Immigration, Guantanamo … What Trump said in his State of the Union address

Donald Trump landed as a rallying president on Tuesday, calling on Democrats and Republicans to work together, without giving up his hard line on immigration or building a wall on the Mexican border. Before this state of the union speech, the first pronounced by Donald Trump since taking office, some Democrats had hoped that the president will loose ballot on the immigration file, in vain.

" Tonight, I appeal to everyone to set aside our differences to find common ground and achieve the unity we owe to the people who elected us to be served. " the American president. "It's a new American era – there's never been a better time to start living the American dream," he said.

Determined to retain the support of the most conservative Americans, Donald Trump has not deviated from its course, be it the construction of the wall or the tightening of immigration legislation. However, his relatively sober and measured tone has been praised by the public. According to a CNN / SSRS survey conducted after the retransmission of the speech, 48% of respondents considered the speech "very positive" and 22% "rather positive".

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If it launched calls in favor of a rapprochement between Democrats and Republicans, the gap separating the two parties was visible, the second applauding the president while that the former sometimes remained ostensibly motionless. Some Democrats booed these positions on immigration. His plea for unity will undergo a first test with his willingness to reach a compromise on the issue of "dreamers" (young people illegally entered on American soil with their parents).

To try to convince Democrats to agree on immigration, Donald Trump last week proposed a compromise to naturalize 1.8 million young illegal immigrants in exchange for financing $ 25 billion from a wall border with the Mexico and restrictive measures of legal immigration to United States . "Let's unite, put politics aside and do the job," he said.

Republicans and Democrats remain deeply divided over the issue of immigration. Congress officials have until the deadline of February 8 to reach a compromise in this file and agree on budget issues to avoid a second "shutdown". Budget and immigration are two a priori separate topics that have been closely correlated for a few months.

Guantanamo will remain open

Talking about foreign policy, Donald Trump denounced the "evil character" of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and claimed that Pyongyang's nuclear development program could "very soon threaten" US territory. "We are exerting maximum pressure to prevent this from happening," he said. The US president also wanted the United States to modernize and rebuild their military arsenal. Donald Trump has also announced that he has signed the order to keep open the Guantanamo Bay detention camp, a sign that he is not giving up trying to crack down on the measures taken by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

The US president also pleaded for a major investment plan worth $ 1.5 trillion (€ 1.2 trillion) to renovate US infrastructure. He did not fail to recall the excellent performance of equity markets and the continued decline in unemployment. According to him, these two tendencies will be confirmed in favor of the tax reform approved last year by the Republicans.

The impact of "his hand extended" to the Democrats to reach a compromise on immigration remains to demonstrate. "My fellow Democrats can say that he has not moved enough, but we can not deny that he has moved a lot, there are people at the heart of his base who think he has gone too far," said Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford

But Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy ruled that Donald Trump's call for unity "sounded hollow" after a year of "divisive actions," Petty insults and shameful incitement to racial discrimination "

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US Secretary of State Discusses Common Interest Issues with Turkish Terrace Officials

Turkey has proposed to the United States that the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia resign to the east of the Euphrates River in Syria and Turkish and American troops stationed together in the Manbij region, according to a Turkish official.

The official, who spoke with Reuters news agency on Friday on condition of anonymity because its information has not been published, said that the US is now considering proposals submitted to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on a two-day visit to Ankara.

Meanwhile, Tillerson meets with his partners from Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu for talks focused on Washington's plan to continue to provide assistance to Kurdish militants.

Speaking to journalists during a joint press conference after their meeting, Tillerson called on Ankara to "refrain from operating" while asserting that Turkey and United States "has the same goal in Syria.

Turkey Replace Street Names in front of US Embassy after Turkish Offensive in Syria

Tillerson, Thursday night (15/2) met Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, for more than three hours, and both sides said that the discussion was productive but not conclusive.

Turkey launched aerial and land offensive last month against the northwestern region of Afrin to expel YPG from its southern border. [lt]

US Secretary of State Warns Focus Do not Switch from Defeat ISIS

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned on Tuesday about the need to remain focused on the ISIS defeat forever, although most militants have been removed from areas once controlled in Iraq and Syria.

Tillerson spoke at a conference in Kuwait for members of the coalition formed by America by the end of 2014, with a multi-direction strategy to deal with ISIS, including through US-led air strikes and efforts to cut funding for the group and the flow of foreign fighters. Tillerson said that ISIS still poses a serious threat to stability in the region, in coalition member countries and elsewhere in the world.

He said the militants no longer controlled 98 percent of the territory they seized at its peak, in 2014, as they declared the formation of the Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, but they now pose a different threat.

In Iraq and Syria, ISIS seeks to turn into insurrection, and in other places such as Afghanistan, Philippines, Libya, West Africa, ISIS seeks to shape safe havens, he continued.

Tillerson announces $ 200 million in new aid to liberate parts of Syria. Also Tuesday, he is scheduled to take part in a conference of donors aimed at rebuilding the regions of Iraq.

Ahead of the meeting, senior State Department officials said attention should be on target, while explaining the need to focus on defeating ISIS. He highlighted the recent conflict in the region of Afrin, northern Syria, between Turkish forces and Syrian-backed Democratic Forces as a diversion of the target.

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The official, and Tillerson in their comments on Tuesday (13/2), are aware of Turkey's concerns about Kurdish militants who are perceived as a threat.

Tillerson is on his fifth countries in the region, beginning in Egypt and covering stops in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. [uh]

Visit Cairo, US Secretary of State Starts Travel to the 5 Middle Eastern Countries

US Secretary of State Stops in Egypt in Middle East Treatment

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will meet with Egypt's foreign minister in the capital Cairo for a week's visit to the Middle East.

Monday's meeting with Sameh Shoukry was held while Egypt was conducting a military operation which is large in Sinai, where Islamic militants have been fighting for years, and in remote areas of Egypt's mainland where extremists have attacked security forces and civilians.

Tillerson will Press Turkey to Restrict in Afrin

Tillerson and Shoukry will hold a joint press conference before Tillerson meets with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi later that day.

Washington has held back a portion of $ 1 , 3 billion military aid annually to Egypt, under the pretext of human rights abuses.

From Egypt, Tillerson will travel to Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, to meet with officials there as well as Saudi, Emirat, Iraqi and Syrian delegates. [gp]