China wins war on pollution, says US study

China, the world's leading polluter, "is winning the war against pollution", to the point of sketching an increase in life expectancy of more than two years, according to a US study released Tuesday

From data collected by 200 receivers across the country, the University of Chicago calculated that the rate of fine particles, which were very harmful to health, had dropped by 32% between 2013 and 2017.

] If this trend continues, the average life expectancy of the Chinese would increase by 2.4 years, according to the study. Fine particles (PM 2.5) play a role in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases as well as cancer

"There is no example of a country achieving such a rapid reduction in air pollution This is remarkable, "says Michael Greenstone, who led the study at the Energy Policy Institute of the University of Chicago.

By contrast, it took more than a dozen years in the United States to achieve a comparable improvement after the adoption of an air law in 1970.

"What the past four years have proved is that things can change, and even quickly, with political will, "Greenstone observes.

Under pressure from public opinion, the communist regime launched in 2013 a plan against pollution to reduce by a quarter the concentration of fine particles in some key areas like around Beijing and Shanghai.

"China is not considered a democratic country and yet it is found that the government has had to take measures that the public demanded, "notes Mr. Greenstone.

The anti-pollution policy was, however, accompanied by an economic cost and the authorities ordering the closure of thousands of factories too close to the city center.

They also decreed at the end of 2017 the end of coal heating, the main source of energy in China, in northern parts of the country. country, even before gas heating systems could be installed. Schools in Hebei Province (north) had to make up their minds to classify in the courtyard, where the temperature was colder than inside …

Winter, traditionally very polluted in the north of China, was relatively pure this year, but a peak of pollution hit Beijing on Tuesday, with a fine particle rate higher than 300 micrograms per m3, more than 12 times the standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO ).

Japanese man wins custody of 13 Thai children from surrogate mother

The Thai court ruled in favor of a Japanese journalist's request for "sole custody" of 13 of her children born to some Thai surrogate mothers, AFP reported Tuesday (20/2). Thus, the Japanese man could bring the children to Japan

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, to be in the spotlight in the scandal of "child factory" in 2014, after Thai police found a DNA link between him and nine babies found in the care of some babysitters 24 hours, in a luxury apartment in Bangkok

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The children are estimated aged between 2 weeks and two years at the time. Since found, they are placed under state care. He also later considered a biological father for four other children.

This discovery highlights the 'wretched-rent' industry in Thailand, which at that time has not been regulated, prompting authorities in 2015 to ban foreigners from paying Thai women into surrogate mothers .

Shigeta, reportedly the son of an industrial technology tycoon in Japan, left Thailand at the time the scandal arose and never directly explained why he has many children.

He then sued the Ministry of Social Development and Humanity to court to get the right (19459007):

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Bangkok Court grants custody to Shigeta on the grounds he has a lot of money to take care of the children and has set up nurses and nannies, in a dormitory "For the happiness and opportunity that will be received by all 13 children from their biological fathers, who have no history of bad behavior, the court decides they become legitimate children of plaintiffs," the Central Youth Tribunal said in a statement. statement. The statement did not name Shigeta for reasons of secrecy.

Shigeta, who did not attend the trial, was considered the "single parent" of the children, after surrogate moms from Thailand abandoned their rights, the court added. [19659002] Shigeta's attorney said he would contact the Social Welfare Ministry to discuss the transfer of the children from state parenting. He added that the timing of custody transfers would depend on the "readiness" of the children, who are on average four years old.

"The possibility of state-owned shelter officers is also needed to stay with them to avoid sudden changes," Kong said. Suriyamontol, Shigeta's lawyer, told reporters outside the courthouse

The Ministry of Social Welfare could not immediately be reached for comment. [fw/au]

Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Gold Medal in PyeongChang

American ski athlete Mikaela Shiffrin won a gold medal in the women's individual giant slalom number on Thursday at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Shiffrin defeated Ragnhild Mowinckel of Norway by a time difference of nearly four-tenths second on his final slide and won his second Olympic gold medal, following his slalom victory at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Italian skier Federica Brignone finished third in the bronze medal.

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The women's giant Slalom number on Thursday (14/2) was held after strong winds and cold temperatures forced officers to postpone the race earlier this week.

 Aksel Lund Svindal ( Norway) in action in the Downhill Putra game number at Jeongseon Alpine Center, Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 15, 2018.

Aksel Lund Sv (Norway) in action in the number of Downhill Putra games at Jeongseon Alpine Center, Pyeongchang, South Korea, February 15, 2018.

In another arena, Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal made history twice in winning the gold medal at number ski downhill (down the slope) man. At 35, he was the oldest ski champion in the history of the Winter Olympics, and he was the first Norwegian athlete to win the event. His compatriot Kjetil Jansrud won a silver medal while Swiss world champion Beat Feuz came third with a bronze medal.

In the women's cross-country ski number, Ragnhild Haga took home a gold medal in the 10,000 meters race, and Charlotte Kalla from Sweden won the silver medal. Meanwhile, Mart Bjoergen and Krista Parmakoski of Norway both won bronze medals at the same time of 25 minutes, 32.4 seconds.

In the ice rink, Germans Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot won the gold medal at event figure skating beautiful on an ice rink) in pairs with stunning looks and a lot of fun audiences. [lt]