Human Rights Activist Slams Step Trump Defends Guantanamo Prison

Rights groups denounced President Donald Trump's decision to defend US military prison at Guantanamo, Cuba

"I keep my promise," Trump said in a speech to Congress on Tuesday (30/1) after signing the executive order. The move canceled a presidential decree containing a plan for closure of the facility, issued by President Barack Obama in 2009.

Trump says such facilities are important to ensure America has all the forces necessary to hold terrorists in the fight against ISIS and al-Qaeda.

According to a new presidential decree, America can transport additional prisoners to the Guantanamo Bay Navy Base if it is legal and necessary to protect the country. "The order also calls for Defense Minister Jim Mattis to draft a 90-day policy on how to handle and move people arrested in connection with an armed conflict.

Noor Zafar of the Center for Constitutional Rights, who has represented Guantanamo detainees in federal court, told the VOA this is another anti-Muslim rhetoric and Islamic phobia that he uses to instigate a support base Trum.

Zafar who wants the prison to be closed d detained or freed, said the president's view of who was classified as a terrorist was explicitly and clearly based on a person's religious and ethnic identity.

He compared Trump's different reaction to violence in Las Vegas in August 2017 with an attack on New York in October 2017. In Las Vegas, then, a white man killed dozens of people and wounded hundreds of people watching a music festival. While in New York in October 2017, a Muslim man killed eight people and wounded dozens of others by crashing a truck on bike lanes and on foot. The man was a supporter of ISIS.

Noor Zafar said, "If it was a violent white man, there was no call to call himself a terrorist. But if it's a colored or Muslim, it will soon be branded as a terrorist, and the president will deprive all of his constitutional rights and send him to Guantanamo. "

" I think it shows bad intentions and disguised President Trump's intentions, " he added.

During the Trump campaign he said he wanted to defend Guantanamo and fill it with the bad guys. [ps/jm]

Trump slams North Korea, but does not mention possible use of military violence

Calling North Korea a country with a cruel and immoral dictatorship, US President Donald Trump in his first state speech, again promised to use maximum pressure to prevent Pyongyang from developing nuclear missiles that could threaten mainland US.

Trump said the experience indicating being polite and willing to compromise only invites North Korean aggression and provocation. Therefore, Trump said, he will not repeat the mistakes of previous US governments that put the US in such a dangerous situation.

Nevertheless, Trump has shown more restraint than ever before. He no longer mocks North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a small rocket man in his speech. Trump also did not mention the possible use of force in controlling North Korea, despite recent reports that the Trump Administration is considering launching a military offensive if re-emerged provocation.

Last year, tensions between North Korea and the United States increased following the effort Pyongyang to develop nuclear warhead missiles capable of reaching the United States. The Trump Administration not only leads international efforts to impose tough economic sanctions on North Korea, but also affirms that military power is still an option in addressing the growing threat to the mainland US.

South Korea supports increased communication with Korea North to ease tensions and has recently negotiated a temporary halt to Pyongyang's missile and nuclear tests by persuading him to participate in the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. The United States also agreed to postpone a joint military exercise with South Korea until the end of the Winter Olympics to accommodate the North's peaceful participation. [ab/uh]

The European Central Bank slams the US for undermining the weak dollar

European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi blasted Washington on Thursday for underestimating the weak dollar, a move that he said threatened a decade-old pact not to target currencies and could force his bank to change policy

Commenting on the spike in the value of the euro as a source of uncertainty, Draghi said that any unjustifiable move could force the ECB to rethink its strategy because a strong currency can stop inflation, thwart its bid to raise prices.

He speaks after US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin this week said he welcomed the weak dollar because it is good for US trade. and Trade Minister Wilbur Ross said the US is now in a global trade war.

The sentiment sent the euro to its highest level in three years against the dollar.

In a moderate tone, Draghi also damped expectations of an interest rate hike, arguing there was almost no chance to do that step this year, although some investors bet on a rise in early December.

But his comments about the most-highlighted currency at the press conference after the regular ECB meeting.

"When someone says a good exchange rate is which is good for exporters and it's good for the economy, that means targeting exchange rates, "Draghi said when asked about Mnuchin's comments. [as/ii]

Trump Slams Democrats Democratic Chairman in US Senate "Cengeng"

Donald Trump last night denounced "Chuck Schumer Cengeng" after the Democratic Senate Party Chairman withdrew his offer to fund the construction of a controversial border wall with Mexico, prompting unconfirmed immigration talks.

Trump met with Schumer last week at the White House while the two factions in the Senate pursued a broad agreement that would include federal budget financing, border security tightening, and deal with the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants brought to America illegally while still a child.

The deal failed achieved, the government was forced to close for three days, and Senate Democratic Faction Chair Charles Schumer, who offered funding for the construction of the border wall in his meeting with Trump, revoked his offer.

"Chuck Schumer Cengeng fully understands, especially after his embarrassing defeat, no Wall , there is no DACA, "wrote Trump men

What is meant by DACA is a program that protects nearly 800 thousand immigrants from deportation, which expires on March 5

"We must have security and safety, as well as the military for the American people! "

As part of a broad agreement that includes the federal budget, Schumer reportedly offered up to 25 billion dollars for the construction of the border wall, which was one of Trump's main campaign promises.

But when Trump refused the deal (19659003) "We will start negotiations on a new basis, and no more offers for funding the border wall," Schumer told reporters on Tuesday.

The fate of the immigration talks is now uncertain two weeks before the Feb. 8 deadline agreed by both parties to reach an agreement or raise the issue in the Senate debate before hundreds of r Immigrant mothers called Dreamers are facing mass deportation in March.

A plan drawn up by six senators from both parties, including Republican Senator Jeff Flake, includes Trump's request for 1.6 billion dollars as part of a larger, more valuable border security package 2.6 billion dollars which also terminated the green card visa and restricted family reunification policy.

"Part of the concession and compromise in the plan will be covered by any bill," Flake told AFP.

But passing the Senate immigration agreement through a more conservative parliament would be very difficult, Flake added.

Therefore, Flake believes Trump should provide support.

Immigration talks between the two factions have resumed, with several meetings at the Congress Building on Tuesday also attended by officials White House. [ds]

South Korea, China slams US for high import customs clearance

South Korea and China denounce United States decision Monday to impose high tariffs on imported washing machines and solar panels. The action was taken after the US International Trade Commission concluded that the two imported products caused substantial losses to American producers.

The United States plans to impose a 20 percent tax on 1.2 million large household washing machines for the first two years, 50 percent of excise duties imports for the rest. In the third year, excise duties will fall respectively to 16 and 40 percent. The 30 percent excise will apply to imported solar cell and module for the first year, which will drop to 15 percent in the fourth year. Non-assembled solar cells with a capacity of two and a half gigawatts will be exempted from duty every year.

South Korea says the excise tax violates the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Samsung and LG are expected to become the worst affected producers by the excise tax. China, the world's largest producer of solar cells, called it an overreaction.

Louis Kuijs, who heads Asia branch of Hong Kong-based consultancy Oxford Economics, told VOA it has long been foretold that Trump will act more aggressively in trading as part of its campaign to prioritize America.

Meanwhile, media reports indicate that the 11 member states of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement or TPP, without the United States, will hold a signing ceremony in Chile in March. Trump withdrew from TPP after being sworn in early last year. The TPP will be called the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, or CPTTP. [ds]