US Researchers Develop Blood Tests That Can Monitor 8 Types of Cancer

The 4th of February was commemorated as World Cancer Day, an annual momentum to raise awareness about cancer and promote prevention, detection and treatment. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland are developing blood tests that can monitor eight types of cancer.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide, and most people do not realize that they suffer from this disease until symptoms develop. This can change through a blood test called CancerSEEK.

Nickolas Papadopoulos, an oncologist and pathologist at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center in Baltimore, Maryland, says, "This test is designed for people who do not show symptoms of cancer. Basically this is the purpose of this test. But the other difference is: one, it's a multi-analytical test that detects DNA and proteins, and it's unique in blood tests because it can detect some types of tumors. ''

Dr. Nickolas Papadopoulos said the test can screen 18 common cancers, and be able to tell where the cancer is located. He and his team at Johns Hopkins Cancer Center Kimmel examined DNA and cancer-related proteins, in the blood of more than a thousand cancer patients. The blood test was positive in about 70% of the patients, and resulted in only seven false-positive results in the control group of 812 healthy people.

Large-scale trials were required, but Papadopoulos said their work could save money and save lives .

'' Caring for patients with advanced cancer is very expensive. The drugs are very expensive. And we believe that the examination test to find out the cancer in people who still feel healthy, has no symptoms whatsoever and hopes that the cancer is still at a very early stage; can be easier to treat and cheaper to care, as well as saving lives than by simply extending their lives, '' Papadopoulos said.

Researchers hope CancerSEEK will eventually become part of routine health checks, as a way of knowing cancer early. [em/ii]

Medical Tests Show Very Good Trump Health

The US presidential physician announced that the health conditions of US President Donald Trump were excellent. The announcement came after Trump underwent his first medical test since inauguration.

"The physical examination of today's president at Walter Reed National Medical Center runs very well," said the doctor, Ronny Jackson in a statement released by the White House following a hearing on Friday (12/1) local time.

"The President is in excellent health," added Jackson as reported by AFP news agency on Saturday (13/1/2018).

The White House says a number of Trump health test data will be released soon.

This health test was conducted amid a growing number of doubts about Trump's mental health condition. Especially after the emergence of a new best-selling book on the market, which describes Trump (71) is not focused and like a child. The White House also faces questions about Trump's contradictory messages to his policies.

The night before the medical tests, Trump had joked that the test results should be good, in the interest of the stock market. "I think it will work very well," Trump said, adding that he would be surprised if the results were not good.

"It must be good, otherwise the stock market will not be happy," he joked.

Regarding the doubt about Trump's mental health, there is no plan for a psychiatric test. However prior examinations have included neurological examinations, including tests of motor function.

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