Student, Teacher Victim of School Shooting Convey an Emotional Message to Trump

US President Donald Trump approves the idea of ​​arming teachers in the classroom in an emotional encounter with students and parents of school shooting casualties on Wednesday (21/2).

Trump says putting military marks in all schools "can also overcome that problem ". In the White House state banquet room, Trump also reveals, "We will study it earnestly."

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Only a few raised a hand. Trump then asked who opposed and multiplied who raised his hand. There were about 40 people present in the room, mostly students, family members and teachers directly impacted by shootings at school.

Later at a CNN meeting and presenting the survivors of the deadly shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Senator Marco Rubio told the audience that he did not approve of the idea of ​​arming a teacher.

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Rubio also says, tighter weapons would not prevent a later shooting, but it supports the idea of ​​raising the minimum age limit for buying firearms and banning the sale of accessories called bump stock that allows a firearm to fire more bullets faster. [ab/lt]

The Florida authorities are accused of being a former student in the murder of 17 people

Authorities in southern Florida have accused a 19-year-old man of 17 charges of premeditated murder in connection with mass shootings at a high school in Florida.

The former high school student, Nikolas Cruz, issued for disciplinary reasons, was accused killed 17 people and wounded 16 others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Wednesday 14/19.

Police: 17 Killed in Shooting Incident at Florida High School

Police arrested Cruz some distance from the school without a fight and taken to Broward County Prison. Broward County Sheriff Scott Scott said Cruz was armed with an AR-15 rifle and various bullets.

"Nikolas Cruz is a murderer, he is in custody and we have started browsing his website and social media, he is very troubled," Scott Israel said.

On Thursday morning, US President Donald Trump commented on the shooting incident, saying there were many clues that the shooter was dangerous and the president encouraged people to report such behavior.

Florida Governor Rick Scott meets with the victims' families Wednesday night. He said, "I've talked to my daughter today, I'm sure every parent does the same thing, 'Does my child go to safe school? Is their place safe? And I know our law enforcement will continue to do everything so that every child in our country is safe. And we will continue to find out how we learn from this event, try and make sure it does not happen again. "

The Florida Attorney General says the state will pay for funeral and counseling fees for their families. [my/jm]

Thai Student Sindir Orang Number 2 Junta Militer

Thai students with big banners and critics on Saturday gave a new allusion to the number two man in the military ruling council, dubbed "General Rolex" for his unofficial collection of luxury watches.

Scandal hours it has increased the disillusionment of military rule in the kingdom and led to a series of creative protests that challenged restrictions by the military ruling council against criticism.

On Saturday, students leading ceremonies before a football match in Bangkok showed several large ornamental vehicles circling the field including some vehicles that make fun of the number two junta of the military, Prawit Wongsuwan.

The 72-year-old general has been subjected to general resentment since the release of his December photograph showing him raising his hand to protect his eyes against the sun and showing a single ring in diamonds and an expensive Richard Mille watch.

Since then, online activists have revealed photographs of high-ranking junta officials wearing about 25 luxury watches that reportedly were not included in the list when he reported his assets. [gp]

Hong Kong Student Student Appeals

Three youths of democracy activists in Hong Kong returned to court Tuesday to appeal judgment and jail sentences because they led mass demonstrations in 2014.

Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow initially received non-imprisonment dropped by a lower court in 2016 for occupying the central government headquarters in September 2014, leading to the "Umbrella Revolution." Action to demand a completely free election resulted in the closure of several major highways for more than two months. [19659002] But prosecutors managed to convince the court the sentence was too lenient in a trial last August. The 21-year-old Wong was sentenced to six months in prison, while the 24-year-old Law was sentenced to eight months and Chow, 27, was sentenced to seven months in jail.

Lawyer Robert Pang contends in a hearing on Tuesday (16/1) at The final Court of Appeals that imprisonment has the potential to impede freedom of expression of the opinions of Hong Kong youth.

The Court adjourned the trial, without announcing the final decision, which the judge said would be imposed later on. The three young men are now kept on bail pending their appeals.

Hong Kong enjoys a great deal of freedom under the 1997 agreement that surrendered the city back to China from British rule. [lt]