Hong Kong bomb experts trying to jail bomb war relics

Hong Kong police closed a busy downtown area Wednesday after a bombing of war-era bombs was found at a construction site in the Asian financial center.

The bomb squad team was deployed to the discovery site at the Wan Chai district, and the police were forced to divert traffic flows. The shops and offices around the site were closed, while the ferry service at nearby ports was stopped

Bomb experts identified the bomb as a US-made 450-kilogram bomb and similar to other bombs found on a few tram lines the day before but successfully defused.

According to Alick McWhirter bomb squad expert, the newly discovered bomb may be difficult to disable as the mechanisms of the safety system are severely damaged. In addition, he said, the bomb was found in a difficult position to reach, on a slope.

The bomb was believed to have been dropped by fighters during the Second World War, when the former British colony became the scene of fighting between Allied forces and Japanese occupation forces. [ab/uh]

US Possible to Send First Parent Ship After War to Vietnam

In a move likely to upset China, the US Navy's carrier is likely to visit Vietnam in March for the first time since the war there, US and Vietnamese officials said on Thursday.

Minister US Defense Jim Mattis and his counterpart Vietnam Defense Minister Ngo Xuan Lich discussed a planned airplane visit to Danang in March, said naval spokesman Jeff Davis.

He said Vietnam is awaiting final approval from more senior government officials, estimates the request will be granted.

Vietnam's Defense Ministry declares separately that the two defense ministers have submitted their proposal regarding the carrier's visit to their respective leaders. The idea was presented last summer when Vietnam's Defense Minister meets Mattis at the Pentagon.

The two officials met again in Hanoi on Thursday in Mattis' first trip to the Southeast Asian country. During the trip Mattis also met with President Tran Dai Quang. [uh]

UN Secretary General Skeptics of Peace on the Korean Peninsula, Though War is Preventable

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said Tuesday there was an opportunity to prevent the war on the Korean peninsula and he urged the parties involved to take advantage of the opportunity.

"I would argue, war is avoidable," Guterres when answering questions at a press conference. "What I'm worried about, I'm not sure that peace will be achieved," Guterres added.

"We know our limitations," Guterres acknowledged. "But we are determined to contribute until the principal actors can engage in the talks that lead to the solution as per the Security Council resolution."

Last month, Guterres has sent Deputy Secretary General of Politics, former US diplomat Jeffrey Feltman to Pyongyang to exchange views politics between North Korea and the United Nations.

South Korea's UN ambassador Cho Tae-yul welcomed the effort when a briefing from the UN Secretary-General took place on Tuesday. He said such visits have paved the way for talks between the two Koreas now taking place. The talks are focused on the Winter Olympics, which will take place next month in Pyeongchang. North Korea has decided to join. [ps/jm]

Pakistan slams India over "Nuclear war invitation" statement

Pakistan on Saturday condemned the "irresponsible" statement of an Indian military officer who exposed Pakistan's nuclear weakness in the event of a nuclear war between the two countries.

The reaction came a day after Indian General Bipin Rawat dismissed the view that Pakistan's tactical nuclear weapons were able to counter India's ability to wage a conventional military war against Pakistan.

"We challenge their bluff. we will not say that it can not cross the border because Pakistan has nuclear weapons, "General Rawat told reporters in New Delhi on Friday (12/1)

" A very irresponsible statement, "said Pakistani Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif , Saturday (12/1), in cuitan on Twitter, responding to the statement of General Rawat.

"That's tantamount to inviting nuclear conflict. If that's what they want, they may test Pakistan's intentions. Insha Allah, they will be no doubt, "Asif said.

The Pakistani army also criticized General Rawat's remarks and asserted that Pakistan's nuclear weapons had blocked conventional attacks against Pakistan launched by India's great forces

" If they want to test their resolve we try it and see for yourself. We have a reliable nuclear capability, specially designed to deal with threats from the east. For us, nuclear weapons are an antidote, not an option, "said Asif Ghafoor, a Pakistani military spokesman.

Pakistan says short-range battle missiles, NASRs, which can be fitted with nuclear missiles, will prevent India from launching a limited lightning strike with

Last year, Pakistan announced it had perfected the NASR's maneuvering capabilities and increased mileage from 60 to 70 kilometers.

Pakistan's tactical nuclear weapons development raises concerns in Washington, which argue that smaller nuclear weapons, risk of nuclear conflict with India. [ds]

Filipino Muslim Rebel Group Spreads New War

The Philippines, still recovering from last year's fight against a group of anti-government Muslim rebels and inspired by ISIS, face increasing violence by other rebel groups from the same region and with similar ideologies.

This new conflict will extending a decades-old battle between Muslim separatists and the Philippine government.

Muslim militants in Mindanao, the island of the Southern Philippines, believe that the Catholic-majority country is unfair in taking resources even though five centuries of Muslims have settled there. Insurgent-related violence has killed about 120,000 people in Mindanao since the 1960s.

Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), has killed 10 to 25 people since early December in shocking attacks and bomb attacks, the media said. 19659002] Eleven people, including nine rebels, have been killed in various incidents since December 25, a spokesman for the local infantry unit said Friday, and about 300 families living in emergency places to escape the rebels.

The spokesman, Captain Arvin Encinas, said the rebel group has enough members to launch atrocities in the region. That is why the authorities are strengthening efforts to ensure safety and security in the Mindanao region, he added. [uh]