The Florida Shooter Suspects Ordered Without Warranty

In a brief court on Thursday, Nikolas Cruz, a 19-year-old man accused of recent shootings in America ordered to be held without bail.

Cruz, charged with 17 planned murders, , with hands shackled at the waist and orange prison uniforms. His lawyer did not answer the prosecutor's request to keep Cruz in jail while awaiting further trial.

Judge Kim Theresa Mollica told Cruz, "You are charged with some serious crimes."

Latest Shooting Resumes Trigger Weapon Control Debate

Cruz's presence in court came after President Donald Trump gave a brief speech at the White House about the tragedy. Trump said he was speaking "to a grieving nation."

Trump said he would meet officials from across the country "to deal with difficult mental health problems" in preventing mass killings and making school security "a top priority." He did not mention a new proposal on gun control. [ka/jm]

Seoul Court Suspects Samsung's Heirs Prison Sentence

Samsung Group heir, Jay Y. Lee, freed after a South Korean appeals court on Monday (5/2), suspended prison sentences for corruption involving former president, Reuters reported. Lee was detained for one year.

Seoul High Court jailed Lee for 2.5 years, reduced the duration of sentence to half, and postponed sentences for charges, including bribery and embezzlement. That is, Lee does not have to serve a sentence.

Lee, 49, the heir of one of the world's largest corporate empires, has been in detention since February.

President Park Geun-Hye was dismissed in March last year, having been indicted due to a case that highlights the relationship between a large conglomerate family, otherwise known as chaebol in South Korea, with political leaders.

Park (19659002) Chief Judge Cheong Hyung-sik said on Monday that Lee's involvement in providing financial support to Choi was "compliance with political power passively. "

Prosecutors and Samsung did not immediately respond to the verdict. Lee, whose face looked exhausted, did not show any emotion, when the verdict was read.

Prosecutors have demanded a 12-year prison law for Lee. The verdict will be filed for an appeal in the Supreme Court, according to jurists. [fw/au]

10 Mafia Suspects Arrested in New York, Threatened Bui 20 Years

New York
 The New York, United States Authority announced the arrest of 10 mafia suspects, including a boss and an advisor in the Bonanno mafia family. They are threatened with imprisonment of at least 20 years if convicted.

New York state prosecutor said as reported by the AFP news agency Saturday (13/1/2018), nine of the ten suspects were arrested on Friday 12/1) local time. One in 10 suspects will be tried in court in Pennsylvania, the rest will be tried in federal court in Manhattan.

They are charged with extortion conspiracies and crimes including extortion, loans, letter and wire fraud, narcotics distribution and conspiracy to commit murder.

Eight out of 10 suspects are from the Bonanno family, which is one of five Mafia families in New York. They include bosses while Joseph Cammarano (58), adviser John Zancocchio (60), George Tropiano (68), Albert Armetta (48) and Domineck Miniero (85).

Other suspects are Ernest Montevecchi of the Genovese family and Eugene Castelle of Luchese family.

New York is the most populous city in America, with about 8.5 million inhabitants. Later, crime rates have fallen sharply in the region and the police continue to aggressively carry out eradication operations of organized gangs.

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