Plan for Terror at New Year, 75 People Arrested in Turkey

The Turkish authorities arrested at least 75 people in Istanbul and Ankara suspected of being linked to radical groups Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Arrests are made ahead of New Year's celebrations that will be secured by the authorities.

The Turkish public will meet in 2018 under the shadow of an armed attack at the Reina elite nightclub in Istanbul that occurred exactly a year earlier. The attack that took place at the turn of the year killed 39 people who were mostly foreign nationals.

Reported by the Turkish news agency, Anadolu Agency as reported by AFP police arrested 46 people in raid operations in 10 different areas of the city Istanbul. Of that number, 43 of them are foreign nationals.

The local police did not elaborate further on the origin of the suspects' arrested citizenship with the ISIS. It was only mentioned that they were allegedly planning an attack during New Year's celebrations.

In a raid operation in Ankara, the police arrested 46 suspects, but only 29 were eventually officially detained. The operation in Ankara reportedly involved 500 police personnel.

It was also mentioned that most of the suspects held in Ankara are foreign nationals, but are not mentioned in number. Some of them suspected of being investigated and planning attacks during the New Year.

One of the suspects reportedly attempted to escape by jumping from the balcony, when he was about to be arrested.

Turkish police increased raid operation against suspected ISIS militants ahead of New Year celebrations , which is prone to terror attacks. It was reported Anadolu Agency that before this arrest line was carried out, there had been a total of 120 ISIS suspects held in a series of raids in various parts of Turkey.

In a separate statement, Istanbul Governor Vasip Shain said there will be 37,000 police and 4,000 members of the gendarmerie (armed forces) as well as beach patrols deployed at the turn of the year on 31 December to 1 January.

Turkish authorities have imposed a ban on holding New Year's celebrations in Istanbul's Taksim Square. A similar move applies to the Besiktas district and the Sisli district, where many of Istanbul's top shopping centers are located.

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FBI Catch US Men Who Plotted a Terror Attack in San Francisco

The US federal investigative agency or FBI has arrested an American who he conspired to launch a terrorist attack on a popular tourist spot in San Francisco on Christmas Day.

Federal officials said Friday that people it was named Everitt Aaron Jameson, resident of Modesto town in California.

Jameson reportedly told an FBI secret agent that he planned to attack Pier no. 39 famous in San Francisco by detonating bombs from afar and then shooting people who fled in fear.

The FBI report said Jameson "has a radical jihadist faith," including posting on social media supporting terrorist acts , communicating with people he considered to have jihadist views and offering help to those people.

Jameson, unbeknownst to him, asked for help from the FBI's secret agent to obtain assault rifles, ammunition, explosives, pipes and nails to make pipe bomb.

Jameson had been a member of US marine in 2009 and was trained as a sniper, but he was later fired for not reporting that he had asthma. [ii]

CIA Information Helps Russia Foil Terror Attack Petersburg

The Kremlin on Sunday (18/12), said the authorities foiled the ISIS plan to launch a series of bombings at St. Petersburg after receiving information from the Central American Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Moscow says Russian President Vladimir Putin telephoned US President Donald Trump to thank the CIA's information. The White House confirmed the telephone conversation.

Russia said the intelligence information was significant for the Federal Security Service to track seven suspects last week who planned a suicide bombing on Saturday against the 200-year-old Kazan Cathedral , and other places in Russia's second largest city. Three more were arrested on Sunday. According to the authorities, they are related to the plan of the attack.

The authorities seized a large number of explosives for making homemade bombs, automatic rifles, ammunition and extremist literature.

Moscow said Putin asked Trump to express his gratitude to the CIA and that Russia will later share information gained about the possibility of terrorist attacks in America, as he said in the past.

The White House says Trump and Putin agreed to share intelligence information "is a positive example that can happen if we cooperate with each other."

The telephone conversation between the two leaders on Sunday was the second in four days and was done when the American-Russian relationship was at an opposite point. [ka]

Relations with Terror Groups Can Hurt Pakistan Territorial Controls

The United States has warned Pakistan that they could lose control over its territory unless Islamabad breaks off links with terrorist groups operating in the country that are "big and influential".

American Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson issued the warning when America and Pakistan were involved in a new diplomatic effort to improve bilateral ties with disbelief and find "equality" to support peace in neighboring Afghanistan.

"We want to work with Pakistan to combat terrorism, as well as within Pakistan, but Pakistan must begin the process of changing ties with the Haqqani Network and others, "Tillerson said at a public talkshow in Washington on Tuesday.

The US-led military coalition helps Afghan security and defense forces (ANDSF) to counter the resurgence the Taliban insurgency.

Guerrilla wan and leader of the Haqqani allies allegedly masterminded attacks from holy sites in Pakistan and with the help of Pakistan's spy agencies.

"Pakistan has allowed so many terrorist organizations to take refuge in its territory, and these organizations are growing in great terms and "Tillerson added that he had warned Pakistani leaders that the terrorist group could distract them from Kabul and decide to prefer Islamabad as a target.

Although there has been no official response to Tillerson's remarks, a senior official the Pakistani government rejected the American claim as unfounded. [my/jm]

New York Bombing Accused Accused of Threats of Terror, Support Terrorism Action

The man who detonated a low-powered pipe bomb in a New York City subway tunnel Monday was accused of making terror threats and aiding terrorism, the New York Police announced Tuesday. [19659002] The suspect, identified as 27-year-old Akayed Ullah, was also charged with a criminal offense.

The authorities said Ullah, a Bangladeshi immigrant and a former taxi driver, tied a bomb to his body, but the bomb did not fully explode. [19659004] Monday's attack occurred in a tunnel connecting the Port Authority Bus Terminal which is bustling with the Times Square subway station. The security video shows the attacker walking between the crowds at rush hour and then smoke filling the area when the bomb explodes. The man was then seen lying on the floor while people hurried away from the scene.

Attackers were taken to the hospital in serious condition with burns on their hands and bodies. Three others suffer from headaches and their hearing loss.

"This is a trial of a terrorist attack," said New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. "Thanks to God the offender did not achieve his ultimate goal."

Albert Fox Cahn, legal director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations in New York, issued a statement on behalf of the Ullah family. He said that the perpetrator's family felt "saddened by the violence targeted to our city today, and by the accusations against our family members."

Ullah comes to America through a visa program for people who have relatives who are citizens or residents remain in America.

Bangladesh Embassy in Washington, DC issued a statement condemning the attack Monday.

This is the second terror attack that took place in New York in the past two months.

An ISIS sympathizer drove a rented pickup on the bike trail in Manhattan late October and killed eight people. [lt]