American Missile Defense Test Failed

The missile defense test carried out by the US military on Hawaiian territory on Wednesday (31/1), failed, Pentagon spokesman Dana White said Thursday (1/2).

" The test did not reach the target, but we always learned something from some of these trials and we also learned something from this experiment, "White said.

The Missile Defense Agency or MDA says a Standard IO Block 3 Block IIA or SM-3 was launched from a facility in Hawaii and attempted to intercept a medium-range ballistic missile during the test.

This is the first time a SM-3 missile was launched from land use Aegis Ashore's testing system, MDA said. The agency is investigating the cause of the failure.

Japan plans to purchase a ground-based Aegis Ashore system to improve defense against North Korea, and the missiles used in this test are still under development.

The missile defense system tested on Wednesday can be used in the Western Pacific region. However, this system is not a weapon used to protect the mainland against inter-continental ballistic missiles or ICBMs being developed by North Korea.

"The primary system used to protect against North Korean ICBM attacks on the mainland is ground-based interceptors, and is located in Fort Greely, Alaska, and also in California, "Lieutenant General Kenneth" Frank "McKenzie told reporters on Thursday. "It was not a tested missile."

The Americans once successfully intercepted an intermediate-range missile from USS John Paul Jones off the coast of Hawaii in a test in August 2017.

But about a month before the successful launch, a the SM-3 missile test failed due to an input error by a sailor aboard the ship, causing the missile to self-destruct before reaching the target, according to the MDA. [ps/jm]

Use Monkey to Test the Muffler, Daimler Fires Manager

Daimler's automaker fired executives representing it in an organization that regulates exhaust diesel engine test, using a monkey.

Daimler AG did not name the executive on the grounds of personal matters. It said the executive sat on the EUGT senior management board that has now been disbanded.

Volkswagen on Tuesday fired the head of external relations, who knew the experiment but did not inform the company CEO, who was then Martin Winterkorn.

Exhaust test the diesel engine was conducted in a laboratory in New Mexico, using monkeys exposed to exhaust from a Volkswagen diesel car to measure the success of diesel technology in reducing harmful emissions. The New York Times reported that the car was carved out to reduce emissions levels in testing. [ka/ii]

India Successfully Conducts Agni-V Missile Test

India on Thursday (18/1) tested the inter-continental ballistic missiles from Abdul Kalam island off the coast of Odisha, eastern India.

India's most recent missile Agni-V is more than 5,800 kilometers away, putting the whole of China within reach, if it is officially included in Indian Armed Forces armaments.

"We successfully launched an Agni-V land missile today , "Said Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. The Ministry of Defense called the trial a huge allowance on state defense forces.

The 17.5-meter-long missile developed by the nation's children can carry a 1.5-ton nuclear bullet head and is very important in India's efforts to build an effective nuclear deterrent system, defense analysts. India is estimated to have 120 to 150 nuclear warheads.

Ajai Lele of the Institute for Defense and Analysis Studies in New Delhi puts forward "India has two enemies of China and Pakistan. Both are nuclear states and also have missiles. So India is developing missiles so that the strategic balance in the region can be sustained. "

Tensions between India and China surfaced last year when both were involved in the most serious confrontation in decades in the Himalayas. There India accused China of building a highway that could allow China to break into the Indian territory. Although the troops both withdrew after more than two months, the confrontation made India increasingly wary of China with whom India has long had border disputes.

However, defense experts say the test is not linked to heightened tensions as India has long (19659003) In addition to stifling the nuclear power of India, the Agni-V missile is also part of India's aspirations to be viewed as one regional power. Only China, France, Russia, America and Britain have nuclear weapons. India issued billions of dollars to increase weapons and modernize its military.

Inaugurating Agni-V as a weapon of the Armed Forces still takes time. The Thursday test described as a test of use and observers says it takes at least one or two more tests before the missile is fully operational.

Agni means fire in Hindi and Sanskrit. The early generations of these missiles were able to reach Pakistan and parts of China. [al]

India Successfully Test New Long-Distance Missiles

India says it has successfully tested the most sophisticated intercontinental long-range ballistic missile.

The country's defense ministry announced via cuitan on Twitter on Thursday that its inter-continental ballistic missile named Agni-V was launched from the island of Abdul Kalam, off the coast of the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

The Hindu Business Line newspaper reported the three-stage missile was fired from a mobile launcher, glided for 5,000 kilometers and flew for nearly 20 minutes.

is Agni-V's fifth test since its introduction in 2012. The last test was conducted last month. [lt]

North Korea Accelerates Excavation of Tunnels at Nuclear Test Sites

North Korea raises tunnel excavations at major nuclear test sites, says a US agency, even as tensions subside on the peninsula, after the resumption of inter-Korean dialogue that has been halted.

Satellite photos show increased activity on site Punggye-ri. Trolleys and mining personnel are often seen and piles of excavated waste are piling up, said the trusty 38North site on Thursday (11/1).

"This activity emphasizes North Korea's efforts to continue maintaining Punggye-ri's location as a future nuclear test "

The last five Pyongyang nuclear tests were conducted under Mount Mantap in Punggye-ri, northwest of the country, all in the North Tunnel.

After a series of small earthquakes in the area 38North said last October that the site might suffer from the geological condition of "Tired Mountain Syndrome."

The syndrome refers to the impact of underground nuclear explosions on surrounding rocks, which are much cracked and become increasingly kropos. 19659002] Elsewhere in that location there is an unusual activity. Approximately 100-120 personnel line up in the formation on the page. (19659002) The photos were taken in December, shortly before North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un delivered a New Year speech to warn US President Donald Trump of the "nuclear button" on his desk. At the same time Kim Jong-Un offered to hold talks with Seoul. [ps/jm]