court on Thursday, Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old man accused of recent shootings in America ordered to be held without bail.

Cruz, charged with 17 planned murders, , with hands shackled at the waist and orange prison uniforms. His lawyer did not answer the prosecutor's request to keep Cruz in jail while awaiting further trial.

Judge Kim Theresa Mollica told Cruz, "You are charged with some serious crimes."

Latest Shooting Resumes Trigger Weapon Control Debate

Cruz's presence in court came after President Donald Trump gave a brief speech at the White House about the tragedy. Trump said he was speaking "to a grieving nation."

Trump said he would meet officials from across the country "to deal with difficult mental health problems" in preventing mass killings and making school security "a top priority." He did not mention a new proposal on gun control. [ka/jm]