Trump Reveals $ 1.5 Trillion Infra structure Plan

US President Donald Trump on Monday (12/2) will unveil a long-planned infrastructure plan. The $ 1.5 trillion proposal was part of his campaign promise. But to fund it, it relies heavily on state and local government budgets.

The plan focuses on the use of federal funds of $ 200 billion plus state and local taxes to improve US infrastructure such as roads, highways, ports and airports.

Trump has repeatedly called the "bad" conditions of roads and highways that prevent the US economy from reaching its full potential.

Many in Washington believe Trump should start his post a year ago by improving infrastructure, something that could have bipartisan support or, at least, cornering Democrats for rejecting popular political efforts. [vm/ii]

Multinationals Can Relive $ 2 Trillion to the US

The United Nations agency for trade and development says multinational corporations could use US President Donald Trump's tax reform to repatriate two trillion dollars to America, thus sharply lowering foreign direct investment worldwide.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the reform includes a one-time tax on accumulated foreign revenues allowing funds abroad to be repatriated. The assessment, calculated on the basis of parallel with the Homeland Investment Act passed 13 years ago, is temporary.

UNCTAD on Monday (5/2) says the overall impact of any repatriation can be limited as it consists mostly of cash, not tangible assets. UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi said the impact of investments in developing countries remains unclear.

According to UNCTAD nearly half of all global investments are in America or owned by American multinationals. [ka/ii]

Trump Apply $ 1.5 Trillion Fund for New Infrastructure

President Donald Trump appealed a $ 1.5 trillion fund to Congress for new infrastructure development. The proposed funding was delivered in a State of the Union address, before the Congress and the American people.

Trump says America faces an infrastructure deficit. The US needs new roads, bridges, railways and means of shipping, he added.

He said "shamefully" that building the Empire State Building in 1931 took only a year, but now, issuing permission to build new roads time of 10 years.

According to Trump, any draft law authorizing spending on new facilities should also speed up the project approval process, to no more than 2 years.

Trump also said he would use next year to (19659002) Striving societies, including immigrant communities, can be helped by immigration policies, which Trump says is focused on the interests of American families, and calls Americans also "dreamers." [19659002] Trump says his administration has proposed a new bill, which he says, will improve the immigration law n support border agencies so that criminals and gangs can no longer benefit from loopholes in immigration regulations. [ps/jm]

China Recovers $ 1.5 Trillion Corrupted State Fee of 450 Persons

 Chinese authorities have recovered state funds of 730 million yuan (Rp 1.5 trillion), which were massively corrupted. That much money is part of the poverty reduction program budget in different parts of China.

Reported by the Chinese news agency, Xinhua as reported by Reuters on Saturday (30/12/2017), nearly 450 people have been charged with criminal charges related to misappropriation of the government program's funds. Those involved in mass corruption are from 28 provinces in China.

Xinhua cited the Ministry of Finance and the State Council on the Office for Development and Reduction of Poverty in this report. But no further details about how such a large fund is misappropriated.

The Chinese government has previously pledged to eradicate poverty by 2020. This poverty eradication program is targeting 70 million people who live below the poverty line across China.

But researchers and social workers say the enduring solution to the problem of poverty takes longer.

Xinhua reported that the Chinese government has spent a budget of 196.1 billion yuan (Rp 409.6 trillion) for poverty reduction programs in the past four years. The program involves many infrastructure projects, then subsidies for education as well as health care.

Earlier this month, Chief of the National Audit Office, Hu Zejun, called the Chinese government to punish a total of 970 people who have misappropriated funds from the same program. It is not known, however, whether the figure included 450 people charged with corruption over misappropriation of Rp1.5 trillion.

Added by Hu Zejun that a total of 101,800 people have been excluded from the list of poor citizens registered by the government while 95,000 others added. Those who were expelled were deemed not to be classified as poor.

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