Climate: Canada may miss 2020 target

Canada is likely to miss its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target, according to a report released on Tuesday.

And to meet its commitment under the Kyoto Accord Paris to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030 compared to 2005, it "will have to make considerable efforts and take measures that go beyond those already planned or "

Ottawa has an intermediate mission for 2020: to reduce GHG emissions by 17% – considered to be responsible for global warming – compared to 2005. But they" should 20% the target set, "said Julie Gelfand, Federal Commissioner for the Environment, in this report.

The document is based on audit reports of measures taken by the federal government but also by twelve of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada to reduce their emissions.

"Federal, provincial and territorial audits confirm that everyone is working on climate change but we are still far from the finish line," Gelfand said in a summary.

 Canada will likely miss its 2020 greenhouse gas reduction target, according to a report (AFP / Archives - DON EMMERT)

Canada will likely miss its gas reduction target greenhouse gas it had set for 2020, according to a report (AFP / Archives – DON EMMERT)

Seven of the twelve provinces and territories examined have no reduction target for 2020. Among those only two – New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – appear to be reaching them.

"Given current federal, provincial and territorial policies and measures, it is not expected that Canada is in a position to achieve its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, "says the report, highlighting" common shortcomings. "

It stresses, in particular, that the plans in place do not contain most of the time" no intermediate steps to reach the overall commitments made, deadlines for the implementation of the planned measures, or explanations of the sources of funding for these measures. "

" Of course we have work to do ", acknowledged Catherine McKenna, federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change, to the press.

Pointing to the previous government in power from 2006 to 2015, which she said" did nothing for ten years "The minister admitted that" it is difficult "to meet the 2020 target." We have a target for 2030 and a plan to achieve it, "she said.

" We invest historically in public transit, in green infrastructure , in parks and protected areas, "said Ms. McKenna, pointing out that climate change," this is the biggest challenge of our generation ".

When the 'Horror' Missiles Become Selfie Target Citizens

 North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile, Hwasong-15, has worried the world. The missile is known to have large explosive power. But now the missile is a selfie target.

The missile targeted by the selfie is not a real missile, but only a replica. In an ice festival in Pyongyang, North Korea, a replica of Hwasong-15 is on display to local residents to coincide with the celebration of the 2018 new year there.

 When the 'Terrible' Missiles Are Going Goals Selfie Citizen When 'Missile' Misses So Target Selfie Citizens Photo: bbc

With lighting, the replica is capable of being a 'star' of the visitor's attention. Many of the residents who took pictures in front of the missile replica.

Not just a missile replica, the ice festival in Pyongyang also showcased a number of iconic things in North Korea, from cosmetics to fishing vessels.

 When 'Missile' Missiles Become A Target of Selfie Citizens As North Korea's 'Missile' Missiles Become A Target Selfie Citizen Photo: bbc

This Hwasong-15 type missile is claimed to have a super large warhead capable of being used against the United States (US).

"The Hwasong-15 ICBM weapons system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket that ends with a massive super-heavy warhead capable of attacking the entire mainland of the United States," the North's official Korean News News Agency (KCNA) ) some time ago.
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