Taliban Wear Tax on Media Offices in Ghazni Province

In an effort to find new ways to finance its insurgency, the Taliban switched taxes and threatened news agencies in central Afghanistan if they reject the demands of the militant group.

The Taliban have recently demanded that media in central Ghazni province, "The Taliban contacted us by phone in the early spring and demanded 4,000 dollars, saying it was the tax they are now wearing on media across the country," said Ahmad Farid Omari, managing editor a local TV station told VOA.

"We often report threats to Afghan officials, but no action is taken, after being warned and threatened several times, we finally pay." Omari added.

Unlimited journalists, or RSF, a global watchdog organization overseeing media freedom Monday also reported Taliban militants threatening to ban media organizations across the province from operating if they refuse to pay the demands. [19659002] However, Afghan officials, not to exaggerate the issue by saying the practice is not widespread and the government has taken the necessary measures to ensure the security of media organizations. [my/jm]

Taliban Open Letter Invites US People to Dialogue

The Afghan Taliban in an "open letter" to the American people have called for dialogue to end a prolonged Afghanistan war. They claim that the increase in US military air strikes did not "reclaim an inch of ground" from the rebels.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid released a copy of the 10-page document in several languages ​​detailing the rebels' progress and so-called the failure of the US-invalid "invalid" invasion, which is now entering its seventeenth year.

The Taliban wrote the letter in the hope that the American people, independent groups and "peace-loving congressmen" will read it "wisely" to evaluate the in front of their military mission in Afghanistan.

The United States committed "evil" to remove the "unity" of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but "paved the way for anarchy" and the emergence of several groups in the country, the Taliban said the allegations the letter. The allegations seem to refer to, among other things, the rise of Islamic state militants in the country. [al/as]

Pakistani Taliban Deputy Leader Killed by US Drone

The prohibited Pakistani Taliban confirmed Monday (12/2) its deputy leader was among several militants killed in a recent American drone attack near the disastrous Pakistani border with Afghanistan.

In announcing the death of Khan Said Sajna, a spokesman for Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, TTP, said the drone attack before dawn occurred on February 8 in Gorwek, North Waziristan.

Although American officials rarely respond to drone anti-terrorism operations in Pakistan, the isolated tribes there and the Pakistani intelligence officials at that time confirmed Sajna and his troops were returning from the nearby Khost province of Afghanistan when missiles fired by unmanned drones about their vehicles.

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The slain commander is believed to have taken refuge in Khost da n has links to the Haqqani network accused of launching a broad-based terrorist attack against local troops and US-led forces in Afghanistan. His assassination, analysts say, is a big blow to the TTP.

Sajna is wanted by Washington for his role in terrorist attacks against Americans. Pakistani authorities have also searched for plans for a major terrorist attack in the country and masterminded a 2012 jail prison in the northwestern town of Bannu that frees 400 inmates including prominent militants. [gp]

Demonstrators Burn the Taliban Building in Pakistan

Angry demonstrators in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province Tuesday raided an office complex of a militant group suspected of killing a student from the South Waziristan region.

They burned at least two buildings believed to be occupied by Taliban militants in Shaikh Yousef village, Dera Ismail Khan district.

In addition to attacking both buildings, the demonstrators also reportedly burned several vehicles belonging to the militant group.

were in both buildings managed to escape.

Locals are angry over the death of Idrees, a law faculty student at Gomal University, in Dera Ismail Khan district. According to them, Idrees was killed by Taliban militants.

But local officials said the student was killed in a private dispute with a number of other local residents in the area, and the alleged Idrees related death had been arrested.

A press statement from the party local authorities do not mention the existence of militants in the area where the protests took place. The statement said the police were conducting a criminal investigation and action would be taken against local residents who were vigilante and fired. [ab/uh]

US forces in Afghanistan start air strikes against Taliban

US forces in Afghanistan have initiated a new offensive of aerial bombardment against the Taliban in northern Afghanistan

The military issued a statement Tuesday saying it started a series of precision attacks last Friday at a suspected central facility training the Taliban in Badakshan province, with the aim of "preventing the planning and training of terrorist acts near the border with China and Tajikistan." The airstrikes have also destroyed vehicles stolen from the modified Afghan National Army to carry bombs

"The Taliban do not have a place to hide, "the statement quoted General John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan. "There will be no safe haven for terrorist groups committed to bringing disaster and destruction into the country."

The airstrikes have also reduced the source of income and safe haven for the Taliban, resulting in the loss of more than $ 30 million in revenues for the Taliban since the bombing campaign began in November. [lt]