Tonga Prepares for a Gita Storm

Tonga Island in the Pacific imposes an emergency to deal with Hurricane Gita.

The storm is currently in Category 4, and forecasters expect the storm to rise to Category 5 when it hits Tonga on Monday night (12/2).

Tonga residents will be beset by heavy rain and winds whose speed can exceed 200 kilometers per hour.

The authorities have warned people to seek a strong shelter and secure whatever they find on roads that could be dangerous if high winds blow.

Gita hit Samoa and American Samoa on Saturday (10/2), causing major damage, including lack of clean water in some areas.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency in the American Samoa region, so the area is entitled to federal aid.

Up to now, no deaths have been reported. [vm/ii]

Nearly 90 People Killed Due to Tropical Storm Philippines, Dozens Lost

Tropical storms in the Philippines that triggered floods and landslides have killed nearly 90 people. Dozens of others have not been found.

According to local officials, all fatalities are on the southern island of Mindanao. Most of the casualties occurred on Friday (22/12) last night.

"We are still trying to confirm a report of an agricultural village buried by a landslide," said Ryan Cabus, an official in the city of Tubod as reported by news agency Reuters , Saturday (23/12/2017).

He said that communication and electricity networks to the disaster area were also cut off, making it difficult for rescue efforts.

Currently emergency workers, police and volunteers were deployed to search for survivors and clean up debris, and restore communications and electricity networks.

The total casualties were reported in various places including 39 people in Tubod, El Salvador and Munai cities in Lanao del Norte province. In Zamboanga del Norte province, 30 people were killed in Sibuco city and six people died in Salug.

Three others were killed in Bukidnon province. Meanwhile, according to politicians in the province of Lanao del Sur, seven people were drowned by flash floods in the region. Another 64 people were reported missing from the floods and landslides.

The Philippines is hit by about 20 storms each year. These storms often cause casualties and severe damage. Last week, 46 people were killed by a storm that hit the central Philippines. Earlier in 2013, Haiyan's super-storm killed nearly 8,000 people and left about 200,000 families homeless.

(ita / ita)

At least 43 killed by Tropical Storm in the Philippines

The death toll from tropical storms that hit the Philippines has risen to 43 with hopes fading for dozens of others not found after major landslides, authorities said on Tuesday.

Hurricane Kai-Tak which moved slowly into the South China Sea on Monday after sparking torrential rains that caused massive flooding and landslides as it struck the archipelago in central Philippines over the weekend.

Disaster watchdog government agency recorded 43 people dead and said 45 others have not found, many of them feared to be buried by a landslide that occurred on the small island of Biliran.

"SAR operations are still ongoing but we did not find anyone alive. We only found corpses, "said Sofronio Dacillo, a disaster monitoring officer, told AFP by telephone from Biliran.

Bulldozers continue to dig for survivors in homes buried by landslides in Biliran, which is located about 500 kilometers southeast of Manila. Thirty of the 43 deaths came from the island, and 31 residents are still missing, authorities said. [lt]

Storm Disaster Kills 30 in Central Philippines

A slow-moving storm has caused more than 30 people dead and several others missing mostly from landslides and floods. Thousands of people came for holiday in the central Philippines, officials said on Sunday.

Sofronio Dacillo Jr., the disaster relief official, said 26 villagers had died and 23 were missing, mostly due to landslides in various in the province of Biliran island, where the weather has improved after Tropical Storm Kai-Tak struck it on Saturday.

At least 7 others were killed in landslides and floods in four central Philippine regions due to Kai-Tak storm, which weakened into a tropical depression but moving north-west and its pace increased on Sunday with a wind of 55 kilometers per hour, according to officials and police.

The National Disaster Risk Management and Reduction Council says they are trying to ascertain the number of fatalities reported by the storm, forcing more of the 89,000 people were displaced to makeshift shelters. Thousands of people on Christmas vacation were stranded by inter-island ship transport and canceled flights. [gp]

Philippines Kai-Taking Storm, 2-Year-Old Killed Drowning

Tropical storm Kai-Tak crashed into the eastern part of the Philippines to trigger floods and landslides. A boy was reportedly drowned, while tens of thousands of others were forced to flee in the storm.

As reported by AFP Saturday (16/12/2017), Kai-Tak or locally called Urduja brings strong winds with a maximum speed of up to 110 kilometers per hour. This storm brought heavy rain which triggered floods and landslides in some areas.

This storm hit Samar Island, which is the third largest island in the Philippines on Saturday (16/12) afternoon local time. The storm is expected to move into the central Philippine region later this week.

Military trucks are deployed to evacuate residents trapped in floods in Samar and Leyte Island. More than 38,000 people are now reported to be at a local shelter.