Trump Minister of the Environment on the run for his expenses

US President Donald Trump provided ambiguous support Tuesday to his environment minister, Scott Pruitt, whose travel at taxpayer expense and a very advantageous lease to Washington are scrutinized in Congress, a elected by the majority calling for his resignation.

"I hope he will be fine," the White House leader told reporters without confirming whether he still supported his minister.

Scott Pruitt has for several months been accused of excessive use of Government fleet aircraft or first class tickets on scheduled routes.

A trip to Italy for a meeting of Ministers of the United States G7 and a private tour of the Vatican cost $ 120,000 last summer for Scott Pruitt, EPA advisers and his bodyguards, according to CBS.

The EPA is hammering out all the dice have complied with the internal validation rules.

But these revelations add to others regarding other Trump government ministers and Democrats from a congressional oversight committee have denounced the Trump administration's "extravagant airlift spending," demanding

The Republican-controlled House Committee opened an inquiry last September into the whole range of travel practices of the administration.

Scott Pruitt is also in the crosshairs of Democrats and associations after the revelation that he was paying only $ 50 a night to rent a three-bedroom apartment near the Capitol, partially owned by a Washington lobbyist. The lobbyist's husband is also the president of a major lobbying firm, one of whom was given EPA approval for an oil pipeline last year.

The firm, Williams & Jensen, said in the New York Times that he had not intervened in this matter, and the EPA denied any connection.

Two elected Democrats wrote to the Inspector General of the EPA asking him to to open an inquiry, because not only was the price of $ 50 per night below market price, but Scott Pruitt only paid for the nights he actually spent in the apartment.

"Clauses (of lease) were so in favor of Pruitt that such a lease does not even exist on the market for ordinary citizens, "said representatives Ted Lieu and Don Beyer.

And a Republican representative, Carlos Curbelo, even called on Tuesday for the resignation of the administrator of the EPA, who has rank of minister in the government am

"Apart from our political differences, Scott Pruitt's corruption scandals are a shame for the administration, and his behavior represents a profound lack of respect for American taxpayers. It is time for him to resign or for the president to oust him, "tweeted the elected representative of the majority.

Trump wants to deploy the army on the border with Mexico

Donald Trump claimed on Tuesday that he was ready to use the US Armed Forces to defend the southern border of United States with Mexico until that a wall be built and that a "real security" be assured.

"We will do things militarily," Trump told the White House press, adding that he discussed this idea with the Secretary of Defense James Mattis

"While waiting for a wall and real security, we are going to keep our border with the army, which is a big step forward," he said.

"We can not allow people to illegally enter our country, disappear and, incidentally, never go to court, "he continued.

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump announced that US aid to Honduras and other countries could be reinstated if they did not stop what he called a "caravan" of migrants.

Trump was referring to a group of 1.2000 Central Americans traveling across Mexico to the US border

Donald Trump multiplies inflammatory statements over the past few days on the theme of Latin American immigration, accusing Mexico of not taking the necessary measures and saying that if nothing is done to stop this "caravan" that could have consequences for the Alena treaty in which the United States, in his view, would play the role of "cash cow."

He also called on the Congress to act without delay to put pressure on the countries of the region assisted by the United States.

A Honduran leader on Tuesday responded to Donald Trump's accusations that he "does not understand what President Trump says when he says that Honduras is doing nothing" curbing illegal immigration

"I think he is misinformed. I think that he is unfairly using Honduras in his political debate with the Congress, "said Ebal Diaz, spokesman for the presidency of Honduras.

Mexico states that migrant groups Latin Americans fleeing violence related to organized gangs or drug trafficking, particularly in Honduras, have been in Mexican territory since 2010.

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Despite Trump, part of the United States is fighting to honor the climate goals

Donald Trump continues the demolition of environmental regulations inherited from Barack Obama. This does not prevent proponents of the Paris agreement, of which the United States is the only country left, to believe that America will meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

The last Butt is about the Obama Administration's stringent 2012 regulations on fuel consumption and the pollution of vehicles on sale in the United States. According to the New York Times, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), led by a friend of fossil fuels, Scott Pruitt, will formally propose to revisit these standards.

This action adds to the construction site launched in the fall by the same EPA to cancel the heavy regulation on power plants, the Clean Power Plan. Already attacked in court, this plan, a pillar of Barack Obama's climate policy, was to apply in 2022 and would have pushed for the closure of many polluting coal plants. The Trump administration wants to bury it for good.

These and other regulations were the bricks of Barack Obama's commitment in 2015 to reduce US greenhouse gas emissions. The objective then set, compared to that of the European Union, was already very modest. Without these tools, he is clearly in danger.

But America is a decentralized and politically divided country. States like California and New York are ruled by Democrats horrified by the climate vision of the Republican President.

This is why the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, is the latest to have confided his " hope "that the United States reaches its former commitments, despite the hostility of the federal government."

– Difficult to predict –

Twenty of the 50 states, 100 cities and 1,000 companies have already set targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to America's Pledge, an initiative launched by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and California Governor Jerry Brown

 Michal Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy United for Cities and Climate Change, March 22, 2018 in Brussels (Belgium) (AFP - Ludovic MARIN)

Michal Bloomberg, UN Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change March 22, 2018 in Brussels (Belgium) (AFP – Ludovic MARIN)

California alone emits about as much greenhouse gas emissions as France, and has set reduction targets as well. ambitious that the European Union by 2030 (-40% compared to 1990).

But the big question is whether these jurisdictions, as voluntarist as they may be, will be able to completely replace the Federal State

"I would not say it is impossible, but it is unlikely that the United States can do it without federal action," says Marc Hafstead, an economist at the Resources for the Future Institute, AFP

According to America's Pledge, the states and cities that support the Paris Agreement represent only 35% of the country's emissions. The biggest polluter of the country, Texas, is not one of them.

The non-federal jurisdictions could only achieve half of the original goal, estimated last September the NewClimate Institute. [19659002] A more precise figure will be published by America's Pledge in September at the World Summit for Climate Action held in San Francisco.

 California Governor Jerry Brown, Bonn, Germany, November 11, 2017 at COP23 (AFP / Archives - PATRIK STOLLARZ)

California Governor Jerry Brown, in Bonn, Germany, November 11, 2017 at COP23 (AFP / Archives – PATRIK STOLLARZ)

For now, warns Michelle Manion, one of the chief economists writing this report, "if we look only at the commitments of states and cities, we will not reach the goal."

"We are going in the right direction, but I can not tell you where we will be in 2025, "says the W economist orld Resources Institute at AFP, warning that technological innovations could completely change the game.

Nobody imagined, ten years ago, that natural gas prices would fall as much as they have done, she recalls. Or that the cost of solar panels would fall by 70% in seven years.

What matters, according to her, is that states continue to encourage the transition to a low-carbon economy, whether through the installation of electric charging stations or by new building standards.

The case of environmental standards for vehicles, which the Trump administration wants to soften, is a good example, she says. If California and the ten states in the north-east of the country, which account for some 40% of the light-duty vehicle market, continue to impose their own stringent regulations, it is likely that car manufacturers will resign themselves to keeping standards higher, instead of creating two types of cars for the American market.

Amazon more than ever in the eye of Hurricane Trump

President Donald Trump Again Targeted the Internet Giant Amazon Saturday, Denouncing the Group of the World's Richest Man, Jeff Bezos for his tax practices and his use of the American Post, for the second time in three days. "Since we are talking about it, it is said that the US Post is losing an average of $ 1.5 each parcel delivered by Amazon, which makes billions of dollars in total," Donald Trump said in a first morning tweet.

Saying quote the New York Times, he says that this newspaper "indicates that + the size of the group's lobbying team has exploded +". Then he tackles the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, writing that these alleged teams of Amazon lobbyists "do not include the Fake Washington Post, which is used as a + lobbyist + and should REGISTER as such". "If La Poste + increased its prices for parcels, Amazon's delivery costs would rise by $ 2.6 billion." The La Poste scam must stop, Amazon must pay the real price (and its taxes) now! " , concludes US President.

Fall of stock market action

The Washington Post quickly responded to these accusations in an online article informing about these tweets: "The Post operates independently of Amazon, although this media is owned personally by Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon. " On Thursday, the US president had already publicly worried, in a tweet, the little tax that he think Amazon would pay in the United States. The day before, Wednesday, rumors about his desire to frame the domination of the Internet giant had dropped the share price on the stock market.

If the antipathy of the American president for the founder of Amazon is Well known, the case was indeed relaunched Wednesday by an article on the site Axios stating the "obsession" of the US president for Amazon and his desire to attack the group through antitrust laws. In the past, Amazon has been criticized many times, in the United States as well as in Europe, for its tax optimization practices that have led to a sharp drop in taxes. But that changed with the rise in profits of the company, which paid $ 412 million in taxes to the federal government in 2016.

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Trump denies having a relationship with an ex-pornographic actress




on 26.03.2018 at 20h36

President Donald Trump denies "strongly and clearly" having had an affair with porn actress Stormy Daniels, said Monday a spokesman of the White House

 Trump denies having had a relationship with an ex-pornographic actress

Trump denies having had a relationship with an ex-pornographic actress


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Trump denies having had a relationship with an ex-pornographic actress