Releases List of 210 People Near the Kremlin, Putin Takes US Take 'Hostile Step'

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the United States has taken a 'hostile step' by releasing a list detailing the wealth and political relations of 210 people who have a close relationship with the Kremlin. But he said Russia would not take revenge.

The US Treasury published the list on Monday, as enacted by a law passed by Congress in August aimed at punishing Russia for interfering in the 2016 presidential election in America .

American President Donald Trump reluctantly signed the law, and government officials said Monday that there is currently no plan to impose new sanctions on the Kremlin.

In a written statement, State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that it had beaten Russian companies.

"Now we have told Congress that this law and its implementation prevent Russia from selling weapons," Nauert wrote. "Since the enactment of … the law, we estimate that foreign governments have canceled the purchase of weapons worth several billion dollars from Russia."

Some Kremlin officials react angrily to the list. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said it would "poison the relationship for a long time".

But Putin is more restrained. Speaking at a campaign event Tuesday in Moscow, he said that although he was disappointed over the list, he would delay the retaliation, which seems to be because the list is not accompanied by American sanctions. [sp/ii]

The battle of the Senate Seat in the State of Alabama Takes Tight

Voting is under way in Alabama state in a tough battle picking Senators between Democrat candidate Doug Jones and Republican Roy Moore, colored by allegations of several women that Moore sexually harassed four decades ago, when they were teenagers and Moore is in his thirties.

Pre-ballot polls sometimes show a 70-year-old Moore superior, and sometimes a 63-year-old Jones leads. History shows that in the highly conservative state of Alabama, Moore has a greater chance of winning.

Jones gave a vote at a local polling station Tuesday morning (12/12). Afterwards, he told reporters that he knew that the campaign would be very hard for him but added that it was not as heavy as he had expected.

"In our campaign we are trying to talk about messages, but track records, Moore's track record, my track record, are an important part, as I've said over and over again, it's like applying for a job and life history is part of the process. we need to talk about the biography, "said Doug Jones.

Meanwhile, Moore came to TPS in his distinctive style, riding a horse.Once voted, Moore said the election results were now in the hands of voters.

must vote in accordance with conscience, and voters flock to vote. The state, America, observes this election. In fact, many people from different countries are here. It is a very important election for Alabama, for America, for our future, "said Moore.

So is Republican Republican Senator Roy Moore. Tuesday's special election was observed as an indicator of how the outcome might influence the November 2020 interruption, as well as a barometer of President Donald Trump's political influence.

Trump supports Moore, who denies allegations of sexual harassment directed against him, for Jones to be defeated because he thinks he is a puppet of liberal politicians in Washington.

This special election was made to fill an empty three-year term after Jeff Sessions was appointed Attorney General. [ds]