At the trial of the "Marseille carbon", indictment against a fraud "unpublished"

A "break of the century" "unpublished, disproportionate": the National Financial Prosecutor on Tuesday ordered 10 to 12 years of imprisonment against the main actors of a colossal fraud to 385 million euros to the "tax carbon ", denouncing an" attack on the interests of the Nation. "

Thirty-six defendants have been tried by the Paris Criminal Court since the end of January for stealing 385 million euros from the tax authorities, an" out of the ordinary "amount, disproportionate ", insisted the two prosecutors of the PNF.

A" wholly new booty "that the representatives of the prosecution wanted to compare with those, much less, of" breaks of the century "reported by the press: 11 millions diverted by the conveyor Toni Musulin, 103 million euros of jewels stolen from Carlton of Cannes …

"At this level, we are confronted with real attacks on the interests of the Nation", insisted the magistrates, recalling as an example that the operation Sentinel had cost $ 321 million in 2015-2016

The "carbon tax" fraud, created between 2008 and 2009 on the market for the right to pollute, operated on the model of a simple VAT scam. It cost the state a total of 1.6 billion euros.

This record, its record, takes root in the Marseille district of the Basket and stretches between a myriad of companies and shields offshore accounts.

– "Web around the world" –

The defendants, with "223 bank accounts" in "25 countries", have woven according to the PNF "in a few weeks a web of companies all over the world", that it took "ten years" to untie.

Magistrates have identified "three main officials": Christiane Melgrani and Gerard Chetrit, who appear detainees, and Éric Castiel, targeted by an arrest warrant.

At the heart of the case, Christiane Melgrani, 59, who was nicknamed "Ma Dalton" in the press, the biggest risk: the prosecution asked against her 12 years of imprisonment and 10 million euros. As a recidivist, the former charismatic teacher who became manager of a piano bar and then "commercial engineer" in a building society had already been sentenced for drug trafficking.

The sexagenarian admits having participated in a "test" phase scam and money laundering, but the PNF considers that it has also contributed to setting up the scam itself, committed via two brokers on the "carbon quota" market.

It also "directed the partition that had to play one and the other ", according to the accusation. During the hearings, his co-defendants seemed to give names only with his agreement.

The prosecution asked ten years in prison and 20 million euros fine for the financier Gerard Chetrit, "trader" Fraud in the ostentatious way of life: "Can there be more serious scams in the organized group than the one for which he is judged?"

Ten years in prison and a fine of € 5 million were required against Éric Castiel, "hyphen" between the first two.

– "To crush the dead" –

Sentences from suspension to 7 years in prison were requested against the 33 other defendants, suspected to varying degrees to have participated in the fraud or its laundering by becoming investors, managers of straw, intermediaries …

Among them is a lawyer, Arié Goueta, against whom 5 years of prison, 500.000 euros of fine and a permanent prohibition to exercise were required. Like him, other professionals, accountant, promoter, have "betrayed the rules of the business world," said the prosecution.

Against Grégory Zaoui, familiar with the "carbon" files, fugitive, seven years and a million euros fine were required. And against Angelina Porcaro, companion of Christiane Melgrani, whose restaurant "La Cantinette" has seen transit intrigues and banknotes, five years and 150,000 euros.

The defendants have not ceased to "lie, flee their responsibilities or overwhelm the dead ", including Samy Souied, shot in Paris in 2010 in a probable settlement of accounts related to the" mafia "of carbon, have denounced the prosecutors.

The pleadings of the defenses must be staggered until March 30.

Domestic Wind Scam: Opening of Orleans Trial

The trial of three former leaders of France Aeolian society opened Monday afternoon in the Criminal Court of Orleans, in the presence of three defendants suspected of having swindled about 600 victims residing throughout France. 19659002] Many of these victims, who bought defective domestic wind turbines proposed by the company, are defended by a dozen lawyers. Some fifty victims made the trip.

Before the court gets to the heart of the matter, Pierre Chaufour, the lawyer of Cyrille Aumont, one of the defendants, requested the referral of the case or failing that, a disjunction for his client.

Indeed, argued the lawyer, Mr. Aumont was informed by the press, there are ten days, the holding of his trial and learned on this occasion that his original lawyer was now retired. His new board said he was "unable to properly defend his client" in such a short time.

The public prosecutor, Jean-Dominique Trippier, like all the representatives of the civil parties, objected to any reference or even a disjunction of the file. The court followed them and Mr. Aumont will defend himself alone.

Between 2006 and 2009, the France Aeolian company, based in Fay-aux-Loges (Loiret), solicited individuals and farmers from all over France, to convince them to install a wind turbine on their property.

It soon became clear that the wind turbines manufactured in China were of poor quality. They provided a power of 3 kilowatts (kW), when France Aeolian promised 5 kW.

Some customers have never been delivered. In others, the material, billed between 15,000 and 50,000 euros, never worked properly and sometimes proved dangerous.

Created in 2006, the company was finally placed in liquidation in July 2009. It then presented a liability of five million euros.

The director of the company, aged 57, is the main mis en cause. He is prosecuted for fraud, deception on merchandise and abuse of corporate property.

A 46-year-old manager of Wind Electric, who succeeded France Éoliennes after being liquidated, answers for his part, complicity with

The former director of the company who imported wind turbines from China is also being prosecuted for deception.

The trial is expected to last two and a half days.

Perform Racial Insults, US Men Sentenced Trial

A man who admits to a racist insult and threatens a woman in a street fight incident in Pennsylvania last year has been sentenced to 10 years probation.

58-year-old Roger Chenault pleaded guilty last week intimidating ethnic loads, terrorist threats, attacks and reckless driving. He has spent a month in jail.

Prosecutors in Lancaster County say the white Chenault turned a corner in front of a black woman on Route 999 last July and confronted him. Prosecutors added Chenault threatened to shoot him.

Chenault says workplace injuries that cause his left leg to be amputated and making him a wheelchair have influenced his mind. But the judge said it was not a reason to condone his cause. He has previously been found guilty of offensive in 2013 and related incidents of street rage. [em/ii]

AS Urges ISIS Foreign Abuses Trial in Country of Origin

The United States urges its allies to join the handling of hundreds of foreign fighters captured by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The United States wants the militants to be repatriated to their home countries for trial. US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to discuss the issue at a meeting in Rome this week with coalition member states fighting against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The SDF has captured thousands of ISIS fighters, including hundreds of foreign fighters from various countries . The issue became even more important after the SDF announced the arrest of two British ISIS members, known to often behead the hostages.

US officials said they would not send the men to a detention camp at Guantanamo, and British leaders say they do not want to receiving the men back.

Kathryn Wheelbarger, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Mattis told reporters that the large number of detainees has caused trouble. Said Wheelbarger, SDF arrested 40 militants every day, and places of detention are full. [ii]

Join the Olympics, North Korea Stop Missile Trial, USA Skeptical

North Korea's participation in the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea this week to make it temporarily halt nuclear and nuclear tests.

For South Korea, this development reinforces its support for dialogue to resolve the nuclear crisis on the Korean Peninsula. However, the Americans doubted North Korea's good intentions and saw it as an attempt to undermine international support for economic sanctions against Pyongyang.

In the opening ceremonies of the PyeongChang Olympics the South and North contingents will perform together under the banner of a special unity. They also featured a joint team for women's ice hockey.

The North Korean cheerleading team, all made up of women and called 'the beautiful army' will provide support for athletes from both countries.

The Samjiyon Band orchestra Band and North Korean artists (19659003) For South Korean President Moon Jae-in, this inter-Korean cooperation is part of a wider diplomatic initiative to peacefully resolve the nuclear-related confrontation between the two countries.

19659003] "We also have to invite North Korea into a denuclearization dialogue, which will improve relations between the two Koreas," Moon said.

However, in South Korea it is getting stronger against the President Moon related Olympic initiative which is considered a unilateral concession to North Korea which is repressive.

The United States also sees Olympic cooperation from Pyongyang's side in an effort to soften its image and undermining international support for economic sanctions against North Korea, as noted by US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley

"This is a distracting effort. North Korea always does it, if the situation gets too hot, they start talking, "Haley said.

President Donald Trump imposed a policy of" maximum pressure ", emphasized tougher economic sanctions and possible military action, to halt the development of nuclear cruise missiles Korea North that can reach the territory of America.

But North Korean leader Kim Jong Un does not even want to negotiate the possibility of stopping his nuclear program. To underscore his position, North Korea is believed to be conducting a massive military parade the day before the Olympic opening, which may include, among other things, the cruise missiles it has tested.

Trump's president is unwilling to commit when recently asked about the possibility of peace after the Olympics .

The United States and South Korea suspended joint military exercises for the sake of the Olympics but hinted that the exercises will be reunited after the Games, although North Korea demanded that a joint South American military exercise be further suspended in favor of improved inter-Korean relations. [ds]