China wins war on pollution, says US study

China, the world's leading polluter, "is winning the war against pollution", to the point of sketching an increase in life expectancy of more than two years, according to a US study released Tuesday

From data collected by 200 receivers across the country, the University of Chicago calculated that the rate of fine particles, which were very harmful to health, had dropped by 32% between 2013 and 2017.

] If this trend continues, the average life expectancy of the Chinese would increase by 2.4 years, according to the study. Fine particles (PM 2.5) play a role in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer

"There is no example of a country achieving such a rapid reduction in air pollution This is remarkable, "says Michael Greenstone, who led the study at the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago.

By contrast, it took more than a dozen years in the United States to achieve a comparable improvement after the adoption of an air law in 1970.

"What the past four years have proved is that things can change, and even quickly, with political will, "Greenstone observes.

Under pressure from public opinion, the communist regime launched in 2013 a plan against pollution to reduce by a quarter the concentration of fine particles in some key areas like around Beijing and Shanghai.

"China is not considered a democratic country and yet it is found that the government has had to take measures that the public demanded, "notes Mr. Greenstone.

The anti-pollution policy was, however, accompanied by an economic cost and the authorities ordering the closure of thousands of factories too close to the city center.

They also decreed at the end of 2017 the end of coal heating, the main source of energy in China, in northern parts of the country. country, even before gas heating systems could be installed. Schools in Hebei Province (north) had to make up their minds to classify in the courtyard, where the temperature was colder than inside …

Winter, traditionally very polluted in the north of China, was relatively pure this year, but a peak of pollution hit Beijing on Tuesday, with a fine particle rate higher than 300 micrograms per m3, more than 12 times the standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO ).

Protectionism: what is Trump doing by reviving the steel war

Thursday 1 er March, the announcement of Donald Trump to overtax imports of steel (+ 25%) and aluminum (+ 15%) is not only unjustified . It may be counterproductive. While the US economy is in great shape, nothing grounds a decision that reassures the Republican base, but divides the party. Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, is for. But Gary Cohn, director of the National Economic Council, is against this directive, which first strikes the allies of the United States (Canada, United Kingdom, Germany) and only penalizes the Chinese scarecrow (10 e exporter of steel on American soil). Oukase even makes Peking, prompt to denounce this sprain to freedom, the herald of an open international trade.

"No big country without steel industry" insists the American president, ready for a trade war "easy to win" . Not sure. The speed with which the European Union has threatened America with retaliation is a measure of the danger of a protectionist spiral that would affect the entire industry. In 2002, a similar decision by George W. Bush resulted in the loss of 200,000 jobs in the steel-consuming industries …

There are World War II Time Bombs, London Airport Closed Meanwhile

 The discovery of the Second World War bombs forced the temporary closure of the London City Airport. The second World War II bomb was found near the River Thames.

As reported by AFP Monday (12/2/2018), the remaining bomb was found at King George V Jetty, close to the airport runway in central London. The findings occurred during construction work on site on Sunday (11/2) local time.

"The 214-meter ban zone has been applied as a deterrent to the Metropolitan Police (London)." As a result, the London City Airport is currently closed, "the London Municipal Airport Authority statement said.

"All passengers traveling from the City of London on Monday (12/2) are advised to contact the airline for more information," the statement said.

London City Airport operates mostly long haul flights close. The airport, the fifth largest airport in London, is located in east London, near the Canary Wharf business district. The airport remained closed this morning, and all flights from and to London City Airport on Monday (12/2) were canceled, "said the CEO of London City Airport, Robert Sinclair. It is not known how many flights were canceled during Monday (12/2).

The London Metropolitan Police said the findings of the bombing remnants were reported on Sunday (11/2) early morning local time. The closure of airports and the enforcement of banned zones was decided to ensure public safety.

"Ensuring that the object is handled safely while limiting the risks to the public," said the local police.

The unexploded World War II remains were handled by special police personnel, along with British Royal Navy personnel. It is known that thousands of bombs were dropped in London by the German Air Force between September 1940 and May 1941.

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400 ISIS Militants Released in Syria For War Against Turkey

The spokesman of the Turkish ruling Justice and Development (AK) party confirmed that 400 jailed ISIS militants had been released in northern Syria to fight Turkish troops.

"It has been confirmed that 400 prisoners of Daesh (another name ISIS) in Raqqa, Afrin and Deir ez-Zour, was released on condition that they will fight against Turkey, "AK spokesman Mahir Unal was quoted as saying by the Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency, This was conveyed amid the ongoing military operation of Turkey in Afrin, Syria to fight the Kurdish militia PYD / PKK regarded by the Ankara government as a terrorist organization.

"We have revealed how the relationship of PYD / PKK to Daesh in Raqqa uncovered … It has been confirmed that especially in Raqqa, Afrin and Deir ez-Zour, 400 Daesh militants are released from prison by PYD / PKK on battle against Turkey, "the spokesman said. 659002] The unal statement confirmed the statement of Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia about the PYD / PKK group in northern Syria releasing 400 ISIS members in early January. It was delivered Nebenzia in a UN Security Council meeting.

According to sources to Anadolu Agency, the PYD / PKK group reached an agreement with ISIS to mobilize ISIS members to wage war against Turkish troops who were carrying out military operations in Afrin. The operation, named 'Operation Olive Branch' began on 20 January with the aim of expelling Kurdish militants, PYD / PKK and ISIS from Afrin.

The Turkish military says the operation aims to create security and stability along Turkey's borders, and to protect Syrians from the militants' suppression and cruelty.

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The Claims War In Russian Memoirs Investigation Controversy

American President Donald Trump judged a controversial memo stating that the FBI had abused power in investigating Russian intervention against 2016 presidential elections, "fully" justifying his views, but the judgment was opposed by one of the authors of the memo itself , Sunday (4/2).

Trump via Twitter, Saturday (3/2), said that "the search for mistakes is still ongoing. No collusion and attempts to disrupt the course of the investigation (the word now used because after a year of continuous investigation and finding nothing, collusion is dead). This is an American disgrace! "

But Congressman from the state of South Carolina who was also one of the lead authors of Republican faction memo released by the House Intelligence Committee on Sunday (4/2), said in the" Face the Nation "program at the station CBS television that the document did not undermine months of investigation by special investigator Robert Mueller against Russian intervention campaigns or whether Trump had disrupted the course of the investigation.

"Memo Nunes" – took the name of Chairman of the House Intelligence Panel as well as Congressman from the state of California Devin Nunes – along the four pages concluded that the FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation relies heavily on research by opposition groups funded by the Democratic Party and compiled by a the former British spy – Christopher Steele – to obtain permission from a special court in October 2016 to monitor Carter Page, Trump's campaign adviser, and his relationship with Russia.

But the memo noted that an FBI investigation that eventually led to Mueller's investigation had started a few months earlier, in July 2016, when FBI agents began investigating contacts between another Trump advisor – George Papadopoulos – and Russian agents. (Papadopoulos, who has been investigated by Mueller, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI investigating team about his contacts with Russia, and while awaiting his sentence he collaborated with the investigative team of Mueller

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