Tusuk Neck Wife, Man 69 Years Arrested Aomori Police

Police in Fukaura, Aomori Prefecture, arrested Yukio Yonaga over attempted murder of his wife. The 69-year-old man tried to kill by stabbing his wife's neck.

Yukio stabbed his wife's neck, Teiko (69) on Wednesday (17/1) night at around 20:00 local time.

Fuji TV reports, after stabbing his wife, Yukio goes to his brother's house and says what he has done. Teiko is currently reported to be in a coma.

Police explain, the incident started when Yukio came home drunk. He and Teiko are involved in the debate until it is out of control. He went into the kitchen to get a knife and then stabbed his wife.

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Police Investigate the Mysterious Death of Canadian Billionaire and His Wife

 Canadian police are investigating the mysterious death of billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife, Honey. The bodies of one of Canada's richest couples are found inside their luxury mansion in Toronto.

Sherman (75) is the founder of the renowned Canadian pharmaceutical company, Apotex Inc. Forbes magazine noted Sherman's wealth reached US $ 3.2 billion (Rp 42.8 trillion). Sherman founded the company in 1974 and Apotex developed by introducing a large number of generic drugs that were cheaper than branded drugs.

He retired from his post as CEO in 2012, but remains Executive Director. Apotex is listed as the world's number 7 generic drug company with 11,000 employees and sales annually reach over CAN $ 2 billion (Rp 20 trillion) in more than 45 countries. As reported by Reuters and CNN Saturday (16/12/2017), the Canadian Police said the deaths of the couple are suspicious, but not murder. The body of Sherman and his wife were found inside their home in a residential compound of people in northeastern Toronto on Friday (15/12) afternoon local time.

 Police stand guard in front of Barry Sherman's house Police guard in front of Barry Sherman's house Photo: REUTERS / Chris Helgren

Sherman's family house was recently registered for sale for nearly $ 7 million (Rp 73 billion). Reported by local media, Toronto Globe and Mail that a real estate agent became the first person to find the body of the couple in the basement of the house.

The real estate agent reportedly came to visit the house to prepare for the event open house . The findings were immediately reported to the local police. On Friday (15/12) evening local time, two bodies covered with blankets were seen taken out of the house and put in a van.

"The situation surrounding their deaths looks suspicious and we consider it so," police officials said local, David Hopkinson.

Hopkinson stated that the investigation of the case is still in its very early stages and the case is not handled as a murder case. The police detective of the criminal murder section said there was no sign of anyone trying to forcibly enter the house.

 A corpse was taken out of Barry Sherman's house A corpse was taken out of Barry Sherman's house Photo: REUTERS / Chris Helgren

Hopkinson also said police, firefighters and ambulances were both reported on medical problems 'just before the bodies were found on Friday (15/12) afternoon local time. "It's just a suspicious death, we're just investigating it now, if it has been determined it is a murder, then the investigators of the homicide unit will join it," Hopkinson said.

The couple is also known as a generous donor to the hospital , universities and Jewish organizations. Neighbors, business associates to influential politicians in Canada extend their condolences to their deaths.

"Our condolences to their family and colleagues, and to everyone who is touched by their vision and passion," said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau via Twitter .

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