US Win the First Gold Medal at the South Korean Olympics

A teenager has won America's first gold medal at the PyeongChang Olympics.

The 17-year-old Redmond Gerard of Silverthorne, Colorado, in his first Olympic Games, won the men's slope-style snowboarding race.

"My feelings are amazing, "he said after winning. "[I'm] very excited to be a champion and able to advance to the podium to receive a medal … I'm very happy."

In the last race on Sunday (2/2), Gerard won over Max Parrot of Canada, who won silver and Mark McMorris also from Canada, which won its second bronze after Sochi four years ago.

Strong winds have forced the PyeongChang Olympic committee to suspend the men's downhill skiing or ski down the slopes that were originally planned for today or Sunday.

72 kilomter per hour. Today's match will be held on Thursday. [gp]

Philadelphia Eagle Win the American Football League 2018

American Eagle football team "Philadelphia Eagle" is considered a less powerful team was able to defeat the strongest team of American football league, "New England Patriot" 41-33 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to win the league in the final match called in America, The Super Bowl.

The victory gave the first "Super Bowl" championship trophy having performed twice in the Super Bowl final in the past. 19659003] "Eagle" lost the Super Bowl in 1981 against "Okland Raiders" and lost 2005 to "New England."

Although Eagle was the American football champion in 1960, the first Super Bowl was held seven years later. [gp]

Win in Alabama, the Democratic Party More Sure Face the 2018 Intermediate Elections

The political landscape of America seems to have shifted after the victory of Democrat candidate Doug Jones in the Senate election in the state of Alabama known as the Republican stronghold. After Jones' victory, the Democrats are now more confident of their success in the next round of Congressional elections and the Republicans are trying to find a way back up.

In Alabama, jubilant fans celebrated Democrats Doug Jones's victory over Republican candidate Roy Moore.

"This campaign is about politeness politeness and ensuring everyone in this country, that wherever you live, there will be justice in this life," said Jones.

Moore is unable to deny accusations of undue sexual misconduct which occurred decades ago, involving a number of women who were teenagers, while Moore was in his 30s.

But Moore is still not prepared to admit his defeat. "We have been smudged with things that are not good. We have been plunged and this reminds me of a verse in the Gospels, Psalm 40, which says 'I wait patiently for the coming of God's help'. That's what we're going to do now. "

In the White House, President Donald Trump said Wednesday he hoped to get a different result.

" I hope to get one more seat in the Senate. Many Republicans feel different. They are very happy with the election results. But as the leader of this party, I want to gain a seat in the Senate. I want to support the fighting figure, "Trump said.

Some of Doug Jones's victory is because of the enormous number of Democrats who voted, especially African Americans. Moore was harmed by the small number of Republicans who voted and a "write-in campaign" lowering his vote. Write-in campaign "is a political campaign that encourages citizens to write the names of unlisted candidates, and this system is used in some American elections.

Democrats are happy with victory in the state that has been a strong Republican , including the leader of the Democratic faction in the Senate Chuck Schummer

"If we combine all these forces together, that is a vibrant support base, the Democratic milenial group, the citizens in the suburbs who turn to the Democratic Party; it will bring good to us, "Schummer said.

Doug Jones' victory surely sends a wave of political turmoil as both parties are preparing for a congressional election next year, says analyst Larry Sabato.

" If I fighting in Republican campaigns for seats in the Senate, in the House, to be governors, for legislatures in the state etc; then I would be very worried because there seems to be a huge resurgence wave with the gigantic letter "D". "D" for Democrats, "said Sabato.

Meanwhile, President Trump continues to struggle with low levels of popularity.

Republican faction leaders in the House of Representatives and Senate on Wednesday said they had agreed on a final version of the Reform Bill Taxation, the main promise in last presidential campaign. Republican factions hope to pass this bill before Jones is sworn in as senator next month. [em/al]

Democrats Win the Alabama Senate Election

Democratic Senator Candidate Doug Jones won a special election to fill the vacant seat in the US Senate representing the state of Alabama. The victory was seen by many observers as a shocking setback for Republicans and a blow to President Donald Trump, who backed Roy Moore despite the Republican candidate facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

After a fierce campaign, voters supported Jones over Moore with a 49, 9 percent against 48.4 percent.

With this result means next January, after Jones is inaugurated, the Republican majority in the 100-seater Senate will shrink to 51 versus 49, and will likely further complicate President Trump's passing of his agenda. [19659002] "Not only do we show the state of Alabama, but also to the country, that we can unite," Jones told a crowd of his supporters during a victory speech Tuesday night Moore himself, until this news was revealed, has yet to concede defeat. It will take time, "he told his supporters.

As per the Law applies in Alabama, Moore's campaign camp may demand a recount of votes if the winning margin is less than 0.5 percent. However, according to Alabama State Secretary John Merill, to CNN, it is likely Jones will be announced as the winner of the election after the official vote count ends. [ab/uh]