US Congress Library Will Not Gather All Tweets

The United States Library of Congress says it will not collect every tweet published on Twitter as it has done for 12 years.

The library said this week it can no longer collect all tweets across social media platforms because Twitter allows tweets, long pictures and videos.

It said in a blog post this week that the original purpose of collecting and filing tweets was "documenting the emergence of online social media for future generations." The Library says it has fulfilled that purpose and no longer needs to be a "comprehensive" tweet gatherer.

The Library of Congress says it will still collect and archive tweets in the future, but will do so more selectively. It said "tweets collected and archived will be thematic and related to events, including events such as elections, or themes of national interest, such as public policy."

The library says it generally does not collect the media comprehensively, exceptions to public tweets at the time the social media platform was first developed.

The Library of Congress says it will keep archived previous tweets from 2006-2017 to help people understand the rise of social media and illustrate the public atmosphere during that time. "Throughout its history, the Library has taken the opportunity to collect photographs of unique moments in human history and preserve them for future generations," he said.

"Twitter archives can be one of the most important legacies for future generations, who will learn much about the the rich in history, the flow of information, and the social and political forces that help determine the present generation, "he explained. [sp/ii]