The bodies of the victims of the Fallen Airplane Evacuated by the Iranian Team

 The location of the crash of Iranian civilian aircraft is in the heavily snow-capped Zagros mountains. The evacuation process of the bodies of the victims can only be done via land because of the difficult terrain.

As reported by AFP Wednesday (21/2/2018), Iranian authorities said no survivors were found at the crash site Iranian airline Aseman Airlines with flight number EP3704 it. The civilian plane disappeared from a 45-minute-long radar after taking off from Tehran on Sunday (18/2) local time.

Rescue helicopters finally found the crash site on Tuesday (20/2), after experiencing various obstacles due to bad weather. The wreckage of the plane carrying 66 passengers and the crew was found at an altitude of 4 thousand meters in the Dena area of ​​the Zagros Mountains.

However height and unfavorable weather conditions make rescue helicopters difficult to land. The evacuation process of the victim's body can not be done via air and forced to do via land. Emergency personnel and Iranian soldiers took the bodies of the victims from the crash site near the summit to the road at the foot of the mountain.

"Currently, we are facing a blizzard and a cold wind at the peak and visibility is also very low," said Deputy Commander of the Army's Military Force Brigadier Nozar Nemati told local television.

"We decided that the bodies- the body that could be brought down will be brought down by military command or emergency officers, "he added.

In a separate statement, Isfahan Governor Mohsen Mehralizadeh mentions that only 32 bodies have been found on site. Seven bodies have been brought down by the first team on Wednesday (21/2) morning local time.

Local emergency authorities say, the presence of cracks in the ice surface and the risk of landslides make the evacuation of dead bodies very dangerous and time-consuming. 19659002] The cause of the plane crash of this type ATR 72 turboprop twin engine is still under investigation.

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Shooting at Florida High School, At Least 14 Victims, Gunners Arrested

Police in the Broward, Florida district say suspected shooters at a high school in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday afternoon (14/2) have been arrested. Associated Press reported the shooter was identified as an 18-year-old male, a former student at the school.

No further details have been submitted but local television stations reported at least 14 casualties. Police have not provided information about the victim or how seriously the injury suffered.

Senator Bill Nelson from the state of Florida told CNN that based on information obtained from school authorities, "there are a number of deaths."

 A man who handcuffed by police near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after shooting in Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018.

A man who was handcuffed was escorted by police near Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after the shooting in Parkland, Florida, February 14, 2018.

Police describes the situation as an "active situation" as they look for other possible shooters. The FBI also conducted an investigation.

Some of the victims were rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

Some students said everything in the school seemed normal when there was a fire alarm. They said hearing several gunfire while leaving school, and a number of students ran back into the school for cover.

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Police and medical teams surround the scene and call on everyone who should not be in the neighborhood to stay away.

President Donald Trump presents "prayers and condolences" to victims and their families Twitter. "No student, teacher or anyone should feel insecure in American schools," cuitnya

But Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut state blamed Congress for what he called the "specter" of school shootings. "What is happening here is not a coincidence, or because of bad luck, but because of the consequences of what is not done We are responsible for the mass atrocities committed in this country, which are incomparable anywhere," Murphy said.

Connecticut is the state where there was a shooting incident at Sandy Hook primary school in 2012, killing 20 students and six teachers. [em]

Victims of Hurricanes in Southern Philippines So 9 Killed

The death toll from tropical storms that struck the Philippines has risen to nine, officials said Wednesday, while a crowd of thousands who fled back to their homes after the floods receded.

The civil defense office of Mindano said , flash floods and landslides caused by Tropical Storm Sanba struck the main island in the southern Philippines on Tuesday and killed eight people – twice the number previously reported.

"The floods have generally subsided and now all the streets are passable but still there two people who were declared missing by the flood, "civil defense official Mark Yap told AFP by telephone from Butuan city.

A baby also died on the central island of Leyte after a house was buried in an avalanche, according to the local civil defense office Sanba forced more than 21,000 people, mostly from the east coast of Mindanao, to flee, the office said nan civil in Manila. But Yap says many have returned to their homes.

The archipelago is on average hit by 20 hurricanes or typhoons each year, and some of them have killed people.

The deadliest hurricane record in the country's history is Super Typhoon Haiyan which resulted in more than 7,350 people dead or missing in central Philippines in November 2013. [mg/ab]

Search for Taiwan Earthquake Victims to End, Victims Killed So 17 People

Rescue teams ended the search for an earthquake-hit 6.4 on the Richter Scale (SR) which left many buildings damaged and tilted. After the search was ended, the death toll was reported to 17.

As reported by AFP on Monday (12/2/2018), thousands of officers combed the rubble and wreckage of collapsed and damaged buildings to search for survivors who were still trapped. One of the buildings in focus is the Yun Tsui apartment block which has 12 floors.

The building is tilted to 50 degrees due to the powerful earthquake that rocked Hualien city on Tuesday (6/2) last week. This situation complicates the search effort focused on the bottom of the collapsed building. The building is feared to collapse completely at any time.

Hualien Mayor Fu Kun-Chi says the two bodies have been found buried under heavy pillars that can not be moved without risking the collapse of the building as a whole. Rescue attempt was stopped with the consent of the victim's family.

Excavator machine resumed excavation in a heap of ruins on Sunday (11/2) local time, to evacuate the bodies of victims.

"A total of 17 people are unfortunate killed in an earthquake. I believe their relatives will receive proper help, "said Taiwanese Prime Minister William Lai when paying tribute to the victims in Hualien on Sunday (11/2).

Two victims whose bodies were found last, believed to be one family from Beijing, China, who arrived in Taiwan on Monday (5/2) last week or the day before the earthquake.

While the bodies of three other dead, including a 12-year-old boy, were found Saturday (10/2) local time, also believed to be a family. The three victims were living on the second floor of a hotel inside Yun Tsui building when the quake struck.

A total of 14 of the 17 deaths were affected by a collapsed building. Three buildings in Hualien are almost collapsed, in the process of destruction for security reasons.

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The Ambulance Bomb Victims in Kabul Increased to 103 People

 An ambulance suicide bombing took place in Kabul, Afghanistan, two days ago. The death toll increased from 95 to 103.

Reporting from ABC News, Monday (29/1/2018), information on the death toll is delivered by the Minister of Home Affairs of Afghanistan, Wais Barmak. The total number of wounded victims is 235 people from 150 people.

The incident occurred on Saturday (27/1) local time. The Taliban claimed to be the party responsible for the attack.

Kabul police say the blast occurred near the entrance of the former Interior Ministry building. This area is quite famous as a shopping location.

"I was at the store at that time I heard a big bomb," said a shopkeeper on site, Haji Wali.

"I came out and helped those who were injured, so many injured people were lying on the path to the mall," he added.

Reuters reported, security forces warned of possible subsequent attacks. Incidents of suicide bombing became the deadliest in Afghanistan in a year back.

The Taliban claimed their attack was a message to US President Donald Trump. Trump is thought to have sent more US troops to Afghanistan by 2017, as well as ordering aerial raids.
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