Thailand, US Minimize Myanmar Military Attendance in Joint Military Training

Thailand and America downplay the meaning of the presence of Myanmar military personnel in the grand opening of the largest annual joint military exercise in Southeast Asia on Tuesday (13/2).

The Myanmar military has been accused of massive human rights abuses by crackdown on minorities Muslim-Rohingya, which made hundreds of thousands of people fleeing to Bangladesh. Some members of the US Congress have demanded that Myanmar not be included in the exercise.

"The truth is Myanmar is not a participating country," US Ambassador to Thailand Glyn T. Davies told reporters during a "Gold Cobra" exercise in eastern Thailand.

"They are not participants of this exercise," he asserted. He did not explain why Myanmar military personnel were present in the drill.

Thai military commander General Thanchaiyan Srisuwan admitted inviting Myanmar in the opening ceremony of the exercises. But the Myanmar flag was not flown.

The Pentagon and the US State Department last week said Thailand had invited three Myanmar military personnel to observe a part of the exercise focused on responding to natural disasters. But Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Logan said on Tuesday that the only Myanmar military personnel present were deputy military attachés, who were also a major. The personnel attended the opening ceremony with another defense attaché corps in Bangkok. [em/jm]

US, South Korea postpone military training after the Winter Olympics

The United States and North Korea decided to postpone joint military exercises until after the next Winter Olympics, according to officials of both countries.

The South Korean president's office, the Blue House, said the decision was taken in a telephone conversation between President Donald Trump and President Moon Jae-in on Thursday (4/1).

Pentagon spokesman Colonel Robert Manning said, "Ministry of Defense supporting the presidential decree and whatever is best for the interests of the South American alliance.

The annual joint military exercise called Foal Eagle is usually conducted between February and April, and is one of the world's largest military exercises. The exercise involves land, air, sea and special operations to raise awareness to defend South Korea and the region. North Korea has always objected to the practice.

The announcement came out on Thursday while President Trump said he managed to make the talks resume between South and North Korea. In Trump's Twitter cousin said it happened thanks to his firm and strong leadership.

"With all the experts talking, is anyone believing that talks and dialogue will take place between South and North Korea if I am not firm and willing to commit our full strength to face North Korea. The talks are good. "

On Wednesday, South and North Korea reopened cross-border direct-line ties that have been closed since 2016, after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un offered to send a contingent of athletes to the Winter Olympics in South Korea next month. After the phone call reopens, South Korea confirmed that officials of both countries held talks for 20 minutes, according to the Associated Press news agency.

Seoul also responded to Kim Jong Un's hand by proposing high-level talks next Tuesday to discuss the issues common interests, including the possibility of North Korea's participation in the February Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Over the past few months North Korea has been closely watched by the international community for conducting several missile launches, and the sixth most powerful nuclear test ever .

Pyongyang underestimates new sanctions and harsh rhetoric of the Trump government and continues to develop nuclear weapons, which Pyongyang says is done to defend itself against American aggression. [ds]

US-South Korean Joint Military Training Next Year May Be Suspended

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that joint military exercises next year may be suspended until after the winter Olympics.

The South Korean leader, in an interview with NBCNews, said he had suggested to The United States and America are reviewing it. "

The presidential spokesman in Seoul explained on Wednesday that the suspension of the joint exercise would depend on curbing provocative action by North Korea during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics taking place in 2018 in South Korea in February.

President Moon said the cessation of provocation would help create a "good atmosphere towards dialogue between the two Koreas as well as the North-Americans."

However, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in Ottawa, Canada, Tuesday that he did not know there is a plan to "change regularly scheduled military exercises and su "Tillerson said earlier that the United States was willing to hold unconditional peace talks with North Korea, but after being criticized by the White House, he made it clear that Pyongyang must first gain its eligibility to negotiate by stopping further provocations. [19659002] In the past two years, North Korea has accelerated its missile and nuclear development program, and last month announced that North Korea has reached its operating capacity to target the US mainland with inter-continental ballistic missiles. [gp]