Thousands of Pakistanis Attend the Cemetery of Leading Human Rights Activist

Thousands of Pakistanis crowded the streets of Lahore city on Tuesday (13/2) to bid farewell to one of the country's most prominent human rights activists, who died of a heart attack on Sunday at the age of 66. [19659002] Friends, family, politicians and human rights activists were among those who attended the Asma Jahangir funeral ceremony at the city's Gadhafi Stadium.

Jahangir is one of the founders of the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, a body that highlights human rights abuses throughout the country. He also serves as the UN special rapporteur on human rights issues. On his website, the international body praised Jahangir for his "contribution to human rights", which earned him numerous awards from home and abroad.

The US State Department said Tuesday that – along with Pakistan and other countries – the departure of democracy and human rights activists. [em/jm]

Thousands of Palestinians from Gaza Face Rafah Crossing, What's Up?

Gaza City
 Thousands of Palestinians meet the Rafah border crossing that separates Gaza from Egypt. They hope to leave Gaza after Egyptian authorities open while the border crossing is usually closed.

As reported by Reuters Thursday (8/2/2018), most Palestinians who want to cross the Rafah boundary intend to seek treatment. One of them is Awni An-Najar (74) who is sitting in a wheelchair, who hopes to undergo treatment for her broken hip in Egypt.

"Patients should be allowed to travel freely, I want to be able to walk again," said An-Najar who was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

Egyptian authorities usually open the Rafah border crossing for a while, several times a year. But sometimes the opening of border crossings was announced suddenly with minimal explanation.

For this time, Rafah border crossing was opened since Wednesday (7/2) local time without any announcement at all.

"Thanking President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi for his concern for reducing the suffering of the Palestinian people," the statement of the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo referred to the opening of the Rafah border crossing.

There has been no response from the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on this matter.

The opening of the Rafah border crossing this week is the second in a decade, with Palestinian Authority security forces guarding the Gaza border. Previously only the military wing of Hamas usually guarding the Gaza-Egypt border.

The reconciliation agreement reached between Hamas and its rival Fatah in October led to the surrender of power over the Rafah crossing to the Palestinian Authority. This is the first since Hamas took control of Gaza in 2007. Egypt opened the Rafah crossing for a short time in December 2017.

Palestinians in Gaza hope it could spark a step forward for the opening of the Rafah crossing permanently. The permanent opening of Rafah will end the blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt for security reasons. So far, Egyptian authorities have said the permanent opening is dependent on security in its border region, given recent times of rampant local militant attacks.

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Thousands of Participants Follow Women's March in American Cities

Cold air does not dampen thousands of women crowded the Reflecting Pool located between the Lincoln Memorial and the National Monument in Washington D.C., to follow "Women's March," Saturday (20/1).

Like last year, the participants of "Women's March" mostly wore pink-colored cat-shaped head caps, scarves or scarves of the same color, and carrying protesting posters and sponges. "My Body My Rights" and "I am Not Political Pawn" are some of the posters they carry. Not a few who carry dolls with protest symbols, both on racial equality, protection for immigrants, criticism of some Trump government policies, control of firearms, to the decision to stop some government operations.

The number of demonstrators in the capital city of Washington DC, looks less than similar action in 2017, but it could be because this year's "Women's March" action center was moved to New York City, which has been crowded with more than 150,000 protesters since morning.

A similar action takes place in a number of major cities across America, including Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver in Colorado, Charlotte in North Carolina, major California cities such as Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland, Newark in Delaware, Atlanta in Georgia, Honolulu in Hawaii, and other cities. Las Vegas will be holding this demonstration on Sunday (19/1).

Voice of Women

VOA found Akira, a 24-year-old Japanese blood-demonstrator who has made America a "home, "Said he came because he wanted his voice heard.

"I came here because I am a woman, I am an immigrant, and I want my voice to be heard," said Akira, who came to America with her parents when she was only three years old.

"People may say I Japanese people and I love Japan, but America is "my home," Akira said. He voiced his disappointment at the policies of the American government that wanted to evict immigrants.

"They just want to have a better future. Why do they have to be expelled ?, "said Akira, who excludes the recipients of Suspicions against Illegal Immigrant Children or DACA.

Although not accepting the DACA, Akira claimed to be able to sense the situation that afflicted young immigrants receiving DACA.

"When you see many immigrants threatened to be driven away, this is very sad. Especially if they grow up and grow up here like me, and only know America as the only "home" for us, "said Akira who now lives in Maryland and works as a lawyer.

Similar thing Claire, a citizen of Virginia aged 28 years. Claire came to Washington D.C early in the morning to follow this "Women's March."

"I'm happy to come here and convince myself that I'm not alone. So many people, not just women, have the same views and are ready to fight together, "Claire said. "Do not you feel we have a lot of homework ?. Especially with the current government, we are not going forward, even backwards, "said Claire, an African American who is finishing a master's degree in health.

Trump: "Women's March" Celebrate the Historical Breakthrough

President Donald Trump, Saturday, whistles about "Women's March" by saying, "the weather is very beautiful throughout our great country, which is right for all women to march. Come to celebrate historic breakthroughs, unprecedented economic successes, and prosperity that has occurred in the last 12 months. The lowest female unemployment rate in 18 years! "

Women's Figures Attend in" Women's March "

A number of female characters participated in the" Women's March "in Washington DC, including immigrant activists who were also leaders of the Arizona Dream Coalition, Erika Andiola, the eldest son of the famous boxer Muhammad Ali, Maryum Ali, also known as May May, the President of the Black National Civil Participation National Coalition, Melanie L. Campbell, former Democrat Party faction leader Nancy Pelosi, famous American Ferrera, Ashley Judd, and Scarlett Johansson.

Nancy Pelosi in his speech said demonstrators, especially women, who participated in today's "Women's March", wanted to send a very strong message that "women are ready to fight in elections and occupy decision-making positions, in order to have a more pro-women policy. "He also posted a message on Twitter for them ka who did not have the chance to attend the event.

Women Ready to Fight in Legislative Elections 2018

Fighting for decision-making positions has become a target of many women in America this year.

The Center for American Women and Politics says there are at least 390 women who have registered or will register to become MPs, while 49 other women are ready to fight for seats in the Senate. Among the candidates in the House, 82 percent are not petahana. If these numbers do not change, then being a female candidate in Congress is the largest in American history. Being in a decision-making position is considered an important factor for the achievement of more pro-women policies.

The "Women's March" action also took place in Rome, Italy; Kampala, Uganda; Frankfurt, Germany; and Osaka, Japan. Similar action is also planned to be held in Beijing, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Nairobi, Kenya. [em]

Forest Fires Hangangs Southern California, 212 Thousands Displaced

 The devastating forest fires that devastated Southern California, the United States (US) in the last few days have not been extinguished. So far one person was killed and about 10 others including four firefighters were injured.

The sad, more than 50 racing horses stuck in their cages, died of this fire.

As reported by CNN and Reuters Saturday (9/12/2017), the first death toll in a fire that struck since this week, was identified as a woman named Virginia Pesola (70 ). Pesola was found dead in his car, which was on an evacuation lane near the site of a forest fire dubbed 'Thomas Fire' on Wednesday (6/12) local time. Pesola is believed to have died in an accident as he fled to safety.

The Ventura County medical examiner's office claims the cause of Pesola's death was a severe collision injury, then sucking too much of smoke from fires and a number of heat-induced injuries. Medical examiner Christopher Young said, Pesola had a car accident in Santa Paula after inhaling the smoke of too much fire and burns.

Six major hotspots continue to flare in different parts of southern California, from San Diego near the Pacific to Santa Barbara County. At least 8,700 firefighters were deployed to extinguish this rapidly expanding forest fire.

Nearly 700 buildings were destroyed by this forest fire, with 212 thousand people displaced from their homes. The flow of electricity to thousands of houses was cut off by fires. Local authorities said six residents and four firefighters were wounded.

On Saturday (9/12) local time, firefighters were under greater pressure after strong, dry Santa Ana winds came closer and potentially aggravated the situation. Santa Ana's wind is estimated to blow up to 88 kilometers per hour. "(Wind of Santa Ana) Potentially making a fire that is still still raging, risks increasingly widespread," said California Forest Department and Fire Protection spokeswoman Lynne Tolmachoff.

Blazing over the past five days, Thomas Fire and five other hotspots have reportedly burned an area of ​​64,000 hectares. Of that number, Thomas Fire which is the largest fire point reported burning an area of ​​57 thousand hectares.

A racing stable at San Luis Rey Downs was burned on Thursday (7/12) evening local time. Reported Los Angeles Times about 25-30 racetracked dead race horses scorched their cages. The number reached more than 50 tails if added with 29 horses who died from fire in Los Angeles a few days earlier.

This fire threatens the luxury homes in the Los Angeles area that are widely used for filming commercials as well as television series. California is still recovering from a forest fire that hit the northern state in October. The fires that were then engulfed the famous local vineyards killed at least 43 people.

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Team Mueller Send Thousands of Documents to Lawyer's Manafort Team

Prosecutors say former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort may have violated a court order not to talk or write about ongoing cases, editing an opinion article published by an English-language newspaper in Ukraine on Thursday (7/12) .

The evidence is part of a large body of evidence collected by special investigation team Robert Mueller, investigating possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign team.

Manafort and Trump campaign adviser Rick Gates have declared themselves innocent of 12 an indictment that was part of Mueller's investigation of Russian interference in last year's presidential election.

Documents totaling more than 400 thousand were submitted to the Manafort defenders team in accordance with the law requiring the prosecution to submit evidence to the defense team for use in the preparation of the defense. [ds]