Silicon Valley threatened by soil subsidence (study)

Silicon Valley, the US capital of new technologies located near San Francisco, is threatened by soil subsidence that could worsen floods in the future, according to a study released on Wednesday.

This subsidence, in 'adding to the rising sea levels due to climate change doubles the risk of flooding in this region by 2100, according to the report of the work published by Science Advances.

'the ocean level is rising and the floods are more inland than any of the phenomena,' commented Manoochehr Shirzaei, a professor at the Earth and Space University of Arizona.

The majority of the coastline of San Francisco Bay sinks a little less than two millimeters a year but "in several areas we discovered a subsidence of ten millimeters per year or even dava

The most exposed infrastructure is that built on areas of the sea that are squeezed together, such as the San Francisco International Airport.

"When the subsidence of the land is added to predictions of rising sea levels, the water will cover nearly half of the runways and tarmac of the airport by 2100 ", noted the study.

Other areas at risk: Foster City, polder between San Francisco and San Jose, which rises two meters above the ocean, or Treasure Island, between San Francisco and Oakland, sinking 12 to 20 millimeters a year.

Previous studies , which did not take into account subsidence, estimated that at least 50 square kilometers of the San Francisco Bay coast were at risk of flooding by the end of the century because of rising sea levels

Adding the consequences of the affair the risk area increases to at least 125 km2. In the worst-case scenario, which includes an acceleration of ice melt and thus rising sea levels, it climbs to 413 km2 at the same horizon.

These new estimates are based on data collected between 2007 and 2011 with InSAR radar installed on board a satellite

"There are many predictions and models of rising sea levels, but they are all wrong because they do not take into account the evolution of the ocean. the elevation of land, "said Shirzaei.

India: Increased number of Asian lions threatened

Efforts to protect the endangered species of Asian lions, which now only survive in a forest in northwestern India, have paid off: over 600 of these animals have been recorded recently, compared to some 500 in 2015, said Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani.

These lions, formerly widespread throughout southwestern Asia, are no longer present in the wild except in Gir National Park in the northwestern state of Gujarat.

by the end of the 1960s, the number was estimated at only 180. It then increased from 400 to more than 500 individuals between 2010 and 2015, leading to placing the species in "danger of extinction" instead of "endangered". Criticism of Extinction. "

According to Rupani, an unofficial count recently counted more than 600 lions in the area, up from 523 in the 2015 count.

" Our efforts to protect lions with support The number of lions in Gujarat has now reached the 600 mark, "he said.

Currently, the growth rate of the Asian lion population is estimated at about 2% per year, according to AP Singh, a local forest and species conservation officer. auvages.

Asian lions are cousins ​​of African lions – both subspecies would have existed for 100,000 years – but slightly smaller and endowed with a characteristic skin pocket under the belly. They became a tourist attraction in Gujarat where they were previously preyed upon by poachers.

A member of the Office of Wildlife Protection in Gujarat, Priyavrat Gadhvi, welcomed the established programs, with staff and well-trained veterinarians and support from farmers.

"The support of the local population is huge in Gujarat, it is tolerant of lions despite the attacks on herds," Gadhvi told reporters. AFP expects a "steady growth" in the number of Asian lions by the next census scheduled for 2020.

Experts also suggest relocating some of these lions to another sanctuary to reduce conflict with and risks from natural diseases or disasters

Rescue Plan for River Systems in Australia Threatened Fail

The Murray-Darling river basin produces 40 percent of Australian food, and for the past five years, a designated special authority has sought to balance the system's environmental needs with the farmers' economic demands. The critical water distribution deal is under threat following a dispute among the Australian states about how much water is allocated for agricultural and environmental needs.

The states of Victoria and New South Wales insist the plan is untenable, after the Australian federal parliament has suspended a change in the distribution of water that would give farmers 70 billion liters of water, which had previously been allocated for environmental use. The Senators are worried about allegations that the system is corrupt and attempted by a group of evil farmers who want to steal water from the river system.

Federal Greens party spokesman Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said, "Among water theft, corruption, mismanagement , why should parliament give more water to those who behave badly? "

 A farmer Ian Shippen walks through an irrigation system in his field amid the Murray-Darling river basin outside Moulamein, Australia.

A farmer Ian Shippen runs through an irrigation system in his field in the middle of the Murray-Darling river basin outside Moulamein, Australia.

The Murray-Darling river basin is Australia's largest and most famous river system. It covers an area of ​​over one million square kilometers in the south-east of the country, a region larger than a combination of France and Germany.

Scientists argue, there has been no overhaul in the health of the river system since a rescue plan lasted more than five years (19659002) The recovery plan seeks a balance between environmental protection and the interests of the agricultural industry, but both sides think they are harmed. There is also a fierce dispute amongst the Australian states.

Australia is the most densely populated continent in the world and often experiences severe drought. [ps/jm]

Congressional Fight Against, Though US Government Operations Threatened

Despite the threat of closure of government operations overshadowing, Republican members of Congress and Democrats clashed around their respective priorities, ranging from immigration to defense spending. This dispute could result in a failure to extend federal funding.

As the deadline for government spending closer ends, Friday midnight, Congress is still debating about proposals to protect some 700,000 young immigrants who come to America as children.

The larger democrats united to demand that the protection clause for immigrants on the DACA program list be included in short-term government expenditure budgets.

"I will not vote for the extension of government funding, if the bill does not include corrections on the DACA, and I am sure my other Democrats in the House of Representatives have the same opinion, "House member Judy Chu, a Democrat, told reporters after a Hispanic caucus meeting with White House Chief John Kelly. [ps/jm]

10 Mafia Suspects Arrested in New York, Threatened Bui 20 Years

New York
 The New York, United States Authority announced the arrest of 10 mafia suspects, including a boss and an advisor in the Bonanno mafia family. They are threatened with imprisonment of at least 20 years if convicted.

New York state prosecutor said as reported by the AFP news agency Saturday (13/1/2018), nine of the ten suspects were arrested on Friday 12/1) local time. One in 10 suspects will be tried in court in Pennsylvania, the rest will be tried in federal court in Manhattan.

They are charged with extortion conspiracies and crimes including extortion, loans, letter and wire fraud, narcotics distribution and conspiracy to commit murder.

Eight out of 10 suspects are from the Bonanno family, which is one of five Mafia families in New York. They include bosses while Joseph Cammarano (58), adviser John Zancocchio (60), George Tropiano (68), Albert Armetta (48) and Domineck Miniero (85).

Other suspects are Ernest Montevecchi of the Genovese family and Eugene Castelle of Luchese family.

New York is the most populous city in America, with about 8.5 million inhabitants. Later, crime rates have fallen sharply in the region and the police continue to aggressively carry out eradication operations of organized gangs.

(ita / ita)