Pakistan Deny Threats to US Interest in South Asia

Pakistan criticizes new reports saying the state's weapons in south Asia are a threat to American regional interests.

The report says that Pakistan's nuclear weapons production will be a new risk in the escalation of dynamics and security in the region.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Faisal criticized the report on Thursday for "considered a negative focus" on Pakistan.

He pointed to India which he said had the "fastest increase" of nuclear weapons piles.

Pakistan officials say that the country's close-range missiles, which could be equipped with nuclear warheads, would block the country's large neighbor, India, to conduct a sudden attack is limited by conventional forces.

The fragile relationship between Pakistan and America has worsening lately because of allegations that Islamabad is secretly maintaining links with the Taliban and other militant groups fighting American forces in Afghanistan.

Authorities deny that Pakistan has links with militants. [lt]

Replace Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa Become New South African President

Cape Town
South Africa (South Africa) has a new president after Jacob Zuma resigned. Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected by South African lawmakers as the new president, today.

As reported by AFP Thursday (15/2/2018), Ramaphosa was elected without voting because he was the only candidate who was nominated. He was elected at a special session in South Africa's parliament in Cape Town, with Supreme Court Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng declaring the election of Ramaphosa.

The announcement was met with loud cheers from the African National Congress Party or ANC who now ruled in South Africa. Ramaphosa previously served as Vice President of South Africa under Zuma. After Zuma resigned, he served as Executive Officer of South African President.

Scheduled Ramaphosa will deliver the first speech in parliament after being elected President of South Africa.

Zuma, who leads South Africa since 2009, finally resigned on Wednesday after being forced by his party, the ANC. Zuma's government over the past 9 years has been colored by numerous corruption scandals, a slowdown in economic growth and the decline of ANC's popularity in the election.

Zuma initially refused to back down and denounced the ANC. But the ANC, which ruled South Africa since the abolition of the apartheid system, threatened to impeach Zuma through parliament if he does not comply with the request to step down. Zuma finally chose to resign.

But in an interview on Wednesday (14/2) local time, Zuma called himself receiving the 'very unfair' treatment of the ANC which had sheltered him since 1959 ago.

Zuma's power over the ANC came off since December 2017 when the elected leader of the ANC leader, his ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, lost to Ramaphosa in a vote. The ANC then held marathon talks between key party figures before deciding to ask Zuma to resign.

It is well known that Zuma's government faces many accusations of corruption, which he has always denied. In 2016, the South African court declared Zuma to be in violation of the Constitution for not replacing government money used for his private home. Then in 2017, the Supreme Court of South Africa called Zuma facing 18 counts of corruption, fraud and money laundering related arms purchases in 1999.

Later Zuma is linked to Indian businessmen who are accused of influencing Gupta's government. Both have denied it.

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'Hunted' Media, Cheerleader North Korea Rush Leave South Korea Beach

The North Korean cheerleader team expressed his disappointment. They just wanted to enjoy the beach in South Korea after the Pyeongchang winter olympics but failed.

Cheerleader dressed in a red uniform and a red-and-white hat visited Gyeongpo Beach, Gangneung, South Korea. As soon as they arrived, many journalists were waiting to cover them.

The cheerleaders walked quickly away from reporters and returned to the bus. One member of the North Korean cheerleader expressed his disappointment.

"We have not been able to see the beach yet," said one member.

Previously, the North Korean cheerleading team was also in the spotlight when they performed at Ojukheon House, the oldest traditional house in South Korea.

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Despite Walking Slow, South Korean Olympic Diplomacy Reaches Progress

South Korea continues to push the process of peace through the Olympics, amid criticism that North Korea is only following the process to ease economic sanctions without stopping its nuclear weapons program.

South Korea's continuing South Moon Jae-in easing tensions with North Korea helping to secure North Korea's participation in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in South Korea and a lull in Pyongyang's provocative nuclear missile and nuclear test.

In a joint reconciliation attitude, North Korea and South Korea Olympic delegates march together under a special unification flag in Friday's opening ceremony. Kim Yo-jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also to South Korea to attend the Olympics. He was the first member of Kim's ruling family to visit South Korea since the split of Korea at the end of World War II. During a meeting with Moon, Kim presented an invitation to the South Korean president to visit Pyongyang for a summit of leaders.

There were previously only two summits between North and South Korean leaders. The most recent one lasted more than a decade ago, in 2007. Kim Jong-un, who came to power in 2011, has never met a foreign head of state.

On Tuesday, Kim Jong-un said he wanted to encourage "climate reconciliation and warm dialogue "with South Korea following the successful visits of North Korea's North Korean delegation, the North Korean state media.

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The easing of tensions between the two Koreas is a direct result of President Moon's ongoing diplomatic efforts and indicates Kim Jong Un's willingness to respond to a constructive relationship, said John Delury, a North Korean analyst at Seoul's Yonsei University.

But those skeptical declared Pyongyang's openness to dialogue a deceptive tactic. According to them, North Korea's cooperation in the Olympics is intended to undermine America's "maximum pressure" policy to force North Korea to change its behavior with enhanced economic sanctions and the threat of military power, without giving meaningful concessions to end its nuclear program. [uh]

Former President of South Korea Park Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

Choi Soon-sil, whose friendship with former South Korean President Park Geun-hye sparked a massive corruption scandal and caused Park's fall from power, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Choi was sentenced on Tuesday / 2) in court in Seoul on charges of abuse of power, bribery and interference in state affairs. The court also charged a fine of nearly 17 million dollars against Choi.

The 62-year-old woman is accused of not only affecting but also controlling Park, even though she has no official post in government, and has used private relationships with the former president to co- large corporations to donate more than $ 68 million, which he subsequently stamped and channeled to the two nonprofits that he controlled.

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The court also sentenced two-and-a-half years to Shin Dong-bin, the leader of the Lotte Group, one of South Korea's main conglomerates, on bribery charges. He was accused of donating more than $ 6 million to a foundation supported by Choi in exchange for government permission to open excise and other privileged treatments.

In a third related case, Ahn Jong-beom, former senior staffer of former president Park, was sentenced six years in prison for abuse of office. [uh]