NDDL: the situation remains stuck after more than a week of operations

On the eighth day of gendarmerie operations on the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes, the situation remains blocked Monday, the police clearing barricades immediately rebuilt by the zadistes and their supporters.

After a calm night, and the televised speech of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron Sunday evening that recalled that "the republican order must be respected" on the ZAD, the gendarmes have recovered Monday morning, as every day, to clear the barricades installed in the night by the zadistes on the D81. Immediately the gendarmes left, the barricades had gone up again.

Pomegranate shots were still resounding on Monday, notably at "Gourbi", an emblematic place of life of the ZAD, destroyed last week, where the zadistes managed to transport a frame in the night.

About fifty of them protected this frame Monday morning, before being evacuated by the gendarmes who were busy in the middle of the morning to destroy it by sawing it in pieces. Then the zadistes returned from the gendarmes to rebuild the structure, before walking again in the afternoon on the ZAD.

"The destruction of this meeting place that the Gourbi is obviously that it reinforces us ", observes" Camille ", pseudo generic zadistes, a black scarf on the neck and ski goggles on the head.

Reinforcements come even from abroad, according to another" Camille ", anarchist of 54 years old. "There are Englishmen, Italians, Irish, Spaniards," she enumerates, rejoicing at this "big solidarity" and this "cohesion" recreated.

Trenches and barricades continued to be installed Monday afternoon. "They are barricades of defense to defend the places of life since Thursday the evacuations are stopped but it fart of everywhere.Even a symbolic construction as the Gourbi they destroyed it", estimates Claudine, 68 years old, occupying the camping of "White hair"

But some opponents reported their weariness in this state of siege. "I am revolted but the barricades it is not my conflict with me (…) I have the feeling that it is necessary to leave", estimates thus Julien, a inhabitant of the ZAD.

"D ' Firstly, because locals need access to their fields, it's no longer an occupation, it's a state of siege, because of the barricades, they make kilometers in the fields, "he says, preferring instead to enter into negotiations with the prefecture to "impose something".

An end of the clashes notably demanded by the Acipa, historical association, to restore the dialogue.

– "disorder" –

"You have people who come back and have nothing to do with the conflict but who just want the disorder, "denounced Sunday evening Emmanuel Macron.

Sunday the supporters of the zadistes had repeatedly attacked the positions of the gendarmes to large Molotov cocktail reinforcement, rockets and homemade bombs filled with steel balls.

Violent urts, on the sidelines of a peaceful rally of support for expelled from the ZAD which gathered Sunday several thousand people, made seven wounded side gendarmes.

Eight protesters were arrested Sunday, according to the prefecture of Loire-Atlantique .

An investigation of flagrance for aggravated violence was entrusted to the research section of Angers after a homemade bomb containing steel balls that wounded three gendarmes Sunday morning.

More than sixty gendarmes were wounded in a week, according to Emmanuel Macron. "This is unacceptable," he lamented.

The expulsion of illegal occupants from the ZAD, which mobilizes 2,500 gendarmes, began on Monday, April 9, and in three days 29 squats, on which were sometimes several buildings, were destroyed.

now focuses on the free movement of roads, the clearing of squats and the maintenance of order. But the Zadists called their reinforcements more and more on the spot, including "blacks blocks", to try to reinvest the destroyed sites.

The President of the Republic assured Sunday that "everything that will have to be evacuated will be "after the new period of regularization (23 April) left to the illegal occupants to regularize their situation.