North Korea suddenly cancel meeting with US vice president

United States Vice President Mike Pence is set to hold a historic meeting with North Korean officials on the sidelines of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, but Kim Jong Un's administration canceled its meeting at the last moment, the Trump Administration said on Tuesday (19/2) Associated Press reported.

The possibility of a meeting between Pence and North Korea was highly anticipated in the vice president's visit to Pyeongchang, South Korea, where he led a US delegation to the opening ceremony. Ahead of Pence's visit, Trump officials confirmed that they had not requested a meeting with North Korea, but opened up the possibility.

No indication of the meeting had been planned, and then canceled unexpectedly, until Tuesday, more than a week after Pence returned to the United States. The Foreign Office said that Pence was "ready to take this opportunity" to urge Pyongyang to abandon its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. [as/al]

Couples in the US Suddenly Married in the Toilet, Here's the Story

New Jersey
 Brian and Maria Schulz's wedding plans suddenly changed. Unexpectedly, they got married inside the ladies' room.

The couple's unique story is uploaded on Monmouth County Courthouse's Facebook account, as quoted on Monday (29/1/2017). Initially, Brian and Maria came to Monmouth County Courthouse, New Jersey, United States with their respective mothers.

In the midst of marriage preparation, Brian's mother suddenly suffocated and suspected she had asthma. The officer then took Brian's mother to the toilet to provide oxygen support.

Brian and Mary are sad because their marriage is threatened pending. If they get married that day, they must wait 45 days to arrange a marriage license again.

Since Brian's mother was not yet stable to be moved from the toilet, the officers racked their brains. Finally, came the idea to marry Brian and Mary in the women's restroom.

The idea was approved and both officially endorsed as husband and wife in the toilet. Luckily again, Brian's mom is ultimately fine.

Happy ending!
(imk / rna)

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