NDDL: more violent clashes on the second day of the evictions

Violent clashes erupted Tuesday between the occupants of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes and the police who started the destruction of places of life or agricultural projects sometimes implanted for a long time on the

Monday, the first day of the operation, "they (the gendarmes, ed) destroyed the sheepfold of the 100 names.Today, they are attacking other agricultural places, they attack all agricultural projects contrary to what they said, "said Sarah, expelled Monday from the locality" The 100 names. "

" If tonight, the prefecture does not withdraw its troops, this is the general mobilization, "announced the" historic "farmer Julien Durand, spokesperson for the main association of opponents of the former airport project.

On the second day of this massive operation to dislodge the occupants , nearly three months after the abandonment of the airport project, the clashes have hardened with "at the height of the day" in front of gendarmes "350 violent opponents, equipped and determined to confront," according to the boss of the gendarmerie, General Richard Lizurey, on BFM.

 Notre-Dame-des- Landes (AFP - Paul DEFOSSEUX)

Our Lady of the Landes (AFP – Paul DEFOSSEUX)

Ten gendarmes and one opponent were wounded, according to the prefect of the Pays de la Loire region Nicole Klein. According to the medical team of zadistes, about 30 opponents were injured, including two serious injuries hospitalized.

The clashes began around 07H30, a little over an hour after the resumption of operations. In the early evening, clashes continued near the D281, the Black Fosses, with continuous fire of tear gas, found a journalist from AFP. The "100 names", destroyed on Monday, twenty zadistes recovered what could be in the debris of their home: photos, linen, books, furniture, etc.

The intervention could "last until the end of the week, "said Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

-" Destroy All "-

" There are people who were not there to refuse the construction of an airport but to refuse all the rules of life in society, or at least of life in society and in a state of law ", declared the Prime Minister Edouard Philippe at the end of the day.

" We want to recover the grounds for that agricultural projects can develop there, we do it with a lot of control in the use of force but also with a lot of resolution, a lot of firmness ", he said.

January 17, when he ended the airport project at Notre-Dame-des-Landes, he undertook to eradicate the "zone of not right "that constituted the Zad.

At a press point in Nantes at 17:00 Nicole Klein assured Tuesday that there would be" no total evacuation "of the Zad, stating:" we do not touch not to the frame ". "We only took care of the squats, which were boards".

The stated goal is "30 to 40" sites to dismantle, she said. "We'll go that far, unless there's a change of purpose."

"For me, the negotiation can only continue, it's not a + tabula rasa +", she said. said at the press point, reaffirming that the hand of the state remained tense. "The dialogue is not interrupted at all, it will resume, I hope, as quickly as it will be possible," she told AFP.

The Minister of the Interior recalled having given to the security forces "the greatest restraint". "We do not want a Rémi Fraisse (a young man killed by an offensive grenade during clashes in Sivens in 2014, ed)," he said.

In the early afternoon Tuesday, some fifteen "vigilant" tractors have arrived in the area to surround the Black Fossils, an emblematic place in the ZAD where several agricultural projects have settled, including bakery and brewer activities declared to the MSA as peasant farmers.

"They (the gendarmes) continue to want to destroy everything.Tractors vigilant are there to protect all places of life," said to AFP Cyril Bouligand, member of Copain 44, collective of agricultural organizations.

This large-scale operation plans to expel anyone who has not regularized its situation by declaring new individual agricultural projects.

The police will be deployed "time to ensure that the stabilization phase is well started, "which e "the deconstruction takes place and that the clearing of this zone is implemented", insisted the general Lizurey.

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