Japan Trade Deficit Last Month for the First Time in 8 Months

Japan's trade sector started this year with strong indications despite a deficit for the first time in eight months due to rising oil prices and seasonal factors.

Customs data released Monday showed imports increased eight percent from a year earlier to 7.03 trillion yen ($ 66 billion). Exports jumped 12 percent to 6.09 trillion yen ($ 57.1 billion), resulting in a deficit of 943.4 billion yen ($ 8.8 billion).

Exports to China jumped 30 percent from a year earlier.

Oil prices has risen in one year, up from about $ 55 a barrel in January of 2017 to more than $ 70 a barrel last month. As a rare country of natural resources, Japan imports almost all non-renewable energy needs. Oil and gas imports and coal jumped nearly 10 percent in January from a year earlier to 1.6 trillion yen ($ 15 billion).

Japan's trade surplus with the United States fell 12 percent while exports rose slightly to 1.07 trillion yen or $ 1 billion . Increased imports of gas, gasoline, soybeans and machinery helped boost imports by nine percent from a year earlier to 717 billion yen ($ 6.7 billion). [gp]

There are World War II Time Bombs, London Airport Closed Meanwhile

 The discovery of the Second World War bombs forced the temporary closure of the London City Airport. The second World War II bomb was found near the River Thames.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), the remaining bomb was found at King George V Jetty, close to the airport runway in central London. The findings occurred during construction work on site on Sunday (11/2) local time.

"The 214-meter ban zone has been applied as a deterrent to the Metropolitan Police (London)." As a result, the London City Airport is currently closed, "the London Municipal Airport Authority statement said.

"All passengers traveling from the City of London on Monday (12/2) are advised to contact the airline for more information," the statement said.

London City Airport operates mostly long haul flights close. The airport, the fifth largest airport in London, is located in east London, near the Canary Wharf business district. The airport remained closed this morning, and all flights from and to London City Airport on Monday (12/2) were canceled, "said the CEO of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair. It is not known how many flights were canceled during Monday (12/2).

The London Metropolitan Police said the findings of the bombing remnants were reported on Sunday (11/2) early morning local time. The closure of airports and the enforcement of banned zones was decided to ensure public safety.

"Ensuring that the object is handled safely while limiting the risks to the public," said the local police.

The unexploded World War II remains were handled by special police personnel, along with British Royal Navy personnel. It is known that thousands of bombs were dropped in London by the German Air Force between September 1940 and May 1941.

(nvc / bpn)

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Candy Shop in West Virginia Sell Candy from All Time

The series of candies are seen lined up in the True Treats store of Historic Candy in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

The store features more than 400 different types of popular candies in different times, from ancient Greek gum to famous candies of the century 20th. The first commercial candy appeared in 1806.

The collection of historic candies includes chocolate kisses and candy cigarettes or candy-like cigarettes which are classic American candies.

insects that made sweet snacks. A new type of ceminal in True Treats is a bag of baked insects. There were also ant wafers or sweet cakes containing ants, and first introduced in 1950.

"Crickets are like sesame," says Susan Benjamin, owner of the True Treats Shop who is passionate about learning the history of the candy industry. "I've tasted ants, some are bitter, like the bitter orange." Susan himself did not dare to taste candy from worms.

But for consumers who prefer ordinary candy, it is offered fruit candy, caramel, or liqueur or black candy flavor.

For chocolate enthusiasts, the entire table is decorated with a variety of sweet snacks This includes a round chocolate filled with pea seeds or raisins. This type of snack is popular in the era of the 20s to the 50s especially when people are playing cards.

"People usually scoop the candy with their fingers while still holding the card in the other hand," explains Benjamin.

these candies were first introduced as healthy foods or medicines. Malted milk for example, a candy consisting of poor barley, flour and milk, was originally a staple food for infants.

Benjamin shows a bag of Turkey delight, a cube-shaped jelly candy that he says is used to treat sore throats around the 900's, and very popular around the world.

People also chewed bark, branches and tree roots, which could also be available in this store.

"People originally used the roots of plants the likoris to brush the teeth, "said Benjamin," and then in the mid-1800s, the children chewed to taste the delicious likoris.

The shopkeeper, Anna Jo Smith, was fascinated by the roots marshmallow . " I think marshmallow is a new item, but tea marshmallow has existed for centuries, "he said.

Many candies include labels that explain its history. 19659002] True Treats Candies can also be ordered on-line.

For people who want to know more about the delicacy of these candies, Benjamin has compiled a book entitled SWEET AS SIN about the fascinating evolution of candy or candy . [sp/jm]

US Congress Rides with Time to Fund Government

The US Congress has only five working days left to negotiate an agreement on government funding after January 19 deadline. This is an agreement whereby the Democratic faction insists that it includes legislative decisions concerning the fate of more than 800,000 DACA program beneficiaries, or a deportation program for immigrants entering America illegally as children.

Despite its urgency, so far no agreement has been reached, despite an offer from President Donald Trump. "You are not far from comprehensive immigration reforms, and if you want to take that step further, I will bear the risks," Trump said.

The Republican faction declared that the reform should be realized in four important ways. Senator John Cornyn of the Republican fraction said, "These issues will be tied to the type of assistance that will be provided to DACA recipients. Border security system, visa lottery program, and chain migration. Those are the four principles or four issues we will negotiate. "

Members of the Republican faction in the House of Representatives filed a draft law on immigration reform on Wednesday as their starting point. A member of the Raul Labrador Republican faction said, "The draft law we filed is harsh but fair. Legislation is harsh because it is serious about the enforcement of our immigration laws and this makes it increasingly difficult for people to enter our country illegally and stay here. "

But the legislation, which is funding to build the border wall and grant DACA recipient status can be renewed within three years without a specific path to a permanent resident status, it will be difficult for the Democrats to agree, stating that the upcoming budget deadline is the best chance for them to find a solution.

Steny Hoyer, a member of the House of Representatives from the Democratic Faction, put forward, "The president agrees that we must do so in two stages because we are facing an emergency situation.We can not wait until March.We need to make sure they are protected, covered and accepted now."

But with only five working days left before the closure of government activities, time to find fewer solutions for Congress.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority leader, puts it: "Still in my view that I will ask for a legislation DACA-related immigration that I know will be signed by the president, and this will in no way be part of a comprehensive budget agreement. "

Differences of opinion that may not be bridged by the President's offer are also looming.

Molly Reynolds of the Brookings study institute Institution, said, "It is not clear how helpful Trump's offer is in terms of c political intake. In my opinion, it may be possible to resolve some disagreements among Republican factions if President Trump is firm and clear in favor of one attitude. But if that attitude is not something that the Democratic faction can agree on, then we seem to have to discuss it again from the beginning. "

And this will force the Democrats to decide whether the solution for DACA recipients is so important that it deserves to keep the American government shut down. [uh/lt]

Trump Willing to Consult With North Korea At The Right Time

American President Donald Trump says he is willing to negotiate with North Korea at the right time.

In a telephone conversation with South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Wednesday (10/1), Trump revealed his willingness to negotiate with North Korea at the right time and conditions.

"The two leaders underscored the importance of continuing the campaign to pressure North Korea."

President Moon's office reported the talks, which took place a day after North and South Korea undertook their first talks in more than two years. The South Korean statement said Trump agreed that there would be no military action while the talks took place.

Trump and Moon, both held a press conference on Wednesday, where they talked about the prospects for a more stable Korean Peninsula, month. [ps/jm]