Dennis Rodman Call Trump and Kim Jong-Un Have Similarities

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have been involved in several war wars and throwing insults at each other. But former NBA basketball star Dennis Rodman says Trump and Kim Jong-Un have similarities.

Rodman, a former Chicago Bulls basketball player, Kim Jong-Un's favorite team, has visited North Korea several times. He has also participated in the television show ' Celebrity Apprentice ' which Trump guided. Rodman dismissed Trump on the popular television show.

As reported by AFP Wednesday (13/12/2017), Rodman expressed his belief that Trump and Kim Jong-Un are both unpredictable, "They like to control," Rodman told AFP in Beijing, China, on Tuesday (12/12) local time.

Furthermore, Rodman calls nuclear threat from North Korea a 'entertainment' that is not dangerous. "No one puts his finger on the button," he added.

As tensions continue to rise between the United States and North Korea, the 56-year-old Rodman sets himself up as an 'international peace maker' who is ready to help create opportunities between the two countries.

Rodman believes he can 'ease' tensions and help communication between the US and North Korea. When he visited North Korea in 2013 and 2014, Rodman called Kim Jong-Un 'giving three things … to be presented to the US president'.

"They (North Korea-red) asked us: Can you go back to America to have them do these things for us?" Rodman said.

For many years, Rodman kept secret the three North Korean requests he called 'reasonable enough'. That's because, according to Rodman, Kim Jong-Un told him that being 'mediator' could endanger his life.

The North's request was delivered when Trump was not a US President. "Everything between me, (Kim) and Donald Trump – this is a different dynamic right now.I tell him (Trump-red) that I have three things to say to you, and after that, he asks me to leave, "Rodman said.

Rodman arrived in China on Monday (11/12) local time, after a visit to Tokyo, Japan and Guam, the US territory in the Pacific. He hopes to return to visit Pyongyang, which he has visited five times, to create a documentary and write a book about his relationship with Kim Jong-Un. But his hopes were blocked by US government rules that prohibit any citizen from visiting the North.

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Facing Allegations of Sexual Harassment, Trump Blames the Democratic Party

American President Donald Trump blames Congressmen from the Democratic Party for heating accusations of controversial sexual behavior even before he takes office in the White House.

A day after 56 women members of Congress, all of whom are members of the Working Group Democratic Women, called on House leaders to investigate the allegations; President Trump on Twitter accused the Democrats of playing partisan politics and denied knowing the women who had raised the charges against him.

"Despite spending thousands of hours and millions of dollars, the Democrats can not show any collusion with Russia, turning to accusations and false stories about some women I do not even know and have never met. FAKE NEWS! "Cuit Trump.

Trump also criticized Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York state, who said on CNN on Monday that" the accusations are credible "and" many are heartrending. "

" Senator (lightweight class) Kirsten Gillibrand, a clearer of a henchmen for Senator Chuck Schumer and a man who not long ago came to my office to "beg" campaign donations (and will do anything to get it), now along with the network against Trump. I'm not loyal to Bill and Crooked-USED (referring to Hillary, "Trump continued.

Gillibrand responded to the cue via his Twitter saying Trump could not deny women the right to voice their opinions about it.

"You can not silence me or millions of women who have been marginalized to speak out loud about this unworthiness and the shame that you bring to the White House," he said.

Fifty-six members of the House of Representatives on Monday sent letters to Republican congressmen Trey Gowdy and Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings who heads the Government's Oversight and Reform Committee in the House of Representatives

"At least 17 women have publicly accused the president of undue sexual misconduct," the letter from the Democratic Women Working Group that. "The American people deserve full investigation into the truth of these allegations. The president's own statement seems to support the allegations … he feels free to do such an act against women. We can not ignore the number of women who have filed charges against Trump. "

The letter calls on the president to deliver the latest evidence in his defense.

Gillibrand and five other senators have asked Trump to resign for the allegations. Gillibrand said that if Trump did not immediately resign, Congress "should investigate its behavior and hold it accountable."

This statement is similar to that of Senator Bernie Sanders of the independent group, and other Democratic senators Mazie Hirono, Jeff Merkley , Cory Booker and Ron Wyden. All urged President Trump to resign following the resignation of three members of Congress, Senator Al Franken and Congressman John Conyers – both Democrats; and Trent Franks Republican Congressman for alleged sexual misconduct. [em/al]

President of Trump Plans to Candidate AD Retirees to be Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs

American President Donald Trump plans to nominate Andrea Thompson to become Deputy Secretary of State for international arms and security oversight.

Thompson currently serves as a special advisor to the Office of Policy Planning at the Department of Foreign Affairs. Previously he served in the White House as vice presidential assistant and national security advisor to the vice president.

Thompson has also served in the American Army for over 25 years, with assignments including in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia.

also serving as executive officer for the army deputy minister, senior military advisor to the House Foreign Affairs Commission, and senior figures in the Army Strategic Studies group. [sp]

The Trump Administration Wants To End Family Visas.

Calls call for a change in immigration rules, led by President Donald Trump, became stronger after a Bangladeshi citizen detonated a homemade bomb pipe Monday morning near the Port Authority bus terminal in New York. 19659002] "The sweepstakes and serial migration system – we will end soon, Congress should be involved immediately, and they are immediately involved, and I can say that the support is extraordinary, all rules will be over," said Trump President, Tuesday (12/12) )

The migration chain refers to people who sponsor family members to come to America.

The Department of Homeland Security, abbreviated as DHS, says that the 27-year-old bomber, Akayed Ullah, entered America in 2011, after showing the passport with the F-43 immigrant family visa – the type of visa to stay lawfully in America and usually given to the siblings of people who have in American citizens.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions joined immigration reforms at a press conference in Baltimore. Sessions says there have been two terrorist attacks in New York in recent months by people residing in the United States, "the result of a failed immigration policy."

"Somebody wins the visa lottery in Bangladesh. He came here He then, through a process of chain migration, took his sister and brother with his son, "Sessions said.

Immigrant advocates say the statement is an attempt to undermine immigrant families and communities. [sp/ii]

California Governor Called Trump "Get Out of the Climate Issues Issue"

California Governor Jerry Brown calls on President Donald Trump to begin to fight for climate change issues or not to block and allow the rest of the world to work on reducing emissions and investing in clean energy.

Speaking with the Associated Press at the Climate Change Summit in Paris Brown said "the whole world is very serious about climate change, so are the scientists."

He opposes Trump's plan to push back coal mining, saying "it is time for President Trump to join the whole world, not against climate change. "

Brown cites recent forest fires in California as examples of extreme weather compounded by climate change caused by human actions. Brown said "fire occurred in California. Fires also occur in France, and worldwide "if countries do not reduce their emissions. [em/al]