A Mother in Tokyo Cekik Her Daughter Till Death

 Etsuko Shimizu was arrested by Akishima Police, Tokyo, Japan, over murder case. The 63-year-old mother admitted she had strangled her daughter, Moe, to death.

Reported from Japan Today, Sunday (11/2/2018), Shimizu strangle moe to death with a tie. The location of the killing is in their own residence.

Police say, as quoted from Fuji TV, the incident occurred on Saturday (10/2) early morning at around 02:00 local time. Moe was taken to the hospital but his life was not helped.

Shortly after the incident, Shimizu called an organization where the organization then called 110 (emergency services).

The police came shortly thereafter to the scene. Shimizu has admitted all his deeds even though he has not revealed his motives.

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Tokyo Residents Prepare for the Possible North Korean Missile Attack

For the first time since World War II residents of Tokyo city on Monday (22/1) ran for shelter after an alarm signal of a missile attack from North Korea

that frightening warning was at an amusement park in Tokyo.

"We have information that a missile has been launched. Seek refuge in the building or in the dungeon, "said the warning.

An entertainment park officer ran all the way shouting" A missile has been launched !. A missile has been launched! "Approximately 250 locals and a number of office employees were evacuated and sheltered in reinforced buildings, or hiding in underground railway stations.

A few minutes later came the second announcement via a loudspeaker: "The missile has passed, and the possibility of flying over the Kanto region into the Pacific Ocean."

The Japanese population in the earthquake-ravaged region is already accustomed to conducting evacuation drills, but training to prepare for the possibility of a new North Korean missile attack this time (19659003) "I think it's good to have a practice like this, although I pray there is no missile attack from North Korea," said Shota Matsushima, a student who took shelter at a subway station.

But many people, according to the office AFP news said, such training is useless, because there are not many protection facilities, if it happens in a real nuclear attack.

Ikie Kamioka, a former elementary school teacher protesting such training. He said "we will not survive the outbreak of nuclear war, which will destroy everything. [ii]

Kill a Married Man, Woman in Tokyo Dibui 12 Years

The Tokyo court sentenced Seikin Okuma, a 34-year-old woman, to 12 years in prison (bui). This is because Okuma has killed his lover who is also the husband of people.

Reported from Japan Today, Sunday (21/1/2018), Okuma has been proven to kill Kazumasa Kurobe (45), married man who is his own lover.

Fuji TV reported Okuma killed Kurobe in the apartment they shared together in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. Both are known to have lived together for 2 years.

Okuma is known to stab Kurobe on August 10, 2017 and around 00.15 local time. Okuma then telephoned 110 emergency services and reported he had stabbed Kurobe.

Upon arriving at the apartment, Police found Kurobe lying on the floor with a stab wound to his chest. Kurobe was immediately rushed to the hospital but was declared dead an hour later.

Okuma's lawyer said in court Okuma and Kurobe had a fight after Kurobe said he would travel with his wife. Okuma mentioned losing his temper and stabbing him with a kitchen knife. It's just that lawyers denied his client had planned his previous murder.

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Baby Panda in Tokyo Comes in Front of Selected Guests

A panda baby appeared before the Tokyo governor and also a group of schoolchildren and the media on Monday (18/12), a day before his public debut.

Xiang Xiang, a female giant panda aged 6 month will be limited Tuesday for its fans who have already received tickets through a highly competitive lottery process.

Xiang Xiang, which means "Fragrance" in Chinese, was born on June 12 at Tokyo's Ueno zoo and now weighs more than 12 kilograms.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike continues to smile after leaving the panda's home in the zoo, and tells reporters that the panda baby is "very funny."

"He climbed a tree and even showcased his tiny back to us, "Koike said. "I was worried about whether he could come down (from a tree)."

Xiang Xiang who hung on the tree trunk with his small but sharp claws, finally came down slowly. (19659003) Xiang Xiang sleeps, accompanied by his mother.

The vice-director of the zoo, Hirofumi Watabe, says panda managers work with their bamboo, (19659003) Since October, dozens of zookeepers have coached Xiang Xiang to get used to the presence of people in his room.

Koike emphasizes how pandas is a rare animal and he hopes the children who come to visit Xiang Xiang can also learn about life.

Zoo officials say Xiang Xiang's public appearance will be limited to 2.5 hours per day so he will not stress. [dw]