Solar power in the viewfinder of the government

After the winter wind comes the spring sun. Sébastien Lecornu continues his season studying renewable energy sectors. The State Secretary for the Ecological Transition announced the launch of a new working group on solar energy two months after the report of a group on the development of the wind industry. " I will launch a working group on the subject to identify the available land, to engage in self-consumption, to think about the thermo-solar" he declared on CNews .

Rather referred to as "solar thermal", this renewable energy also uses solar panels: in photovoltaic electricity production and solar thermal that of heat. Mr. Lecornu also deplored that in the south of France " we still heat water in the middle of August from fossil energy rather than from the sun."

Efforts to do

"There are also things to do in Overseas" he added. This is not to say: France's energy balance for 2016, dated March 2018, states that "the energy supply of the French overseas departments is largely based on imports of fossil oil). " In metropolitan France, the production of solar energy (photovoltaic + thermal) amounts to 904,200 tonnes of oil equivalent (TOE) in 2016. That of DOM is 8 times smaller (103,500 toe).

At the end of the year 2017, was abandoned the idea of ​​reducing by 50% the share of nuclear power in French electricity production by 2025. It has multiplied since the working groups to develop different renewable energies. " The challenge is to release these energies, which is what we did first with onshore wind, which is what we continue to do with methanation ( …), this is what we are doing tomorrow too with photovoltaics, which is an absolutely major interest "insisted the Secretary of State.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition observes especially the horizon 2030 which is not yet in good shape. Indeed, the law on the energy transition provides a share of 23% of renewable energy in consumption in 2020 and 32% in 2030. In 2016, it amounted to only 15.7% . The law also aims to reduce 40% of greenhouse gases in 2030 compared to 1990. It is certain that to achieve its objectives, it will not brew the wind.

Ton oil equivalent :
This is the amount of energy contained in one tonne of oil, 41,868 gigajoules. This unit is used to compare the energy values ​​of different energy sources.

This is a technology that relies on the digestion of organic matter by microorganisms. It reduces the amount of waste while producing a biogas. It can be upgraded to electricity, heat or even fuel

Solar energy: the government will launch a working group

The government will launch a working group on solar energy, said Sebastien Lecornu, Secretary of State for Ecological Transition on Thursday.

"I will launch a working group on the subject to identify the land available, to engage in self-consumption, to think about the thermo-solar ", said Mr. Lecornu on CNews, lamenting the fact that in the south of France" still warms its water in full month of August from fossil energy rather than from the sun. "

" There are also things to be done overseas, "he added.

The government, which was forced to abandon the date of 2025 to reduce the share of nuclear energy in French electricity production to 50%, has multiplied in recent months the working groups on different renewable energies in order to find solutions to accelerate their development.

"The challenge is to release it's energies-l to, that's what we did first with the onshore wind, that's what we continue to do with the methanisation (…) that's what we also do tomorrow with photovoltaic , which has an absolutely major interest, "insisted the Secretary of State.

The law on energy transition, passed in 2015, provides for the reduction of 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 compared to to 1990 and 32% of renewables in consumption (40% of production) in 2030.

In India, the bold bet of solar energy

Although she lives only a stone's throw away from a thermal power plant in the Indian countryside, Aparna Singh swears by the solar panel she installed on her roof. [19659002] "It really plays a vital role in our lives because in Uttar Pradesh (poor region of the north of the country, ed) electricity is erratic.Sometimes we have it only ten hours a day, sometimes for two months the transformer waits to be repaired, "explains this dynamic English teacher, who has just returned from school and still dressed in her sari-uniform.

In her bare brick housing, the 80 watts provided by the sun allow her to light the bulbs of the three rooms she lives with her husband and teenage son at night, run fans and charge their mobile phones, even during power cuts.

On the roofs of buildings, on trains, in the fields, solar panels fleu laugh all across India. An energy transition highlighted by the summit of the International Solar Alliance on Sunday in New Delhi, co-chaired by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron.

 Solar panels, May 17, 2016 near Amritsar, India (AFP / Archives - NARINDER NANU)

Solar panels, May 17, 2016 near Amritsar, India (AFP / Archives – NARINDER NANU)

The world's third-largest polluter, with 4% of emissions, India is engaged in a vast effort to develop renewable energies. New Delhi has promised COP21 to reduce the carbon intensity of its GDP by 35% by 2030 compared to 2005.

The demographic giant of South Asia has to juggle its gigantic growth needs and its struggle against the human footprint on the planet, perceptible in the terrible air pollution that hit Indian cities and the threat that global warming poses to its agricultural lands.

– Fridge or TV? –

Thanks in particular to the fall in the cost of photovoltaic panels, solar is progressing at the speed of light. A fad carried by both the private sector and public action.

So the start-up Simpa, who provided his solar kit to Aparna and his family, has equipped in a few years 100,000 people who do not have , or poorly, access to electricity. Its customers, rural populations or small stalls, can be equipped via a small loan, repayable in modest monthly installments.

"Today the solar is at parity, and even below the rates of the thermal energy So it's interesting for the Indian government to develop this energy, as well as wind power elsewhere, "said Philippe Serres, South Asia manager of the French agency Proparco, which took a stake in this company. 19659002] To mitigate the country's dependence on coal, the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi set a very ambitious goal: to increase solar production by 25 in seven years, to 100 gigawatts (GW) in 2022.

India has already installed nearly 20 GW and expects to grow exponentially in the coming years. New Delhi aims to produce 40% of its electricity from renewable energies by 2030.

Coal, which is particularly polluting, would nevertheless remain the main source of energy in the country.

"Additional capacity installed year by year is now driven by the renewable, especially solar.So coal is growing but less than solar, "says Serres.

For his equipment, Aparna Singh has paid a total of equivalent of 270 euros, reimbursed over one year. Thanks to this source of electricity, she is now thinking, with her husband, of the possible purchase of a refrigerator or a television.

In any case, "my son can not now pretend the lack of light he is obliged to study! ", laughs this teacher.

USA: wind and solar can provide 80% of electricity demand (study)

Wind and solar resources could provide 80% of the electricity demand in the United States, provided improvements are made in transmission and storage, scientists said Tuesday.

These renewable energies were considered only a few years ago, being able to meet only 20 to 30% of American electrical needs, according to a study published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.

The United States currently generates about two-thirds of their electricity with fossil resources – natural gas, coal, oil – which contributes to the rise in global temperature by releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. And a fifth comes from nuclear power plants.

Renewable energies account for only 15% of the energy mix: wind contributes 7%, solar 1% and other sources such as hydraulics bring the balance, According to the US Energy Information Authority

To determine the potential contribution of sustainable energy in the future, researchers analyzed US weather, hour by hour, between 1980 and 2015. [19659002] "We observed the variation of solar and wind energy both in time and space and compared it to US demand for electricity," said Steven Davis, professor of system science. at the University of California-Irvine

"We have determined that we could reliably obtain about 80% of our electricity from these (renewable) sources by building a continent-wide transmission network. u facilities that can maintain the equivalent of twelve hours of national electricity consumption, "he continued.

These requirements would require an investment" very important, but not inconceivable, "noted the researchers, also from California Institute of Technology and the Carnegie Institution for Science.

They called for the United States, the second largest polluter behind China, to consider developing low-carbon energy sources while waiting for these facilities to be built.

" Options could include nuclear and hydroelectric power generation as well as demand management, "said Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution for Science.

South Korea Asks US to Discuss Import Duty on Washing Machines, Solar Panels

The South Korean government has asked the United States to hold bilateral talks early next week, to discuss imposition of import duty on washing machines and solar panels, South Korea's Trade Ministry said on Wednesday. 19659002] South Korea and China denounced the imposition of high import duties imposed by President Trump. Seoul said Tuesday it would lodge a complaint with the World Trade Organization (WTO) for "excessive measures."

South Korea will ask the United States to "loosen and revoke" the policy and will exercise the right -haknya as set out in the WTO, the Ministry of Commerce said in a statement. [fw]