Turkey Warns America, Syria's Government Not to Support the Kurds

The Turkish government has asked the United States to stop arming Kurdish militia in Syria, and warned the Syrian government against involvement in Turkish attacks on Kurdish citizens in Syria.

Turkish officials on Monday (19/2) ) said so in response to news that Damascus planned to send pro-government militia to Afrin in northern Syria to assist Kurdish militia in the fight against Turkish offensive.

America and Turkey Promise to Avoid Possible Military Confrontation in Syria

Last month Turkey launched a massive offensive against Kurdish militia controlling Afrin, and planned to remove Kurds from other areas they seized from Islamic State militants (ISIS).

Syrian-backed Syrian rebels have taken up positions near the Syrian-Turkish border. From that position they fired on Kurdish militia in the Afrin region. Syrian news media reported Monday that Syria will send pro-government armed forces to help Kurdish militias fight Turkish troops.

 Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu in a press conference in Amman, Jordan, February 19, 2018.

Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu at a press conference in Amman, Jordan, February 19, 2018.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told journalists during a visit to Jordan that Turkish troops would oppose anyone seeking to protect the Kurdish People Protection Unit, known as the YPG, or the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) labeled terrorist by Turkey.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said "If the Syrian regime enters Afrin to clear the PKK and YPG, then there is no problem, but if to protect YPG, then no one can stop us, stop Turkey or the Turkish army. This is valid for Afrin, for Manbij, and this applies to the area east of the Euphrates river. "

Turkey is the arch-rival of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but says it has no territorial claim in Syria Ankara assumes the Kurdish militia as a terrorist and a threat to the Turkish border.
The United States has angered Turkey by arming Kurdish militias in order to get rid of ISIS from Syria, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tried to get rid of the differences with the allied NATO ally when visiting Turkey last week

"We will act together from this moment on and on. We will address the problems that cause us difficulties, "said US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Despite a call to peace from Tillerson, on Monday (19/2) Turkey changed the street name in front of the American Embassy in Ankara after carrying out its military offensive in Syria, and a top Turkish official of the country issued a warning related to the support of US forces against Kurdish militia in Manbij

 Bekir Bozdag, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (Photo: VOA / Videograb)

Bekir Bozdag, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey (Photo: VOA / Videograb)

Deputy Prime Minister Turkey Bekir Bozdag conveyed his threat.

"If we do not get results in talks with the United States, then Turkey will be the deciding party itself. In this case, Turkey will clean up the Kurdish terrorists there as when we clean up the terrorists in Afrin. We hope that this issue will be resolved by dialogue without the need for such an operation. "

The Kurds rule Manbij, another town in northern Syria, after defeating ISIS in the area. Turkey demanded that they leave the traditionally Arab-occupied city, strategically positioned west of the Euphrates River. [lt/ab]

America and Turkey Promise to Avoid Possible Military Confrontation in Syria

Turkey's military offensive against Kurdish-controlled Afrin enclave, and American support for the Kurdish YPG militia there have triggered a crisis that jeopardizes US-Turkish relations.

But after several hours of private meetings with the president and Turkish foreign ministers in the absence of a maid or American translator, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his partners say they have prevented a crisis.

"We will not act alone again, America does one thing and Turkey does the other." From now on we will act together, unite, working together to tackle the issues that make it difficult for us, "he explained.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said:" We have the option of fixing this and continuing our relationship, or we can get into a much worse position. we announced yesterday, we have taken an important step in order to normalize our relationship.We reach a kesepa "

The two foreign ministers said working groups would be set up to complete the details, including where troops would be stationed to avoid confrontation in Syria.

When Tillerson left Turkey, the Turkish court sentenced six journalists, including two brothers men, life sentences for helping plan a failed coup 2016. Analysts say the United States and Turkey are still disagreeing over Erdogan's widespread crackdown in almost all walks of life after the failed coup.

Lisel Hintz of John Hopkins University said: "America has long been trying to support some sort of democratization in Turkey but realizing it has not worked and America has little influence over Erdogan."

Foreign Minister Tillerson said that America has long supported democracy in Turkey, and respects the rule of law, independent, and open press which is the source of power n and stability. [my/jm]

400 ISIS Militants Released in Syria For War Against Turkey

The spokesman of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development (AK) party confirmed that 400 jailed ISIS militants had been released in northern Syria to fight Turkish troops.

"It has been confirmed that 400 prisoners of Daesh (another name ISIS) in Raqqa, Afrin and Deir ez-Zour, was released on condition that they will fight against Turkey, "AK spokesman Mahir Unal was quoted as saying by the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, This was conveyed amid the ongoing military operation of Turkey in Afrin, Syria to fight the Kurdish militia PYD / PKK regarded by the Ankara government as a terrorist organization.

"We have revealed how the relationship of PYD / PKK to Daesh in Raqqa uncovered … It has been confirmed that especially in Raqqa, Afrin and Deir ez-Zour, 400 Daesh militants are released from prison by PYD / PKK on battle against Turkey, "the spokesman said. 659002] The unal statement confirmed the statement of Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia about the PYD / PKK group in northern Syria releasing 400 ISIS members in early January. It was delivered Nebenzia in a UN Security Council meeting.

According to sources to Anadolu Agency, the PYD / PKK group reached an agreement with ISIS to mobilize ISIS members to wage war against Turkish troops who were carrying out military operations in Afrin. The operation, named 'Operation Olive Branch' began on 20 January with the aim of expelling Kurdish militants, PYD / PKK and ISIS from Afrin.

The Turkish military says the operation aims to create security and stability along Turkey's borders, and to protect Syrians from the militants' suppression and cruelty.

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Tillerson will Press Turkey to Curb Yourself in Afrin

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will pressure Turkey to free the Americans they hold, and urged the NATO allies to exercise restraint in military operations in northern Syria, said senior US officials.

Turkey is the second stopover in Tillerson's visit to five Middle Eastern countries next week, after a visit to Jordan. He will also meet senior Lebanese, Egyptian and Kuwaiti officials.

The visit of top US diplomats to Ankara was made amid heightened tensions between the two NATO allies on a series of disputes, including human rights and the Syrian crisis.

the US state Serkan Golge, a NASA scientist who was arrested in July 2016, was convicted without credible evidence on Feb. 8 by Turkish authorities on charges of becoming a member of the terror organization. On February 1, the head of Amnesty International in Turkey, Taner Kilic, was arrested again and curled in pretrial custody. Kilic faces terrorism allegations.

The Foreign Ministry said it was deeply disturbed by the cases and urged the Turkish government to "end a protracted emergency, to free those who were arbitrarily detained under emergency circumstances, and enforce regulations legislation in accordance with Turkey's own domestic and international obligations and commitments. " [as]

Turkey Holds 573 People for Protesting Military Operations in Syria

Turkish authorities have arrested 573 people for opposing Turkish military operations in Syria. Those arrested include Turkish citizens who participated in protest and posted their criticism in social media.

By Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, those who criticize military operations in Syria are referred to as "traitors".

Last month, Turkey started air and ground attacks against Kurdish militia, YPG in the northwestern region of Afrin. The Turkish authorities have repeatedly reminded that the authorities will prosecute those who oppose, criticize or misrepresent military operations named "Operation Olive Branch".

"Since the start of Operation Olive Branch, 449 people have been detained for spreading terrorist propaganda on social media and 124 people arrested for participating in protests, "the Turkish Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The military operation was heavily supported by Turkish pro-government media and by most political parties, except for the pro-Kurdish opposition party.

Last week, the prosecutor ordered the detention of 11 senior members of the Turkish Medical Association, including its chairman , after the organization criticized military operations in Syria, stating: "Not for war, peace soon". The arrest order was later issued to 13 other people who supported the medical organization.

"There are laws that prohibit the glorification of terrorism, support for terrorism through propaganda and the media," said Erdogan spokesman Ibrahim Kalin to the journalists in Istanbul.

The Turkish government considers YPG supported by the United States as a terrorist group and an extension of the Kurdish Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) movement which has been waging an uprising in Turkey since 1984. The YPG group controls the territory of Afrin.

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