Beware Away, There's Unique Traffic Lights in Taiwan with Paired Icons

Usually traffic lights (traffic) only show the color red, yellow and green only. But unlike the traffic lights in Taiwan following. There are couple icons in each color.

As reported by the BBC of Taiwan News on Wednesday (2/14/2018), this traffic light is located in Pingtung County. This is a unique design light in the region of 40 other traffic lights.

When the light is red or green will appear a pair of male and female lover. Once the red light is on, the man will express love to the woman while kneeling.

As the lamp turns green, the pair will hold hands. The mayor of Pingtung said the design of the lamp was at once an emphasis that the city is full of love.

 Traffic lights in Taiwan. Traffic lights in Taiwan. Photos: doc. FTV News

The designer of the traffic light, Cheng Da-wei said the reason for making a traffic lamp with a pair icon. He thinks it will attract the attention of young people and encourage better awareness of transport.

Earlier in the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, the traffic lights were also designed uniquely with rabbit characters. Likewise in Melbourne, Australia, the flowing lights feature female characters to overcome gender bias.

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Search for Taiwan Earthquake Victims to End, Victims Killed So 17 People

Rescue teams ended the search for an earthquake-hit 6.4 on the Richter Scale (SR) which left many buildings damaged and tilted. After the search was ended, the death toll was reported to 17.

As reported by AFP on Monday (12/2/2018), thousands of officers combed the rubble and wreckage of collapsed and damaged buildings to search for survivors who were still trapped. One of the buildings in focus is the Yun Tsui apartment block which has 12 floors.

The building is tilted to 50 degrees due to the powerful earthquake that rocked Hualien city on Tuesday (6/2) last week. This situation complicates the search effort focused on the bottom of the collapsed building. The building is feared to collapse completely at any time.

Hualien Mayor Fu Kun-Chi says the two bodies have been found buried under heavy pillars that can not be moved without risking the collapse of the building as a whole. Rescue attempt was stopped with the consent of the victim's family.

Excavator machine resumed excavation in a heap of ruins on Sunday (11/2) local time, to evacuate the bodies of victims.

"A total of 17 people are unfortunate killed in an earthquake. I believe their relatives will receive proper help, "said Taiwanese Prime Minister William Lai when paying tribute to the victims in Hualien on Sunday (11/2).

Two victims whose bodies were found last, believed to be one family from Beijing, China, who arrived in Taiwan on Monday (5/2) last week or the day before the earthquake.

While the bodies of three other dead, including a 12-year-old boy, were found Saturday (10/2) local time, also believed to be a family. The three victims were living on the second floor of a hotel inside Yun Tsui building when the quake struck.

A total of 14 of the 17 deaths were affected by a collapsed building. Three buildings in Hualien are almost collapsed, in the process of destruction for security reasons.

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Many Taiwan Earthquake Survivors Being on the Upper Floor of Building Collapse

Most survivors of the powerful earthquake on Tuesday night in Taiwan survived because they were on the top floors that did not collapse, allowing rescue workers to find them.

Until Friday morning (9 / 2), 830 people have left four collapsed or damaged buildings in the Pacific coast city of Hualien. Many broke windows or left the balcony to leave the two worst-hit buildings in the quake, a 10-story hotel and a 12-storey residential and business building. The firefighters wait at the bottom with the stairs.

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The quake also killed 10 people, including hotel guests and workers on lower floors during an earthquake at 11:50 pm. The Taiwan Center Weather Bureau they had a magnitude 6 quake with an epicenter in the sea, and in Hualien the quake was felt to have a magnitude of 7, strong enough to cause widespread damage. [uh]

Earthquake in Taiwan, 9 Killed, More than 200 Injuries

SAR team in eastern Taiwan continues to dig the wreckage of an apartment complex partly collapsed in Tuesday's strong earthquake.

Officials at Taiwan's National Fire Agency Thursday revised the death toll, from ten to nine people, and the number of missing and missing victims from nearly 60 people to 10. At least three of the dead were from mainland China.

Number of deaths to rise to 6 in Taiwan by earthquake

The 12-storey Yun Men Tsui Ti building in Hualien's popular tourist area still stands tilted in position dangerous due to the 6.4 magnitude earthquake. The search for survivors in the sloped building slowed by more than 100 aftershocks on Wednesday, leaving rescue workers rushing to leave the wreckage.

More than 250 people were injured in Tuesday's earthquake (6/2). At least three other high-rise buildings partially collapsed and in dangerous leaning positions, including among them the Marshal Hotel, where at least two people were killed.

Over 800 residents slept in makeshift shelters, most of them afraid of returning to the house due to the number of aftershocks. The quake caused the roads to split, initially causing some 40,000 homes to not receive the flow of water, and about 2,000 others suffered power outages. [uh]

The number of death toll rises to 6 as a result of the earthquake in Taiwan

SAR teams in Taiwan, Wednesday (7/2), are still searching for victims in the rubble following the earthquake on Tuesday (6/2). [6] Six people were reportedly killed and at least 225 others injured after an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter Scale rocked the coastal city of Hualien, almost before midnight Tuesday.

Hualien is a coastal city visited by many tourists. The city on the east coast of Taiwan has a population of about 100,000 people.

The quake split the streets, and made about 40,000 homes without water supplies and about 2,000 houses without power.

SAR teams look for at least 145 people which is still declared missing from a partially collapsed apartment complex and currently in a sloping position.

According to the official website of his Facebook, Taiwan President Tsai Ingwen was in Hualien to evaluate rescue efforts.

Taiwan is located at the junction of two tectonic plates and is often hit by an earthquake.

Tuesday's earthquake coincides with a warning two years of magnitude 6.4 earthquake that killed 117 people. More than 2,000 people were killed by the 7.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Taiwan in 1999. [ab/uh]