President of Trump No Talk of Weapons Rules After the Florida High School Shooting

17 people were killed and dozens more injured in mass shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland city, Florida state.

"I heard gunshots and then I saw the perpetrator chasing Master Feist and shot him," said one high school student Parkland who witnessed the shooting.

The suspect was Nikolas Cruz, age 19, a former high school student who was expelled for disciplinary offenses. He is now in detention and charged with 17 murders.

Scott Israel, Sherriff Broward County explains, "He is in custody and we start combing what he put on his social media, a lot of worrying things."

Shooting bulk is too frequent in this country. In 2018 alone, 18 shootings have occurred in schools. "We are committed to working with state leaders to secure our schools and overcome these complex mental health problems." By the end of this month, I will meet with the governors and attorneys and making our school and our children safe as our top priority, "Trump said.

The President of Trump has no reference to the rules of weapons possession.

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The authorities continue to investigate the motives of suspected perpetrator Nikolas Cruz. leader of the "Republic of Florida" a white supremacist group claimed Nikolas Cruz was a member of this group and had participated in paramilitary exercises.

Nikolas Cruz also posted a comment on YouTube that he wanted to become a professional school shooter to the federal FBI investigator.

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"The FBI reviews the database but we can not identify the person making the post," said Robert Lasky, an FBI agent.

The authorities continued to identify the dead victims which so far included two teachers. One of them died of using his body as a shield to protect the students.

Erdogan refuses to talk with Assad 'Assassin' 1 Million Citizens

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly rejected Turkey's main opposition leader's call for contact and talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to resolve the conflict in Syria.

"He said: 'Sit together with Assad and talk about this issue,' said Erdogan referring to Kemal Kilicdaroglu's statement, head of the Republican People's Party (CHP), the main opposition party in Turkey.

" What will we talk about a murderer who has killed 1 million people, "Erdogan said at the presidential compound in Ankara as reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency, Friday (9/2/2018).

"You can join hands with terrorists if necessary … But we have so far not walked with those who took that way with the permission of terror organizations, and we will not go together in the future," added Erdogan.

Earlier on Tuesday in a speech to members of his party, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, head of the opposition Turkish Republican People's Party (CHP), called on the Erdogan government to open ties with Assad's regime to rescue amid conflicts in Syria.

Regarding the Turkish military operation in Afrin, northern Syria, Erdogan said that the military operation would pave the way for Syrian refugees who are now in Turkey, to return to their homeland

"We will solve the problem Afrin and Idlib.We want our refugee brothers to return to their homes and homes.Of course, we will not accommodate 3.5 million Syrians here (in Turkey) forever.However, they want to return to their land itself as quickly as possible, "Erdogan said.
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Since 20 January, Turkey launched a military operation to clean up Kurdish PYD / PKK militia and ISIS militants from Afrin, northwestern Syria. The Turkish military said, since the operation named 'Operation Olive Branch' was started, as many as 1028 members of PYD / PKK and ISIS have been killed or surrendered.

Afrin has been a major hiding place for PYD / PKK since July 2012 when Assad regime forces left the area and let it be under the control of PYD / PKK without any resistance. The Ankara government regards the Kurdish group PYD / PKK as a terror organization.

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FBI Director: Talk That's Easy!

The Director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, told his staff on Friday (2/2) not to be too concerned about the FBI attack by President Trump and Republican members in Congress, and he promised to defend FBI agents.

"Talk it It's easy, but it's your work that will last, "Wray told 35,000 FBI staff in an internal letter.

" You've been through a lot of things in the last nine months, and I know that's often the least shaking. And in the last few days the waves have not calmed down, "he said.

" But I affirm: I am fully committed to our mission and I am with you, "he said.

Earlier Friday, Trump agreed to release a a memo by members of the Republican faction in the US Congress who accused the abuse of power by the FBI and the Prosecutor's Office in handling the investigation of Trump's election campaign and its relation to Russia.

Trump wrote on Twitter before the memo was launched, "FBI Leadership and Investigations and the Attorney have politicized the process of inquiry and Democrats and suppress the Republic – something unthinkable some time ago. "

The released memo raises concern that Wray will likely be forced out of the FBI, just six months after being appointed by Trump, who also sacked Wray's predecessor James Comey, last May.

This Chris Wray letter does not refer to memos or kome Trump's ntar, and does not indicate that he's planning to resign. [ps/jm]

South Korean President Willing to Talk to North Korean Leaders

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Wednesday he was willing to hold direct talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un only if certain conditions were met.

The offer of President Moon's talk to Kim came a day after diplomats from both Koreas held their first official round of talks since December 2015.

The South Korean president told reporters in Seoul that the high-level bilateral meeting should be more than just holding meetings. Moon said a certain level of success should be guaranteed before he sits face to face with Kim Jong-un.

At a meeting in the village of Panmunjom, a neutral location in the demilitarized zone that separates the two Koreas, Pyongyang agreed to send a delegation to the Winter Olympics next month at city ​​of Pyeongchang, South Korea. The two sides also agreed to hold military talks to ease current military tensions.

South Korea also proposed that the reunion of separated families due to the 1950 to 1953 civil war that split Korea was held on the celebration of the Lunar New Year, during the Olympics in Pyeongchang is still ongoing.

President Moon on Wednesday also affirmed that denuclearization of North Korea is a long-term goal of his effort to involve Pyongyang in the upcoming Olympic Games. He said talks between the two Koreas created a pause in provocation and provided momentum for diplomacy. [ab/uh]

President of Trump Please Talk of North Korea and South Korea Succeed

American President Donald Trump says he hopes the newly arranged talks between North and South Korea will talk about not just the Olympics and promise the United States to come at a good time.

Trump held an unusual press conference on Saturday (6 / 1) from the resting place of Camp David's president, where he met with the Republican faction in Congress. Regarding the talks to be held in the near future between Seoul and Pyongyang, Trump said "I hope the talks work."

"I want the talks not just about the Olympics," he said. "And at the right time," he added, "we will come."

The president also said that he had spoken with South Korean leader Moon Jae-in, "who is very grateful to me for my harsh attitude. "

" We must have certain attitudes and we must be willing to do certain things and I am willing to do so, "Trump said, indicating that his harsh words helped to persuade the North to hold talks with the South.

this, Trump and Kim have once again highlighted their nuclear weapons. On Friday North Korea accepted South Korea's bid to hold high-level talks on the Olympic Games in the near future to be held on 9 January in the Panmunjom truce village in the military-free zone separating the two Koreas. [gp]