NDDL: occupants agree to submit nominative projects

A delegation of occupants of the ZAD Notre-Dame-des-Landes announced Friday, at the end of a meeting at the prefecture in Nantes, they had filed nominative projects as requested by the government. 19659002] "Today we decide to respond to the injunctions of the government, we want to stop the escalation of tension in the area and finally get the necessary time for dialogue and the construction of the project we are defending," they said. in front of the press. It is "a very concrete gesture of dialogue to get out of this infernal cycle", they said, stating to have deposited 40 nominative projects, among which some individual and certain collectives.

At the end of a meeting more than two hours, the prefect of the Pays de la Loire, Nicole Klein, greeted in front of the reporters the work done: "They did a lot of work, it must be recognized, and they brought about twenty nominative projects, so the name, an address, a project that we will of course examine closely from here Monday night ".

The zadists have submitted 28 agricultural projects, and 12 artisanal and distribution projects, according to Ms. Klein. "This is a sign of good will," said the state representative, "because they have so far refused to give nominative projects" and now, "they have given nominative projects." 19659002] "They responded in part to the request to deposit nominative projects (…) I think that almost all places have submitted agricultural projects," said Ms. Klein.

The State had asked the occupants to complete by Monday evening individual forms, including their name and outline of their agricultural or para-agricultural project.

Jurors Submit Claims To New York Pipeline Bombers

The panel of judges has filed a lawsuit against 27-year-old accused Akayed Ullah of Brooklyn, New York for attempting to set off a pipe bomb at a New York subway station on December 11, 2017. Six items are filed to Akayed.

In the claim it was said, Ullah sought support for ISIS, which was declared a foreign terrorist organization by the American government. Other charges against Ullah are the use of weapons of mass destruction, placing bombs in public places; (19659003) Ullah was found near the site of the explosion and found its found plumbing bomb components, including 9-volt batteries, wires, plastic binders, metal pipes, and a Christmas tree light. He was the only person injured in an attack attempt near the New York Port Authority bus terminal.

The allegation says he overrides Miranda's rights, or the right to not speak while being interrogated by police without the presence of lawyers.

with the police, according to the indictment, Ullah said he assembled the pipe bomb and launched an attack on December 11. Ullah says he was inspired by ISIS pro propaganda material he found on the Internet. He followed a video suggestion that if jihadist candidates could not join ISIS abroad, they would have to attack in their own country. [ps/jm]