The Mysterious Man of the Japanese Man Holder Custody 13 Thai Children

A Japanese businessman who won custody for 13 children born to surrogate mothers or surrogate mothers in Thailand was not widely known in his home country.

Mitsutoki Shigeta, who was given sole custody by a court in Thailand on Tuesday / 2), is the son of the founder of telecommunication and insurance company Hikari Tsushin. As a major shareholder, he earns billions of dollars of dividends annually. But he chose to shy away from the spotlight.

The surrogate mother or surrogate mothers are women who are bound by covenant with spouses or other clients to conceive the seeds of the client in exchange for certain.

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The media spotlight on Shigeta after the discovery of babies at a condominium in Bangkok in 2014, eased. Many have identified this as a result of defamation claims and pressure put forward by his father's company. The Japanese-language media referred to him as a 28-year-old unknown man.

Information from a court ruling on Tuesday, from doctors and a fertility clinic also did not help uncover the mystery of Shigeta.

Japanese lawyers reportedly represented Shigeta refusing to discuss the case that. Officials at Hikari Tsushin also declined to comment.

The company started as a business enterprise of business phones and office equipment. Now, the company is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has more than 180 subsidiaries. Shigeta is the eldest of three brothers of the company's founder, Yasumitsu Shigeta. Shigeta has business in Thailand and Cambodia, where she has children through surrogate mother.

 Wassana Meechamnarn, 32, a former surrogate mother, spoke to an investigator to give testimony as witness to a baby scandal from a surrogate mother involving Japanese businessmen , at the Lumpini police station, in Thailand, August 25, 2018.

Wassana Meechamnarn, 32, a former surrogate mother, spoke to an investigator to give testimony as a witness to a baby scandal from a surrogate mother involving Japanese businessmen, police Lumpini, in Thailand, August 25, 2018.

Some Japanese tabloids in 2014 reported that Shigeta revealed he wanted to produce 100 to 1,000 children. If he succeeds, it will cost millions of dollars. He searched for equipment that could freeze and preserve his "high quality" sperm at home so he could keep producing children until old age, according to Japanese media reports.

Thai authorities dismissed the possibility of human trafficking and other criminal motives. 19659002] Mariam Kukunashvili, founder of New Light clinic in Thailand who recruited some surrogate mothers of the babies told Associated Press in 2014, that Shigeta told him "he wants to have 10-15 babies in a year and he wants continue to make the child until he dies. "According to Kukunashvili, Shigeta also told him that he wanted to advance in the general election and win by using the votes of his extended family.

The Shigeta case and several other cases have prompted the Thai government to ban pregnancy practices with mothers a commercial replacement for foreigners. As a result, many foreigners turned to Cambodia to find a surrogate mother. But Cambodia also later banned this practice. [fw/au]

Japanese man wins custody of 13 Thai children from surrogate mother

The Thai court ruled in favor of a Japanese journalist's request for "sole custody" of 13 of her children born to some Thai surrogate mothers, AFP reported Tuesday (20/2). Thus, the Japanese man could bring the children to Japan

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, to be in the spotlight in the scandal of "child factory" in 2014, after Thai police found a DNA link between him and nine babies found in the care of some babysitters 24 hours, in a luxury apartment in Bangkok

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The children are estimated aged between 2 weeks and two years at the time. Since found, they are placed under state care. He also later considered a biological father for four other children.

This discovery highlights the 'wretched-rent' industry in Thailand, which at that time has not been regulated, prompting authorities in 2015 to ban foreigners from paying Thai women into surrogate mothers .

Shigeta, reportedly the son of an industrial technology tycoon in Japan, left Thailand at the time the scandal arose and never directly explained why he has many children.

He then sued the Ministry of Social Development and Humanity to court to get the right (19459007):

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Bangkok Court grants custody to Shigeta on the grounds he has a lot of money to take care of the children and has set up nurses and nannies, in a dormitory "For the happiness and opportunity that will be received by all 13 children from their biological fathers, who have no history of bad behavior, the court decides they become legitimate children of plaintiffs," the Central Youth Tribunal said in a statement. statement. The statement did not name Shigeta for reasons of secrecy.

Shigeta, who did not attend the trial, was considered the "single parent" of the children, after surrogate moms from Thailand abandoned their rights, the court added. [19659002] Shigeta's attorney said he would contact the Social Welfare Ministry to discuss the transfer of the children from state parenting. He added that the timing of custody transfers would depend on the "readiness" of the children, who are on average four years old.

"The possibility of state-owned shelter officers is also needed to stay with them to avoid sudden changes," Kong said. Suriyamontol, Shigeta's lawyer, told reporters outside the courthouse

The Ministry of Social Welfare could not immediately be reached for comment. [fw/au]

Chief Thai Police Chief Admits Borrowing Money from Brothel Owners

Former Chief of Police of Thailand, Somyot Poompanmoung, claimed to have received a loan from a brothel owner who is now a fugitive over sex trade cases. The loan was called to reach the amount of US $ 9.5 million (Rp 126.9 billion).

As reported by AFP Thursday (15/2/2018), in the interrogation held today, Somyot reported has admitted to receiving large amounts of money loan at Bangkok's 'Victoria Secret' brothel owner, who is now the focus of a sex trade probe.

The place has permission as a massage place, but in practice it becomes a brothel. The brothel was raided by police last month, with about 100 sex workers secured. There are at least 13 sex trafficking victims among the sex workers, some of whom are underage and known to have originated from Myanmar.

But to journalists, Somyot is reluctant to disclose his testimony during interrogation by the Special Investigation Department DSI) to the Thai Police. He was asked about his relationship with Kampol Wirathepsuporn, owner of 'Victoria Secret' who is now a fugitive. "I am here as a witness to give information, I can not talk about the details," said Somyot who now runs the Thai Football Association.

This place is one of the 'massage parlors' in Bangkok that offer sex services in dozens of booths private bathub equipped. Prostitution is technically a violation of the law in Thailand. But the prostitution industry is growing rapidly due to the culture of bribery and protection money from local authorities. The raid of a plus-plus massage parlor like this is only done when there is an alleged involvement of minors.

In the raid of 'Victoria Secret' some time ago, found a big book mentioning 20 names of officials allegedly receiving free food, free liquor and even free massage from illegal business.

At least seven pimps and related agencies' Victoria Secret 'has been detained on trafficking charges. But Kampol and his wife are still at large. The Thai authorities are still investigating officials suspected of 'protecting' the brothel.

In a separate statement, the Director of the Bureau of Trafficking in DSI Supat Thamthanarug confirmed that no criminal charges were charged to Somyot in this case.

Last week , Somyot had called Kampol an old friend who helped him financially when needed. Somyot said the loans from Kampol were granted according to the legal corridor and reported to the Anti-Corruption Agency by 2015. It was clear that Somyot was still Chief of the National Police of Thailand

"Borrowing is borrowing, helping is helpful and afterwards the money returned, "said Somyot who tried to brush off allegations of lawlessness against him. He also declared himself not asking where the borrowed money came from.

The relationship between the high-ranking police officer and the brothel owner still provokes the Thai public's attention. Some time ago, Thai Deputy Prime Minister General Prawit Wongsuwan was pushed back because of the dozens of luxury watches he wore in recent years.

(nvc / dhn)

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Injuries Lurking Boxers Thai Children

Cheers broke out as two boys hooked each other in boxing ring, in Buriran province, in northeastern Thailand.

After five rounds, the winner of the match was Nantappy Promsod, 11 years old, known as the nickname : "Saksandee Super Besar."

He was awarded 3,000 baht ($ 94.34) for winning the match and getting an additional 1,500 bath ($ 47.17) for each match he attended.

Nanthawat is one of at least 10 boxers aged 15 years or less in Satuk District. Almost every village there has a boxing seat.

"Muay Thai," or Thai Boxing, is said to be 2,000 years old. Known as the "Art of Eight Body Members," the Muay Thai movement relies heavily on elbows, hands, knees and feet.

Thailand's national sport is gaining popularity abroad. But in Thailand itself, Muay Thai is a way to get out of poverty. Those who can reach the top position in this sport can earn a lot of money.

The countryside in northeastern Thailand is the home of big boxing stars winning international awards, such as the middle-class boxer Buakaw Banchamek, the two-time K-1 World MAX .

Originally from Surin Province, Buakaw, 35, started competing when he was eight years old and won the first international kickboxing tournament in Tokyo in 2004.

Nantikit wants to follow in his footsteps

"I want to be a champion" said Nanthawat, who has played 40 times in his career for 2 years. In the last few months Nantakin has won more than 10 consecutive games.

But as more and more Thai children, some even pre-kindergarten children, pursue Muay Thai, doctors and some children's rights organizations, warn sports can cause chronic health problems, such as neurological or neurological disorders.

Jiraporn Laothamatas, a neurologist and director of the Advanced Diagnostic Imaging Center in Thailand, said the study he performed for five years showed a pattern of brain damage and memory loss young boxers, compared to those who are not boxing.

"There is no safe boxing activity because you can see even adult boxers get older too, they also have Parkinson's disease, which is caused by brain damage.

According to the data Thai Sports Authority last year, more than 10,000 Thai boxers were less than 15 years old. But experts say the actual figure could be 20 times higher because not all boxers are registered.

However, parents and coaches reasoned, Muay Thai teaches discipline and an important source of income.

"The money earned from Nantappy from boxing will we're tubing for her needs, "said Nantakin's father and coach, Ong-arj Promsod, 36. "When we're short of money, I'll give him some pocket money for school." [fw/au]

Thai Student Sindir Orang Number 2 Junta Militer

Thai students with big banners and critics on Saturday gave a new allusion to the number two man in the military ruling council, dubbed "General Rolex" for his unofficial collection of luxury watches.

Scandal hours it has increased the disillusionment of military rule in the kingdom and led to a series of creative protests that challenged restrictions by the military ruling council against criticism.

On Saturday, students leading ceremonies before a football match in Bangkok showed several large ornamental vehicles circling the field including some vehicles that make fun of the number two junta of the military, Prawit Wongsuwan.

The 72-year-old general has been subjected to general resentment since the release of his December photograph showing him raising his hand to protect his eyes against the sun and showing a single ring in diamonds and an expensive Richard Mille watch.

Since then, online activists have revealed photographs of high-ranking junta officials wearing about 25 luxury watches that reportedly were not included in the list when he reported his assets. [gp]