Canada: Defeat of Opponents of a Controversial Pipeline in the West

The Canadian province of British Columbia, on the Pacific coast, promised Monday to continue its legal fight against the expansion of a controversial oil pipeline after a federal court refused to rule on this thorny case. 19659002] Local Authorities Oppose Canadian Federal Government's Decision to Allow US Company Kinder Morgan to Upgrade Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline from Alberta's Oil Sands to 300 Million Barrels Per Day the suburbs of Vancouver

 March of Aboriginal Peoples and opponents of the Trans Mountain Pipeline of the American Kinder Morgan Company in Burnaby in the Canadian Province of British Columbia, March 10, 2018 (AFP / Archives - Jason Redmond )

March of Aboriginal Peoples and Opponents of the Trans Mountain Pipeline of the American Kinder Morgan Company in Burnaby in the Canadian Province of British Columbia , March 10, 2018 (AFP / Archives – Jason Redmond)

Elected in the summer of 2017, notably on the promise to fight the development of fossil fuels, the Social Democratic Government of British Columbia challenged this authorization with the Federal Court of Appeal. But this court refused Friday to seize the file.

"We are very disappointed that the Federal Court of Appeal has rejected our request for appeal," told AFP George Heyman, Minister of the Environment and British Columbia's Climate Change.

"Our government will continue its legal struggle against this pointless project," he said.

Another legal remedy, initiated by Aboriginal people, is currently between Supreme Court of the Province.

 Opposition to Trans Mountain Pipeline of Kinder Morgan US Company in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, March 10, 2018 (AFP / Archives - Jason Redmond)

Opposition to the Trans Mountain pipeline of the American company Kinder Morgan in Burnaby, British Columbia (Canada), March 10, 2018 (AFP / Archives – Jason Redmond)

Opponents of the pipeline Kinder Morgan point the risks of oil spill, with the increased maritime traffic, and their impact on threatened populations of marine mammals.

They also believe that by increasing the volume of oil sent to the US or Asian markets, Justin Trudeau's federal government is violating its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which led to the warming of planet.

Candy Shop in West Virginia Sell Candy from All Time

The series of candies are seen lined up in the True Treats store of Historic Candy in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

The store features more than 400 different types of popular candies in different times, from ancient Greek gum to famous candies of the century 20th. The first commercial candy appeared in 1806.

The collection of historic candies includes chocolate kisses and candy cigarettes or candy-like cigarettes which are classic American candies.

insects that made sweet snacks. A new type of ceminal in True Treats is a bag of baked insects. There were also ant wafers or sweet cakes containing ants, and first introduced in 1950.

"Crickets are like sesame," says Susan Benjamin, owner of the True Treats Shop who is passionate about learning the history of the candy industry. "I've tasted ants, some are bitter, like the bitter orange." Susan himself did not dare to taste candy from worms.

But for consumers who prefer ordinary candy, it is offered fruit candy, caramel, or liqueur or black candy flavor.

For chocolate enthusiasts, the entire table is decorated with a variety of sweet snacks This includes a round chocolate filled with pea seeds or raisins. This type of snack is popular in the era of the 20s to the 50s especially when people are playing cards.

"People usually scoop the candy with their fingers while still holding the card in the other hand," explains Benjamin.

these candies were first introduced as healthy foods or medicines. Malted milk for example, a candy consisting of poor barley, flour and milk, was originally a staple food for infants.

Benjamin shows a bag of Turkey delight, a cube-shaped jelly candy that he says is used to treat sore throats around the 900's, and very popular around the world.

People also chewed bark, branches and tree roots, which could also be available in this store.

"People originally used the roots of plants the likoris to brush the teeth, "said Benjamin," and then in the mid-1800s, the children chewed to taste the delicious likoris.

The shopkeeper, Anna Jo Smith, was fascinated by the roots marshmallow . " I think marshmallow is a new item, but tea marshmallow has existed for centuries, "he said.

Many candies include labels that explain its history. 19659002] True Treats Candies can also be ordered on-line.

For people who want to know more about the delicacy of these candies, Benjamin has compiled a book entitled SWEET AS SIN about the fascinating evolution of candy or candy . [sp/jm]

Israelis Killed Shot in West Bank, Perpetrators Hunted

West Bank
 Israeli troops deployed around the West Bank town of Nablus to hunt down the perpetrators who shot dead an Israeli settler. The army installed a roadblock around the city.

Raziel Shevah, a 35-year-old rabbi, was killed on Tuesday as he drove near his wild settlement Havat Gilad near Nablus. About 22 gun shots were found on his car. The shootings were reported to have come from a passing vehicle.

"The entrance and exit from and to the villages around Nablus can only be passed after security checks," the Israeli military statement said. "The review of the incident is under way, based on a situation assessment, it was decided to strengthen the area with additional troops," the Israeli military added. The area is often struck by tensions between hardline Israeli settlers and Palestinians. Israeli officials have strongly criticized the shooting incident. The Palestinian security sources say they do not yet know whether Israel's arrest is related to the shooting incident. But he added that Israeli settlers in the area threw stones at Palestinian cars.
(ita / ita)

Palestinians criticize Israel Party for West Bank annexation

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday strongly condemned the vote by the ruling Israeli government party to support the annexation of much of the West Bank and criticized the silent American for it.

President Mahmoud Abbas said a non-binding vote by the central commission of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party on Sunday "will not be done without the full support of the American government."

In a statement, Abbas said the White House "refuses to denounce Israeli occupation settlements as well as systematic attacks and "

" We hope this vote reminds the international community that the Israeli government, with the full support of the American government, is not interested in a just and lasting peace, was consolidated apartheid regime throughout Palestine. "[19659002] Likud's central commission backed a resolution that prompted Israel to extend its sovereignty over all settlements in the West Bank and called for unlimited settlement building.

Netanyahu, a member of the central commission, was absent in the ballot.

can effectively wipe out hopes for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because there will be little territory left for a Palestinian state.

But a large number of members of Netanyahu's right-wing coalition say it is precisely what they are striving for and openly opposed to forming a Palestinian state.

The prime minister says he still supports a two-state solution with the Palestinians, although he also encourages the expansion of settlements for Jews in the West Bank, which have been under Israeli occupation for over 50 years.

America has been high since President Donald Trump last month (19659002) On Sunday, the Palestinian Authority summoned its envoy to America, Husam Zomlot, for consultations amid anger over Trump's statement.

In a later statement, it says the Palestinians are taking the step "to study the decision of the General Assembly of the United Nations to reject" Trump's step towards Jerusalem.

Despite facing the threat of Trump to cut funds, the United Nations approved the vote on December 21, Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Zomlot is scheduled to return to Washington "after the holidays," the official Palestinian news agency WAFA reported. [ka/jm].

Source: AFP

Bus Accident in West India, 32 Killed

At least 32 people were killed Saturday after a passenger bus crashed into a river in the western Indian state of Rajasthan.

Police said 10 other passengers were injured in an accident in the Sawai Madhopur district, which located approximately 375 kilometers from the south of New Delhi.

A police officer revealed that the bus had an accident after trying to pass another vehicle, but then crashed into the bridge. High speed vehicle allegedly participated to be one of the factors causing the accident.

Police are still investigating what causes the bus driver to lose control of his vehicle. It is not clear whether the bus driver survived and how many passengers the bus was.

Relief workers have so far removed 32 bodies from the river.

The bus is on its way to the Lalsot town of Rajasthan, after taking passengers from the train station Sawai Madhopur, during an accident at 6 am local time.

Driver fatigue and carelessness, poor road quality, and inadequate vehicle maintenance are often the cause of such accidents in India. Police records show that India is the country with the highest number of deaths from traffic accidents in the world. More than 110,000 people die each year from the accident. [ab]